Offer18 Introduced Anti-Fraud Measures to its Performance Marketing Services

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New service protects brands from click spamming, click injection, Invalid traffic (IVT) bot and other fraud activities 

New York, USA November 10, 2021 – Award-winning Offer18, which provides Performance Marketing Software for affiliate networks, advertisers and agencies through professional tracking capabilities, has recently added anti-fraud measures to its suite of services.

No malicious traffic, including tokens and whitelists, go unnoticed with Offer18’s in-house fraud detection features. Its high-security tools have the ability to identify and differentiate fraudulent traffic sources and fake conversions and leads from all reporting data, and alerts the user to take required actions against it.

The features Offer18 has added to tackle fraudulent activities & Privacy concerns in the affiliate industry include:

  • Fraud Fender
  • Advertiser/MMP Click Signing
  • Conversion Risk Monitor
  • Click Spamming Defender
  • Probabilistic Attribution


  • Fraud Fender is a fraud/bot monitoring tool. With the help of this tool, you can detect as well filter out the sources who are sending you spam clicks. By Monitoring traffic sources carefully you can detect certain traffic sources with lower conversion rates. These can be signs of bot traffic. So it can help to stop/block the source with low CR. You can also block ISP of known proxy services that are used by fraudsters to rotate their IPs.

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  • MMP Click Signing – With minimal tech, fraudsters can send clicks on behalf of an ad network and create thousands, or even millions, of spam clicks. Advertiser/MMP Click Signing works to ensure that clicks attributed to an ad network are legitimate and not from a fraudster creating spam clicks. The tool also helps prevent ad networks from being blocked.
  • Conversions CTITOffer18’s Conversion Risk Monitor helps businesses detect Conversions CTIT (click to install time) and is a good method to minimize the impact of bot traffic.
  • Click Spamming Defender helps affiliate networks avoid paying for fake conversions. With this advanced tool, spam traffic will start to filter out based on a preset algorithm. There are three modes available based on users’ requirements: light, medium and strict.

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Probabilistic Attribution

  • iOS Privacy Postback helps to aggregate data from their advertiser based on Ad network Advanced Privacy data-sharing framework introduced by Apple in iOS 14.5+.

“The rate of fraud is rising in tandem with the rise of the digital advertising industry. Fraudulent traffic wastes the ad budgets of advertisers and hinders affiliates’ credibility. Fraudsters nowadays use cutting-edge technology to send fraudulent traffic. Offer18’s advanced tools assist businesses in combating fraudulent traffic,” said a spokesperson for Offer18, which has more than 700 Clients in more than 40 Countries.

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About Offer18

Offer18 helps digital professionals to create their own affiliate network, optimize their campaign performance and utilize every bit of their traffic sources to generate better ROI using in-built advanced tools of technology. It comes with many advanced features like anti-fraud, campaign automation, link checker, smart offer and powerful offer sync API that help in the transformation of the performance marketing industry. That’s why the leading brands are showing their trust and continuously migrating from their existing technology providers to Offer18.


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