Various Ways To Study Medicine In Bulgaria

The requirements for Bulgarian medical university admissions (medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy) differ by program. In undergraduate programs, high school diplomas are required while in postgraduate programs there are no educational requirements other than English language proficiency for international students who wish to study medicine abroad.

The following are the Bulgarian medical university entry requirements for first-year medical students:

  1. To be accepted to medical school, a student needs to have earned two years of college credits in either biology or chemistry (62% average).

Candidate students from outside the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA), and Switzerland.

This requirement increases even further since they must also meet requirements concerning their grade point averages that are considerably higher than for candidates from other countries: averaging between 3/4ths and full marks on all tests taken during their education.

  1. The certificate proves the candidate has access to university education in his country (where diplomas are delivered!). It requires the high school diploma of the candidate.
  2. You will spend about $10,000 on tuition and fees alone to attend medical school. You might be able to cover this cost with family loans or scholarships, but your finances must be secure before applying for these types of programs, so make sure the financial aid fits who you want to be–and keep track of how much your grants are worth!
  3. The health certificate is more important than test scores and grades for becoming a doctor. Before embarking on this career path, you must first be in top physical and mental health. Further, you must not suffer from any diseases that would make it impossible for you to become a physician.
  4. Passports and ID cards from several countries are required for entry: the European Union (EU), the Europe Area, and Switzerland.
  5. Students at the Bulgarian Medical University are encouraged to learn English well. You should take one year’s worth of pre-medical coursework at an accredited high school or college level exam like the AP exam before applying to university programs so your studies can be geared towards meeting those standards when you receive the acceptance letter.
  6. If you plan on studying medicine or dentistry in your home country, you need to get a high score on the university entrance exam. Therefore, many universities offer to test in biology, chemistry, and botany (a branch of science). Schools that offer courses in these fields, like a pharmacy school, which requires a thorough understanding of medicinal plants like cannabis, may use these exams!
  7. Respect the application deadline.


Bulgarian Medical Universities Entry Requirements For Transfer Students

To enter and study medicine in Bulgaria, the university as a Bulgarian transfer student, the same entrance requirements apply to those enrolling as first-year students. Make sure you have all official transcripts and degrees from your home institutions before matriculating into an undergraduate program in Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital city.


Medical preparatory course entry requirements at Bulgarian medical universities

  1. To join a medical university in Bulgaria, all of the entry requirements are the same as those for applying to any other institution, except that the English language is not required.
  2. Residency medical students’ entry requirements to Bulgarian medical universities (specializations)
  3. A university degree from an accredited institution is the first requirement for medical school admission in Bulgaria, as well as meeting the general entry requirements. International students studying in Bulgaria who speak the native language (currently English) are eligible for Postgraduate Residencies.

As compared to other medical schools in Europe, the entry requirements at Bulgarian medical universities are fairly lenient. A major reason for that is that the numerical clauses no longer have an effect after admission. Any first-year or transfer student can become a doctor!

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