David Koonar Offers Tips For Building an Online Photography Portfolio Site

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Looking to build out your photography business? If so, check out these tips from David Koonar for building an online photo portfolio.

These days, being an awesome photographer isn’t necessarily enough to excel as a professional. Having savvy marketing skills and even a bit of tech talent could go a long way. One of the most important things for just about any photographer to do is to set up an online portfolio to show off their work. Professional photographer David Koonar of Windsor provides some tips.

“Before even starting with your portfolio, it’s important to know why having one is so important,” David Koonar says. “Nothing sells your skills like your photographs. You’ll want a diverse portfolio that shows off your full range of skills. You want viewers to imagine themselves in your portfolio.”

Already convinced that you need a great portfolio? If so, you’ve taken the first step towards building one. Next, you have to consider the best way to put a portfolio online. You’ll have a lot of options. Indeed, figuring out the best option from among so many can be a major challenge.

If you’re not much of a technology expert, you may want to opt for using a portfolio service. Some companies include FolioLink, PhotShelter, Format.com. With these services, you don’t need tech skills to set up a portfolio online. You simply need to sign up and spend some time putting the portfolio together.

“There are a ton of good portfolio services out there,” David Koonar notes. “If you’re not good with technology, or simply don’t want to spend time building a custom website, these services are great. There are some drawbacks, however.”

So what drawbacks are there? Often, these websites aren’t overly customizable. Frequently, you’re offered just a few different layouts and other options. These services can also be rather pricey, regularly costing at least a few hundred dollars a year.

Further, some potential customers may find a custom website that shows off your brand and portfolio more attractive. Ultimately, impressions count, and a custom portfolio may drum up more sales.


David Koonar Talks About Custom Portfolio Websites

In the past, setting up a website may have felt like wizardry. These days, anyone with decent technology skills can set up a website on their own. Often, even people new to website design can set up a site over the course of a weekend.

“Setting up a portfolio website is easy these days,” David Koonar argues. “You can sign up for a website hosting plan for less than $50 a year. You can use a CMS system like WordPress and find a portfolio theme. From there, you can often set up a website in an afternoon.”

If WordPress sounds too difficult but you still want a custom website and custom domain, you could also look at a service like Wix. These website builders are easy to use even if your tech skills are limited, yet also allow you to set up a customized site that shows off your skills and brand.