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 What is Power Pod?

The Power Pod is a keychain charger that you can use to charge your smartphone or tablet. It’s small enough to take with you wherever you go – whether you’re going to work, taking a walk in the woods, or traveling when you want to listen to music on the train or bus without power for long periods of time. (Affiliate links are used in this article. This means that the author receives a commission. However, the price of the product remains the same).


Why do I need this charger?

The Power Pod is suitable for users of all types of smartphones and tablets. According to the provider, it can be used for Apple devices as well as for mobile devices with USB-C connection. Unlike many brand-name devices, there is no separation between the two groups. In fact, the charger makes sense for you if you have to struggle with a (nearly) empty cell phone battery while on the go. Due to its small size, the Power Pod can be taken everywhere. The keychain allows you to attach it to your keychain – so you can always be sure that you have it with you when charging your smartphone.

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Power Pod evaluation and recommendation

Mit einer Länge von fünf Zentimetern, einer Breite von 3,8 Zentimetern und einer Höhe von 1,3 Zentimetern ist der Power Pod ein besonders kleines Ladegerät, das mit einem Schlüsselanhänger versehen ist und daher perfekt an einem Schlüsselring befestigt werden kann. Er wiegt nur 272 Gramm und wiegt damit den Schlüsselanhänger kaum. Alternativ können Sie das kleine Ladegerät problemlos in Ihrer Tasche oder Handtasche verstauen.

With a storage capacity of 800 milli-ampere hours, the Power Pod ensures that your smartphone or tablet is charged for up to two hours longer. So in an emergency, you can easily make calls, prepare your next Instagram post, listen to music or capture a nice moment with your camera – even though the battery is already discharged.

To keep your Power Pod ready for use at any time, you should charge it regularly. To recharge, a USB cable is included with the device, which you can use to charge the small Power Bank from a wall socket or laptop. According to the provider, it takes about 90 minutes to fully charge the battery. All in all, the charger will survive more than 500 charging cycles if you use it carefully. According to the provider, this corresponds to a life span of at least ten years – if not more. Visit the official website to see more customer reviews!


Power Pod technical facts

  • Dimensions: 5 cm x 1.3 cm x 3.8 cm
  • Weight: 272 g
  • storage capacity: 800 mAh
  • recharge time: 90 min
  • Lifetime: at least 10 years (with correct use)
  • charge cycles: more than 500 (when used correctly)
  • Included in delivery: Power Pod, key chain, USB cable
  • suitable for: Apple, USB-C

What are the Power Pod quality features?

The supplier of the Power Pod promises its customers a satisfaction guarantee. This means that users should be 100 percent enthusiastic about the charger, which requires, among other things, that the device is of high quality and charges mobile devices without problems. Also, according to the provider, the Power Pod is “Top Rated”. Buyers of the device for charging mobile devices can return the device within 60 days after the arrival of the delivery. This also speaks of quality. After all, the manufacturer allows you to return the device if you are not convinced of its quality. Remember, however, that the money-back guarantee is only valid for you if you have not unpacked or used the product.

The provider from whom you can buy the Power Pod also promises that their store is encrypted via SSL. For you, this means that your data will only be transmitted to the provider so that they can take your order and carry out the delivery. Third parties, unauthorized persons should not have access to your sensitive data because of the encryption. In addition, payment for your order can only be made by credit card or PayPal – so you don’t have to provide your account information in the first place.

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General Power Pod Opinions

The provider of the Power Pod presents on its website some field reports from people who have already tried and tested the charger. The reviewers are very positive about the product. They praise it, among other things, for the fact that it is suitable for Apple devices as well as for devices with USB-C connection. Due to the different connections, this is not often the case and is a great advantage. The users also report that the charger can be taken anywhere and at any time thanks to the key chain. The device can be easily attached to a key ring with the key chain. Some users do not attach the Power Pod to their keychain. They carry it in their trouser pocket or handbag. Because of the handy size this is very possible, the reviewers said. According to the users, the recharging process should be very uncomplicated. The charger only has to be plugged into the mobile device – an additional cable is not necessary. The USB cable, which is included in the scope of delivery, is perfectly suited for charging the charger at the power outlet or on a laptop.

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Where can I order Power Pod?

To order a Power Pod, you need to visit the website of the official supplier. Here you will find detailed information about the product and you can also place your order. In this process you first decide which device you want to charge with the charger. If you have an Apple device, select “iPhone / iPad”. If your smartphone or tablet has a USB-C connection, select “Android USB-C”. Afterwards you can decide on the order quantity. You can order up to four Power Pods at once and receive discounts.

You get 43 percent off a Power Pod. If you buy two of them at once, you get a 50 percent discount. If you buy three or four Power Pods, you get a total discount of 55 percent. You only pay shipping if you order less than three chargers. Click here to discover the current discount!

Who is the supplier of the product?

Ontel Products, 21 Law Drive, Fairfield, NJ 07004, US

Homepage: https://powerpodshop.com/

E-Mail: powerpodshop@rephelpdesk.com

Phone: 888-645-6496

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General information about the charger

Modern households would be unthinkable without chargers. Apart from kitchen appliances, lamps and televisions, almost every electronic device in the household needs to be charged with a suitable charger – above all, of course, mobile devices such as smartphones, cell phones and tablets.

Although today a large number of smartphones and tablets can be charged with one and the same device, this is by no means true of all of them. When buying chargers, users must always consider whether they are using an Apple device or one from another manufacturer, because: Apple integrates other charging sockets into its devices than Samsung, Google and Co.

Many mobile devices come with a charging cable already included. But what do you do if the battery runs out on the road and there is no charging cable for your own device at hand? This is where mobile chargers, so-called power banks, come into play. They can be recharged at home and then simply taken with you when you leave the house. You should still take the right charging cable with you – because a cable with a USB-C connection will unfortunately not be able to charge your iPhone. The same applies vice versa, of course: A charging cable for the iPhone is useless for a device with a USB-C connection.

But you should not only think about the right connection, but also that the charger should not be too big and too heavy. After all, as long as you are away from home, you will always carry it with you.

Known FAQ about this product
  • Q: How does the charger work?
  • A: The Power Pod plug is plugged directly into the device (smartphone, tablet) and charges the device for a few more hours of use.
  • Q: What is included with the Power Pod?
  • A: In addition to the charger, you will receive a keychain and USB cable with the delivery. The latter is needed to charge the Power Pod.
  • Q: How is the Power Pod charged?
  • A: The USB cable that comes with the Power Pod is connected to the power outlet using a standard plug. The small adapter of the USB cable is then plugged into the port of the Power Pod. When the device is charging, the blue light on the side of the Power Pod will flash. After about 90 minutes, the Power Pod is charged – this can be seen by the blue light going out. As an alternative to the supplied cable, a standard micro-USB cable can be used.
  • Q: How long does the charger stay charged?
  • A: Once you have fully charged the Power Pod, you can use it for any period of time within the next three months. If three months have passed since the last charge and you have not used the charger during that time, you should fully recharge it.
  • Q: What percentage of the Power Pod charges the mobile device?
  • A: The percentage varies from device to device. However, the manufacturer states that the charger has a storage capacity of 800 mAh, so the mobile device can be used for up to two hours longer.
  • Q: What devices is the Power Pod compatible with?
  • A: The device is compatible with iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, SE, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XS Max, XR, 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max according to the carrier. It is also compatible with a wide range of devices with USB-C ports, including the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, OnePlus 7T and LG G8 ThinQ. All compatible devices can be found in an extensive list on the official website of the provider.

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