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Product Launch Formula is an online program that promises to help you launch a new product or service online easily. Perhaps, you already know that the product development process is full of challenges. You must come up with an idea, check the product’s market viability, and engineer the product. Still, more problems will arise in the product launch phase, particularly when launching the product online. In fact, most people report only a few online sales due to the use of bad launch strategies.

While every market, demographic, and market is different, the steps to a successful product launch fit into one simple outline. You have to create a strategy, develop the launch tactics, launch the product, and avoid common mistakes. Jeff Walker created the Product Launch Formula to provide sellers with the secrets they need for guaranteed product launch success. This Product Launch Formula Review will introduce you to this program.

What exactly is the Product Launch Formula?

Product Launch Formula, or simply PLF, is a brainchild of a multimillionaire, known as Jeff Walker.The formula is tested and proven to work. It provides all the information you need to launch your products and services, including the type of content to release to your target customers, when to release it, and what to say to them.

The program was released in 2005 and since then, over 10,000 students have benefited. The students have businesses in different niches and markets and the author claims that they have made over $1 billion in launches using the program.

Who is the Creator of the Product Launch Formula?

Jeff Walker is the creator of this formula. He is an author and entrepreneur who claim to have helped many thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and influencers across many niches and markets. Jeff started publishing in 1996 after quitting his full-time job. According to him, he commenced his online activities with a free email newsletter concerning the stock market.

Jeff continued offering free advice but later realized that this approach would not be sustainable in the long term and he, therefore, chose to start selling advice to the interested people. Following his success, Walker decided to start sharing everything he had learned about launching businesses and products. That is when he created the Product Launch Formula.

Forbes dubbed Jeff Walker “the $400 million man” in September 2012 because the purpose of the Product Launch Formula was to help business people make $400 million. Forbes also claimed that Jeff Walker had made over $20 million by selling the course.

How The Product Launch Formula Works

The approach of this system hinges on sending videos to the target audience before the actual product launch. It consists of four phases – the Pre-Pre Launch Phase, the Pre-Launch Phase, Launch Phase, and the Post-Launch Phase.

During the Pre-Pre-Launch phase, this program will help you build an email list with help of a squeeze page. And after you get to the Pre-Launch Phase, itwill assist you to send sideways sales letters to your target customers.

During the launch phase, this program will help you create limited-time offers and send personalized emails to our target customers. In the Post-Launch phase, it will provide you with valuable free content to help you reach your buyers and ask for their feedback.

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Product Launch Formula Modules

The Product Launch Formula is made up of nine modules each containing specific goals and tasks to help the students create awesome internet campaigns. Here are the nine modules and everything to expect in each.

Module 1: Your Launch Foundation

This module will introduce you to the five core launch strategies. The strategies are

  • The Seed Launch

This is the first launch people new to the world of online business have to do. Those with established online businesses can also use the Seed Launch to test new project ideas.

The Seed Launch is more about using squeeze pages to email addresses of your target customers. After that, Jeff will teach you how to connect with prospective customers by providing quality content.

  • The Internal Launch

The Internal Launch is ideal for people with an established audience. It helps you sell products and services to the individuals following you. You can promote your products on social media for your audience to see.

  • The Joint Venture Launch

Also known as the JV launch or an affiliate launch, A Joint Venture launch requires partners. You will have to work with other people to promote your products to the target audiences after they have passed the internal launch stage.

  • The Evergreen Launch

 The Evergreen Launch involves changing a one-time product launch into an always-available product launch. Alternatively, you can take one of your products that already exist in the market and reintroduce it to the market from time to time.

  • The Quick Launch

The Quick Launch is among the things you can do more often because it only requires a few hours of work. You will have to introduce the products intended for the Quick Launch as a special offer and create events around the special offers. You will have to throw in discounts and bonuses that will leave people wanting to buy more.

The five launches are the primary components of the PLF. In this module, Jeff will teach you many tactics like Sideways Sales Letter and using stories, sequences, positioning, and mental triggers to make great launches. Techniques like the Circle of Awesome will help you use the processes repeatedly to build a business and grow it exponentially.

Module 2: Your Launch Plan

In module 2, Jeff Walker will teach you how to develop a success plan so that you can know where you are headed and how to get there. He will help you identify your niche and choose assets, avatars, and goals. Further, he will teach you how to create email lists to reach many buyers. Lastly,you will learn the 5 launches to start with depending on the niche you choose.

Module 3: Pre-Prelaunch

The Pre-Prelaunch module may sound strange but it will help you develop your strategy and get your target customers excited about the launch. Put differently, it will lay the groundwork for the product launch.

The purpose of this module is to help you build deep connections with your target customers, without working extra hard. The author will teach you how to identify what your customers need and craft and refine the offer. Further, you will learn how to build a serious buzz leading to the product or service launch.

Module 4: Prelaunch

During the prelaunch phase, you will have to give big promises to your target audience to gain their trust and take them one step towards their goals. This module will help you construct quality prelaunch content so that your target customers can know that your products are valuable to them. The author claims that you should introduce your product as a solution to existing problems or a unique opportunity.

Module 5: Open Cart

It is time to start selling your products or services online. In this module, Jeff Walker will tell you the important steps to follow in this stage. You will learn how to create Open Cart emails and script sales videos. You will have to follow what Jeff teaches if you want your target customers to see your products as solutions.

Module 6: Seed and Internal Launches

Jeff Walker has split this module into two mini-modules – the Seed Launches and Internal Launches. He claims that the two launches are the bread and butter for beginners who do not have products or lists and those who would want to launch their products severally. Jeff created the Launch Planer and the Seed Launch Planner, which are systematic guides to help you complete the launches.

Module 7: Joint Venture Launches

Jeff Walker prepared Module 7 to prepare students for Joint Venture launches. He claims that you have to complete the Seed and Internal Launch phase before you get to this one. The Seed and Internal Launches phase will tell you whether the product works or not. If it does not work, there will be no need of proceeding to the Joint Venture Launches phase.

In the Joint Venture Launch module, you will learn how to choose your partners, how to train them, and how to establish good communication with them. And because you will have to work with the partners in the long term, you will have to choose good and reliable people that can promote your products and services over and over again.

Module 8: The Evergreen Launches

In this module, Walter teaches you how to adapt the strategies taught in the program and make the whole system start running like clockwork. After that, you can start collecting the money without doing any extra work.

Module 9: The Business Launch Formula

This module is designed for people establishing an online business for the first time. Jeff teaches how to build many products and offers with the types of launches taught in the Product Launch Formula.

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Product Launch Formula Bonuses

In addition to the main course, Jeff Walker offers many other bonuses. Here are the bonuses that you will access immediately after buying this course.

  1. Launching Your List – This bonus course will take 4.5 hours. It will help you build an email list of people who love your products.
  2. Product Creation Code– In this mini-course, Jeff will take you through the process of creating a new product.
  3. Operation Quick Start – This module is designed for people planning to establish an online business. It will help you kick-start your entrepreneurial world.
  4. Secrets of Leverage and Scale – This mini-module offers everything you need to establish a business.
  5. Launch Partnership– You can become a launch manager for other people too. This module will help you do that
  6. Tech Stack Quick Start–This module will provide you with a roadmap for selecting, implementing, and organizing your tools.
  7. Lead Magnet Crowdsource Call – This course will inspire you and help you create better opt-in offers.
  8. Building Your List During a Launch–In this guide, Jeff teaches students how to launch products and create lists at the same time.
  9. Post Launch Email Sequence – Here you will learn how to keep all your followers happy and engaged.
  10. Secret Swipe File Vault–This bonus file includes Pre-Pre Launch Emails, Quick Launch Examples, and Internal with JV Launch Examples, Internal Launch Examples, and a Sample Spreadsheet to Help Track Your Launch Sequence.
  11. Quick Launch – This bonus helps you create special offers available for a limited time so that you can make more money.
  12. Promoting Other People’s Launches– This course is broken into five modules. You will have 90 minutes of video content teaching you how to partner up and promote other people’s products.
  13. Book Launch: This bonus course will help you become an author within a short time.
  14. Sparta Launch: The Sparta Launch is more about selling small workshops or retreats.
  15. Winning Your Launch Through Gamification – This might be all you need to turn your launches into games that people love.
  16. Live Launch–Live launches can make people excited and prepare them to test your products. Jeff claims that they can increase your conversions if done properly.

Bonuses Added in 2021

  1. Your “Low-Tech Launch Guide”–This new bonus will take you through behind the scenes of the “Pivot” launch. Jeff launched the “Pivot” program in April 2021 in a Tech Lean fashion. You do not have to worry about technology.
  2. 12 Live Sessions with Jeff–Jeff Walker will do 12 live coaching sessions on his Facebook Group. He will answer all your questions during the 12 live sessions.

Product Launch Formula Price

The author offers two payment plans for this program. You can choose the one-time payment plan, which will cost you $1997, or the 6-times payment, which should cost you $397 each time. Jeff Walker offers a 14 days 100 percent money-back guarantee. So if you do not like the program for any reason, you can ask for your money back within 14 days after the purchase.

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Pros and Cons

When buying any online program or product, you have to consider the benefits and drawbacks. Here are the pros and cons of the Product Launch Formula training program.


  • Jeff Walker applies a practical approach. There is no fluff in this course.
  • Jeff Walker has a proven record. He has taught many entrepreneurs such as Ray Edwards and Stu McLaren.
  • The program offers systematic instructions and actionable steps to help you apply what you learn.
  • All learners can contact Jeff Walker directly and ask the questions bothering them.
  • You will enjoy lifetime access to the training.


  • The program is expensive and not everyone can afford it
  • Jeff Walter offers a lot of information, meaning that you have to set aside many hours per day to read it.

Who Should Go for this Program?

If you are planning to launch a new product or service online or even start a new business, this program is a good choice. People with product ideas or products they would want to re-launch will also find this program helpful. It offers a systematic guide along with the support you need to launch your products and make huge profits.


The Product Launch Formula program is a good choice for people planning to launch new products or services. Jeff is an expert who has taught thousands of people. Further, most of his students report that the program worked for them. The course offers theory and practical parts to help you launch any product or service. If it does not work for you, you can ask for your money back within 14 days.

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