Battery Vault Review 2021: Does This Battery Organizer Really Worth Buying?

Battery Vault is a special case designed for storing, organizing and protecting household batteries. This storage system is a useful tool every household should have for keeping their extra batteries handy. Battery vault is compact and portable, and fits into any small space. It stores large number of spare batteries. With this battery storage case, you can carefully arrange and organize 180 batteries of different sizes and brands. According to numerous online battery organizer review from satisfied customers in US and Canada, and other countries, this storage system is well compartmentalized for different battery sizes, and it is pretty easy to use. As you read this battery vault review to the end, you will get in touch with all the features of this storage case, the different types of batteries you can store in it, the advantages and downsides of this battery organizer.

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Having all your batteries ready to go in one convenient storage case is always the desire of anyone who has numerous spare batteries for both emergency and every day use. The problem with dead batteries is that you usually discover that they are dead when you are about to use them. This is usually irritating and frustrating especially when you are in a hurry or in emergency situation when you just need battery to immediately replace the dead one in your flashlight or TV remote or portable drills. Not being able to quickly find a replacement is a major inconvenience, and nobody wants that. That is why battery vault is produced to get you prepared every time. You can keep all you spare batteries for flashlight, portable drills, TV remote, children’s toys and many other household batteries within this large battery organizer. There is never a good time to suddenly be out of power, and battery vault is here to always make you prepared in such situation.

Battery vault is a double sided carrying case organizer that arranges all your batteries according to their size. It is a portable storage system that safely holds your most common household batteries and it comes with a transparent (clear) plastic lid for easy and quick identification of batteries.

Many households usually make use of their junk drawer for storing batteries. This makes it even more difficult to find the right battery you need, and it makes it even more difficult to separate the dead batteries from the ones that okay for installation. If you have a large battery organizer like battery vault, you would not stuff your junk drawer with spare batteries, rather your junk drawers will be for junk while your case will organize your extra batteries for you.  With the included tester in battery vault, you will never guess which batteries deserve a slot in the storage case and the ones that need to be discarded.

Your convenience is the topmost priority. Join thousands of raving customers that are currently using battery vault storage system. Battery vault is your dependable battery source for both every day use and in emergency situations.

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What is battery vault organizer (battery organizer review)

Battery vault is a portable and compact storage system that safely holds all your common household batteries. This case with its sleek design has different compartments, and each compartments is well fashioned to contain a particular type of battery size. With battery vault you will always be prepared, the clear lid and well separated compartments make finding that much needed problem no problem at all.

Unlike other brands of battery organizer, battery vault storage case comes with an effective battery tester. This tester is pretty easy and simple to use, it does not require any additional skills. Also, it is much faster than any other tester, within a short time, you are done testing all your batteries to know the ones that are good for storage and the ones that should be discarded. You will never guess which batteries are okay to install, your tester always lets you know that beforehand.

Power outage is a very common experience, and it is beyond our control most times. However, you can be in control of the situation if you have flashlight and good spare batteries that are easy to locate and install. Imagine when power is out, and it is ten and night. Your flashlight which serves as backup light has just died. The next question that comes to mind is, do you know where your spare batteries are? If you are the type that used to pack all your batteries in a junk drawer, you will have to search and research to find the right size of battery after which you start testing to know if the battery you just found is even okay to install. This sounds like a whole lot of stress. With good and large battery organizer like battery vault, you will store and protect all your commonly used house hold batteries such that they will be easier for you to locate. With the battery tester, you get to test every battery to ensure that they are okay before allocating a slot for them in the battery organizer case. Battery Vault is an essential kit for every home.

When batteries make contact with metallic surfaces or other batteries or moisture, they tend to lose charge. Hence, batteries need to be protected to prevent unnecessary discharge. Battery vault system is well organized such that there is zero chance of the stored batteries making contact with each other or any metallic surface. This helps to preserve their charge. Also it helps to prevent mixing up of batteries that could damage your device. With battery vault storage case, you will protect both the batteries and your devices, stay organized and be prepared.


What batteries can be stored in battery vault organizer?

Battery vault is a special type of battery organizer that can store large number of batteries of different sizes. It can hold up to 180 batteries of different sizes which include 78 AA batteries, 64 AAA batteries, 8 9V batteries, 10 C batteries, 8 D batteries, and 12 flat (coin cells) batteries. This is a whole lot, and more than enough for all household batteries. If you have more house hold batteries than this, then you’ve got a question to ask yourself….

Features of battery organizer (battery vault review)

Portable and Compact Battery Organizer: Battery vault storage case is very portable and compact. You can take your case with you to any place of your choice unlike other bulky brands. If you use portable drills in your house, you can easily reach out to your battery organizer to replace the dead batteries. The compact size enables you to keep your storage case anywhere that pleases you. This battery organizer can fit easily into the cabinets, drawers, shelves or your truck toolbox. Where to keep your battery organizer will never be a problem. Even your older children can easily carry it, and use it.

Double sided with clear lids: This battery organizer has large storage space for a whopping 180 different brands of batteries. You can organize your extra batteries in both sides of the storage case. It also features a clear lid to enable you see what is inside even in the slightest illumination. You don’t have to struggle to open the case in order to know where a particular battery is located. According to consumers battery vault reviews online, this product earned a high star rating just because of the transparency of the lid which enables the user to see everything with ease. Other battery organizer reviews also rated it high because of its double-sided carrying capacity. With this battery organizer, you won’t search your cluttered drawers for the battery you need.

Sleek and solid design: This battery organizer is sturdy and can be stored anywhere without fear of breaking the case. It is very strong and solid, and this makes it suitable for everyone to use irrespective of how careless they are.  It can withstand rough handling, however you are advised to take care of your battery organizer so it will last for a long time.

Different compartments: This is indisputably the most important feature of battery vault after the transparent lid. This compartmentalization helps you to identify the batteries and pickup any size you want even in the dark. It helps in battery selection. With a glance, you will see everything inside the storage case because of its Transparent lid, while the compartments help in easy selection of battery.

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Assurances of the producer

Because the interest of the consumers is at the centre of whatever the manufacturers do, they decided to make a few promises to the consumers.

Satisfaction guaranteed: Battery vault guarantees your satisfaction and its quality with 100% money back guarantee for 60 days. This guarantee is made as this product is built even for the job sites. In the off chance that you are not satisfied with this product, you can return it within sixty (60) days and claim back your money. Be rest assured that you will like this product just like multitude of happy customers using it over United States, and Canada.

Easy return: If for any reason battery vault is not for you, there is a quick and easy return system that is a mere call or email away. Just hit the customer service up through a phone call or email to lodge your complaints, and you will be attended to in no distant time. However, this product is a kit for every household, yours inclusive.

Easy setup: Battery vault does not come with batteries, but you can quickly and easily set up both sides of battery vault in mere minutes. Never scramble for remote, fire alarm, flashlight, or your child’s toy batteries again. It is very easy and simple to use, right out of the box use.


Benefits of using battery vault storage case (battery organizer review)

Battery convenience: Junk drawers and old plastic bags are not good choices for storing batteries. Battery vault offers a sleek, sturdy and Compact design with clear locking lids for a full view of what is inside. You won’t have any problems finding the battery you are looking for, even when the power goes out.  If you choose junk drawer for storing batteries, then you are going to have a hard time finding your spare batteries when the power is out. Same thing applies if you have been using old plastic bags for the same purpose.

Families love battery vault: Battery vault as stated earlier in this battery storage system review, is an essential kit for every household. Kids love it so their toys are charged. Dads love battery vault storage case to test and remove dead batteries. Moms love battery vault storage system for emergency flashlight use. Grandpas love battery vault for their RV’s. If your family love battery vault, your friends will love it more. It is the perfect holiday season gift.

Free battery tester: All the battery vault storage case comes with a battery tester to allow you to quickly decide what batteries deserve to enter battery vault. Once you have sorted and tested the ones in your drawers and garage, you will have more space. Your battery vault easily slides away in the cupboard, drawer, under a car seat, or next to the toolbox in your garage.

Battery failure: Did you know loose batteries can discharge when bumping against metal or other batteries or moisture? Even keys, coins, or a screwdriver can cause your batteries to die. What battery organizer does is to group your entire batteries and keep them insulated from such dangers. Your batteries won’t fail again nor discharge.

Battery danger: Mixing batteries could damage or destroy your devices. Two similar batteries that are wrongly mixed can also lead to performance issues or even battery leakage. Battery vault is a massive set-up from plastic bag. Your batteries will never mix again once they are organized and stored in battery vault case.

Prevent child choking: Younger kids can easily get choked by batteries of all sizes. Hence, there is need to organize them and keep them away from their reach. Battery vault storage system helps to arrange these batteries and keep your younger children safe. Only the older children will be able to access the storage case when they need it.

Pros (battery vault review)

  • Very affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Long lasting material
  • Very transparent for easy identification
  • Well compartmentalized
  • Can be kept just anywhere in the house
  • No more throwing away good batteries
  • Easily accessible
  • Always prepared

Cons (battery organizer review)

  • Limited stock
  • Only available at the product official website
  • Does not come batteries
  • Not cool for just one brand of battery all through

Prices of battery vault storage system

It is of high quality but still very affordable. The aim of the manufacturer is to give you everything you need at an affordable price, no more big bucks out of your pocket because you bought battery organizer. Currently there is a special discount on every purchase made at the official website. It is a limited time offer that may be taken down at any time.

  • One battery vault storage system – $49.99
  • Two battery vault storage system – $91.99
  • Three battery vault storage system – $129.99
  • Four battery vault storage system – $159.99

There is also a sixth day money back guarantee for unsatisfied customers. You can give it a try, but make sure you return it within this stipulated time if you don’t like the product.

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Consumers’ Reviews

“Finally I have one place to put all my batteries and I have a lot. I also like that there is a tester in the kit. I bought two and gave one to my son who thinks it is great. If you have lots of batteries and a variety of batteries, this is the product for you. Affordably priced. Tricia M. Bellevue, WA”

“I bought this for my husband for father’s day and he loved it. It has plenty of rooms to store batteries on both sides and it comes with a tester already built in, so you have everything in one place instead of scattered throughout the house. We are very pleased with this product and would highly recommend it. Brenda H.

“For once all my batteries are secure in one place and easy to reach. It is one of those purchases that make you feel so good that you got it! I had so much fun gathering all my batteries from their hiding places and testing them when I found I had some good and bad mixed together. I told my sister how thrilled I was with mine and she is getting one. My battery vault is my best purchase for the year. Anne B.

Final Remarks on Battery Vault Organizer Review

Battery vault storage system is a portable and Compact battery organizer that is affordably priced. It has gained wide recognition especially in Canada and United States. A lot of customers are thrilled with their purchase and they have left positive battery vault reviews on the official website.

Once you start using this product, you will wonder how you managed without it. Do not miss out on this special discount on the product, act now before this special offer disappears.  You may also like Blxbuds reviews

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