How to choose a cheeseboard?



Cheeseboards are now essential at every dinner, party, lunch, etc. While the eatables on the cheeseboard matter a lot, the type of board that you use for a cheeseboard is also important. 

The board can add beauty to your cheeseboard. However, there are various types of boards available. The question is, which one should you use? This article will tell you about various types of boards and their advantages to help you choose one board. 


Wood boards

Wooden cheeseboards are most commonly used. This is mainly because they can easily be cleaned and are also inexpensive. If you want to use a wooden cheeseboard, you can get the sectioned board or just use your cutting board!

However, one important thing you should consider is the type of cheese you put on the board. Some cheeses such as the casu marzu look perfect on a cheeseboard. Other than this, cutting the cheese on a wooden board is very easy. You can use cheese knives to cut your cheese in halves and place them in an aesthetic manner. 

If you want an aesthetic and rustic look for your cheeseboard you should get a wooden board. 


Stone boards

Stone boards that are made up of marble, natural stone, etc. They are an excellent choice for your cheeseboards. You can put everything on them with perfection due to the function and form they have. 

Moreover, stone boards are naturally cool; this means they can keep your cheese fresh for a longer period. These are excellent for outdoor events where you have to put your cheese outside in the hot sun for hours. The stone board will ensure that the cheese stays fresh and does not melt!

However, they have to be cleaned properly. If you don’t do that, there is a possibility they will start smelling bad. Thus, the maintenance of a stone board can be difficult!


Glass board

Glass boards are definitely the perfect choice for a cheeseboard. There are various reasons for it – firstly, it is aesthetically pleasing and will make your cheeseboard look beautiful. Secondly, glass boards are non-porous, which means you don’t have to worry about them having an odor. 

Also, you can clean them easily as you can was them in a dishwasher. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about any scratches on them (due to the knife). Thus, they stay in perfect condition for a long time. 

The only issue with a glass board that you can face is that it can create noises when cutting cheese on it. However, we have a solution for that; you should use semi-soft or soft cheeses on a glass board. 

This way, you will not have to listen to any irritating noises and can easily cut the cheese. 


To wrap it up!

Choosing the perfect board for your cheeseboard is essential. The type of board you use can change the way your cheeseboard looks. Given above is a list of different types of boards you can use. Choose the one that fulfills your needs and demands!