Introducing: the Top 2 Watches from Citizen’s Nighthawk Line


The Citizen Nighthawk line is one of the most coveted lines of watches from the Citizen brand in the UK. These watches are mainly inspired by the classic watches of pilots. It has been reinterpreted in various designs to update its look as homage to its distinguished place in Citizen’s history.

The newest models of Citizen Nighthawk in the UK did not shed in its aviator roots. They are designed to adapt modern styling.

“Since it is hard to choose the best watches from the Citizen Nighthawk line, we pick the top two watches that we think deserves all the accolades accorded to a timepiece with such unique lineage,” says an editor from a watch review site in the UK.

Here are the two watches that stood out in the Nighthawk line based on reviews from watch aficionados.

Citizen Nighthawk CA0295-58E

This handsome timepiece comes in all its all-black glory. It catches the attention of watch collectors because of its discreet aesthetics and appeal. Many watch savants may be put off by its lack of luminescence, but it appeals to Gen Z and Millennials as it exudes both class and laidback.

A Nighthawk timepiece like this model is built to last with its ion-plated steel body. Although the coatings can bear scuff marks in time, its hardened mineral crystal can remain relatively scratch-free after frequent use.

Other than the Eco-Drive technology, it does not boast much tech. However, it has a fully functional 2-dial chronograph and a Japanese quartz movement system. The watch too is conveniently priced and has enough versatility and features for value for money.

Citizen Nighthawk BX101-53E 

The next Citizen Nighthawk UK model that watches critics rave about is the one from the Promaster series. This line is famous as a top choice for adventurers because of its professional-grade features. Combining it with the Nighthawk series gives you a watch of contemporary and basic tech features.

This watch features a classic design and a modern twist. Some of its exciting features include 26 time zones and a perpetual calendar. It also has a minimalist case with a brushed stainless-steel bracelet. All in all, this watch has a seamless design, good luminescence, and versatility that can match any outfit.

While it does not excel in its technology features like the rest of the models, it is the one that has all the practical features you will ever need. Sometimes, more features added to a simple timepiece can only complicate its use. And this model has read the memo.

There are plenty of watches under the Citizen Nighthawk line. There might be other watches that deserve a place on this list. However, these two models are what most watch collectors would love to have.

IPS, Wire