Are you joining the Ethical Retail Transformation?

Behind our screens, hidden within customer decisions, a quiet revolution is changing online retail. After decades of being bombarded with negative stories of famine, poverty, and environmental damage, consumers are taking action… with their wallets.

Businesses are already responding.

Some call it responsible capitalism; others sustainable or ethical business. Whatever the buzzword, it means one thing: companies that help.

Examples of ethical business

Common examples you’ll find are businesses that sign up for a charter of workers’ rights. Here, they guarantee the people who make their products in far-flung factories are treated fairly. Others promise only to use sustainable, eco-friendly resources. 

But, there’s a final kind of business that presents the greatest opportunity of all. 

That’s the charity-per-purchase model embodied by Brothers4Change. Some companies commit to either making a donation or doing a charitable act for every product purchase. It could be donating socks, school equipment, trees, and more – all for the product’s price. 

At Brothers4Change, they’re one step ahead of the curve.

They donate 10% of the profit of every purchase for education in developing countries – without raising the product’s price. 


Increasingly ethically-conscious customers

No longer do customers idly purchase the cheapest product. Now they’re hunting for a bargain with a conscience. 

This isn’t wholly a new phenomenon.

Back in 2011, 69% of the UK public surveyed said they buy more ethical clothing – it just wasn’t stocked. By 2015, 74% reported being willing to pay an extra 5% to guarantee the safety and conditions of textile workers.

Following the pandemic, there are even signs that trends are observable worldwide. A 2020 global survey found 60% of consumers were reporting making more environmentally friendly, sustainable, or ethical purchases. And nine out of 10 of those people said they were planning to keep it up.

That’s a dramatic evolution of ideas.

Nor are there any signs of it slowing down. The ethical revolution is here to stay.

Brothers4Change is actively seeking for partners.

If you’re a company with a product to sell, ethical considerations may not be your top priority – especially given the global economic turmoil

But that’s why they set up Brothers4Change: to make helping others easy.

Ready for the next step, they’re currently searching for new partners, interested in reselling their products, so that they can reach their objective of helping 10.000 children by the end of 2022.

With customers increasingly scrutinizing the ethical impact of their purchases, stocking Brothers4Change products guarantees the highest-caliber ethical products.

Nor do they waste money on charitable bureaucracy. They told us that they ensure every cent promised makes its way to children in need. 

Do you want to help others in need? Do you want to put your business on the ethical map? Big choices, Big decisions.

Partnering with Brothers4Change is at the forefront of the ethical transformation of retail. they’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.