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Your eyes are like two-way traffic. They are your windows to the outside world as well as gateways to your mind when viewed from the other side. A pair of bright, beautiful, and communicative eyes is not only a mark of confidence. But it also speaks volumes about your inner strength, focus, and determination. In short, when words fail, your eyes do the talking and make you stand out from the crowd. They are one of the most important gifts of life that you cannot get enough of.

Why Do Eyelids Droop?

Drooping eyelids can result when nerves that control your eyelids are damaged, however according to WebMD, sometimes it also comes with age.

With age, stress, and exhaustion, your eyes tend to lack their former luster, glory, and vitality resulting in heavy, drooping eyelids. Sometimes underlying medical conditions are also responsible for the lost shape and beauty of the eyelids. Or, you may be naturally endowed with eyelids, that lack contours.

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Do You Need an Eyelid Tightening Solution?

A solution to this condition is of paramount importance. Because eyelids protect your eyes from dryness, strain, and foreign bodies. While you are sleeping, they uniformly distribute tears around the eyes. This not only helps in revitalizing your eyes by preventing light from entering them but it also helps in keeping dust particles from entering your eyes.

For Medical Reasons

If the eyelid drooping is being caused by health reasons, seeking medical intervention is necessary.

Sometimes exercises do help. But in case they don’t you can go for other medical treatments that can help you recover from this condition. There is blepharoplasty of the upper eyelid, for example, which is a popular plastic surgery technique. It consists of the surgical removal of excess fat, skin, and muscle around the eye that repairs the saggy eyelids.

Other treatment options may include ones like functional surgery or ptosis crutch. While functional surgery consists of resection of the muscle of the eyelid or an eyebrow lift, the ptosis crutch uses a physical device to lift the eyelids.

The use of lopidine eyedrops is sometimes recommended in the treatment of drooping eyelids if it is temporarily caused by botox injections. This eye drop works by helping the eyelids contract.

For Cosmetic Reasons

But if you are opting for an eyelid tightening solution owing to cosmetic reasons only, then blepharoplasty is an option for you too. But most people are averse to this treatment, owing to its invasive nature. There are of course some other generic, non-invasive, and so-called quick fixes available in the market, like the eyelid tapes for example. But cutting and sizing these tapes are quite cumbersome. Moreover, they also do not seem to hold your eyelids firmly.

Revolution in the Cosmetic Industry the World had Been Waiting for

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But you no longer need to fret over your sagging eyelids. The days of sleepless nights and low morale caused by drooping eyelids are over. There is a set of revolutionary eyelid correcting strips now available in the market, developed by Contours Rx. The company is a front runner in the field of non-surgical beauty products. They have a wide and highly impressive range of dermatologically tested cosmetic innovations under their prestigious name. Some of which are colorset pencil primer, precision tweezers, etc. Armed with wearable technology that offers instant results, their products are made with the purest elements to ensure a superior experience by the customer.

Features and Benefits

In this review, we will talk about the latest eyelid correcting strips from the company’s stable. Unlike the generic eyelid tapes we talked about earlier, the ones from Contour Rx, are a revolution in the beauty industry. They mark a complete departure from the generic eyelid tapes or patches in terms of their quality, durability, and ease of use.

  • Top-grade quality – These eyelid correcting strips are the first of their kind. They are hypoallergenic, which means, they are comparatively less likely to cause allergic reactions. They are also medical-grade, indicating the strips are created by medical professionals and experts. That is why these eyelid lifting patches are a regular at the offices of plastic surgeons and dermatologists. These adhesive strips are latex-free, made from the best quality materials, and also easy to use.
  • Give a better, brighter look – Being scientifically made, these eyelid correcting patches lift your eyelids to give you a youthful, natural look. They define your eyes, make them look more attractive, and also help restore their lost symmetry to a considerable extent. These eyelid lifting patches are appropriate for most skin tones.
  • Become invisible upon contact with skin – And since they easily blend with practically almost all skin tones, they do not interfere with your make-up. These eye-lid correcting patches look translucent when combined with other cosmetic products. You can also wear any eye-makeup with them.
  • Give instant results – These eyelid-enhancing patches give you immediate results. So there is no need to wait after applying them.
  • Safe on the eyes and skin – These eyelid-correcting strips are absolutely safe as they are designed by medical experts. You can wear them for any number of hours without worrying about any possible damage to your skin or eyes.
  • Improve vision – They can also help improve your vision by lifting the eyelids.
  • Perfect for monolids – These eyelid correcting patches are also a great option for people with monolids and who want to make them look double. What is so unique about these patches is that they do not make the double eyelids look artificial. In fact, the patch-clad eyelids look as natural and seamless as natural double eyelids.
  • Less Expensive and non-risky – The eyelid correction surgeries not only dent a hole in your pocket. But they are also invasive and fraught with risks. These eyelid patches, on the other hand, are cheaper, safer, and also more effective.

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How Do The Strips Work On Your Eyelids?

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As you age, the excess skin that covers the natural folds of your eyes begins to lose its collagen and elasticity. This causes your eyelids to droop which gives you a tired, worn-out look. This also takes a heavy toll on your confidence.

So the eyelid enhancing patches from this path-breaking company combine both science and technology to give your eyes a well-rounded look and transform your appearance dramatically. These world-class eyelid lifters employ a lot of care and gentleness, to lift the excess and sagging skin around the eyes and place them behind the eye socket. This gives your eyes a wider, open, and more energetic look.

You can now go ahead and apply any eye-make-up you want because your eyes are fully awake, vibrant, and rejuvenated. So no more worries about not being able to wear your favorite eye shadow or eyeliner. You can also wear your contact lenses with these strips.

These super thin and transparent strips come with adhesives on both sides, which are organic-based. They work all day to give you the best experience without the hassle of sticky glue or annoying residues.

These are also the best, non-invasive, and most effective ways available in the market to treat sagging, drooping and hooded eyelids. If you are not used to applying eyelid patches that often, you might face some difficulty initially. So for practice, you can use one strip first. If it does not fit well, you can remove it. You may then use it multiple times till you get it right. Since the company uses high-grade materials, in the manufacture of these patches, reapplication will not pose any health hazards. These eyelid enhancing strips can be used by both men and women.

What Do You Get with the Pack?

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These instant eyelid correcting strips come in a sleek, compact, and user-friendly box. There are 80 patches available inside this box which are enough to last you for more than a month. There are a few practice strips too for the uninitiated. The pack also comes with a pair of plastic tweezers to help you place the strips correctly onto your eyelids.

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How to Apply the Patches?

To apply the patches correctly, follow the below steps:

  • When you apply the strips, make sure that your eyelids are squeaky clean, devoid of any makeup, moisturizers, oil, or dirt. You can use eyelid prep pads to ensure this. But do not apply the strips until your eyelids are absolutely dry.
  • Now, your task is to identify the perfect area on the eyelids for placing the tapes on.
  • Look for the folding line or crease on your eyelids. After you have done this, lift your eyebrows to pull any extra skin that might come in the way of placing the strip. However, if you still cannot figure out the crease, you can try out this simple technique. Close your eyes and pinch the top and bottom of your eyelids gently to locate the perfect folding line. This is especially beneficial for people who have lined eyelids, and find it difficult to understand which crease is the correct one to place the strip on.
  • Now, use the plastic tweezers to remove the strips from the sheet. Make sure you take the utmost care while doing this. Since the strips are fragile, there is a possibility, the corners might get damaged while peeling them off. And if it happens, the strips will refuse to stick to the eyelids properly.
  • Use the tweezers to carefully place the patch onto the fold of your eyelid. Now, twist the tweezer gently to separate the strip from it. Then, remove the tweezer.
  • After you have placed the strip, hold and press it down for some time to ensure it sticks to the skin well. Once it has blended with the skin, the tape will no longer be visible. You can also apply some light make-up to make them even less prominent.
  • Available in different sizes, these breathable, water-resistant strips, provide you with choices that you think are most suitable for you.
  • Depending on the occasion or the degree of sagging, you can select the large, medium, or small ones.

Are There Any Risks of Allergies Caused by these Eyelid Correcting Strips?

As mentioned earlier these strips are latex-free and totally safe for application on the skin and the eyes of people with reported cases of latex allergies.

A lot of customers have attested to the fact and reported good tolerance. These eyelid correcting patches are only meant to be worn on the eyelids with the help of adhesives. As such they do not contain any ingredients that will hydrate or modify your eyelids in any way. These patches only help in pulling up your droopy eyelids. They are made of non-allergenic elastic material and also do not contain dyes. Moreover, being patented in the US lab, these eyelid enhancing tapes are a surefire mark of guarantee.

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Do these Eyelid Strips Work as Desired? What are the Customers Saying?

These eyelid correcting strips have received heartwarming reviews from the customers so far.

His Wife Loves it

One of the customers whose wife had undergone eye surgery many years ago has said that his wife finds the strips very useful as they come in different sizes. This allows her to choose the ones which fit her eyelids the best. It is a limitation with other generic strips available in the market as they come in only one size. The innovative, skin-friendly patches are also easily wearable, stay firm all day long, and bond with the skin perfectly. They become translucent once they are anchored to the eyelids and are also easily removable. Overall the customer has endowed these eyelid lifters with copious amounts of praises.

She Calls them Great

Another customer points out that she bought these eyelid tapes after doing a fair bit of research. She had never used eyelid strips before and after battling saggy eyelids for quite some time she decided to go for them. When she saw the images on the company’s official website, she was ecstatic. This was like an ocean of hope for her. She thought she would be able to regain her lost appearance and confidence. And when she applied the patches to her eyelids, she was extremely happy with the results. She adds, although it takes some practice to put them on correctly for the first time, it is worth investing your time and effort in.

Eyelid Tapes are Better than Her Feedback

Another customer says she is not a beauty expert and her basic skincare regimen comprises mascara, blusher, and some foundation. But when she got a few of her images clicked for a website recently, she noticed the baggy patches below her eyes. These made her look way older than she is. The lady then decided to embark on full-blown research to find a solution to her baggy eyelid problems.

This is how she came across these eyelid tapes from Contour Rx. To begin with, she first read the one-star reviews as is her practice, she willfully confesses. She then slowly gravitated towards the better ones. The customer finally zeroed in on these eyelid lifters after going through some good reviews.

The only mistake she committed was ordering for the slightly bigger ones that opened up her eyes too much. But at the same time she was also happy to realize, her eyelids were not as saggy as she had probably thought them to be. This time she ordered the relatively smaller ones. She has promised to share her feedback after using the newly ordered strips.

She Finds them Amazing

Another customer who purchased them after watching a youtube video was very dismissive about the patches assuming the claims to be false. The customer found it hard to believe one could get so quick results. But when she pasted them over her crease lines, she was left mesmerized by the instant results.

Where to Buy?

These eyelid strips are only available to be sold online through the official website of Contours Rx. It is best to visit the manufacturer’s website for prices, offers, and all other additional information related to the product. Click the link below to get your Contourx Lids by Design from the official site.

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Things Customers May Want to Know

Question: Is it suitable for women above 55?

Answer: Yes. This product is suitable for people of almost all age groups. The types available are:

  • Wide single-sided strips – Suitable for droopy, thick, and hooded eyelids.
  • Slim-single-sided strips – Appropriate for slightly saggy, hooded, and thin eyelids.
  • Double-sided strips – Appropriate for droopy, thick, and hooded eyelids.

The wide single-sided eye tapes are suitable for mature people. But you must wear them correctly after immaculately cleaning your eyes of oil, moisturizers, or any other make-up. If you have very droopy eyelids, you must wear them slightly above the folding line of your eyelid to get the maximum results. This is true for double-sided strips of all sizes as well. However, if you have thin eyelids, you can wear the slim-sided tapes either on the eyelid crease or below or above it. The bottom line is no matter what your age, you must keep your eyelids clean and pat dry for the adhesive from the strips to attach itself to the eyelids firmly.

Question: How many strips are available in the pack?

Answer: One box contains 80 strips. This is good enough to last you for a month.

Question: Can you notice the eyelid strips after wearing them?

Answer: These strips are translucent and suitable for almost all skin tones. But whether they are noticeable may slightly vary, depending on their size and the architecture of your eyes. It is best to wear some light eye-makeup over the strips to make them go invisible.

Question: How frequently should you wear these tapes?

Answer: You can wear them every day as well. These strips are medical-grade and made from high-quality non-allergic materials. They have proven to be safe on the skin and the eyes. But every individual need is different. If you are not comfortable wearing them every day, you can choose to sport them whenever you feel like. These could be special occasions, corporate events, or photoshoots.

Question: Can you wear them with contact lenses?

Answer: Yes, you can wear them with contact lenses. They do not interfere as long as you wear them correctly over the eyelids. What they do is pull up your eyelids higher by tucking the excess skin surrounding your eyelids inside the eye socket.

Question: Do these strips work, if you have mild drooping?

Answer: Yes, they work perfectly. But you must go for the slim-single-sided strips as they are more suitable for slight drooping.

Question: Can you get rid of your exhausted looks with these strips?

Answer: People who have used these eyelid patches seem to have greatly benefited from them as they cannot stop gushing about the product. These eyelid enhancers have opened up new avenues of hope for people who have struggled with saggy eyelids for years. Equipped with modern, state-of-the-art technology, these eyelid strips have been revolutionizing the lives of people by making them feel more happy, confident, and successful in themselves.

Question: Is it only for women?

Answer: These eyelid tapes are gender-neutral. They can be used by both men and women.


These eyelid correcting strips are indeed revolutionary in reviving, lifting, and infusing your eyes with a youthful, rejuvenated look. They are simple, cost-effective, non-invasive, and risk-free. These award-winning corrective strips are your perfect answer to droopy, hooded, and exhausted eyes. But it is important to choose the right size if you want to get the best results. The best way to find out the appropriate size is by trying a special kit from the company’s official website.

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