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Obtaining a good night sleep is among the best ways of keeping the body in perfect health. Often, health specialists advise that we should get at least 7 hours of sleep at night to rejuvenate our bodies. It is therefore important to incorporate healthy sleeping habits to get the maximum benefits. Most people think that the key to getting the best night sleep is through purchasing a priceless mattress to offer comfort. Others think it is achieved by sleeping on a king-size bed, while others have no idea. There is one other important factor that is very crucial for getting sound sleep all night long yet most people do not know about it. For many years, bedsheets have not got any advancements. The traditional bedsheets are prone to bacteria growth hence not healthy for the skin. Fortunately, Miracle brand sheets are here to save the day.

Miracle sheets are indeed miraculous because they are microbe-free. The brand’s main aim is to ensure every customer rests safely and easily after a long day of work. Providing luxury bacteria-free bedding and bath towels, the brand’s products integrate silver to stop the growth of harmful bacteria. In this Miracle Sheets review, we shall examine what miracle sheets are made of and how beneficial they are. The review will also talk about the different categories, how the sheets feel, and where to purchase them. Read through the review to get new knowledge on germ-killing sheets. (The following links in this article are affiliate links. This allows the author to get a small commission when the product is bought. However, the price does not change).1 10

A Summary of Miracle Brand

Ahad Arif, the founder of Miracle Brand discovered how gross bed sheets and towels get after only one use and decided to take action. Of course, it would have been hectic to clean towels and bed sheets after one use only. After eighteen months of thorough research, Arif found a way to get rid of the bacteria that grows in bedsheets and towels. It is after this that Miracle Brand was founded back in 2017. Miracle brand grown Supima cotton and blended with anti-bacterial silver to make their bedsheets and towels. As a result, you get bacteria-free bedding and towels as well as a good night’s sleep. Although the founder’s first mission was to find a better way of making bedsheets, it now provides safer, cleaner alternatives for the most commonly used household linens such as hand towels, flat sheet, duvet covers, face cloths, and more. Additionally, the brand integrates environment-friendly operations with its luxury products to make bed and bath linens. The towels are made in Turkey and the bedding is made in Pakistan. All products including the bedding and towels are OEKO Tek Certified.

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What Are Miracle Sheets?

Everyone desires comfort and having a perfect sound sleep. Sometimes, the comfort becomes farfetched when we have horrible bedding including duvets, bed sheets and pillows. This could bar us from getting the sound sleep we all desire after a long day. The Miracle sheets are bedsheets that have come to improve your comfort in bed and help you get sound sleep. Cotton that has gone through a sateen weave is also used to make them as comfortable as possible. Miracle sheets easily adapt to temperature changes to keep the body cool and are made with a very light material that eliminates irritability. Additionally, the material used to craft miracle sheets effectively manages the growth of bacteria and germs. By managing the growth of bacteria, we actually mean that miracle sheets can wipe them out. It is amazing how a miracle sheet can kill 99.9% of bacteria and leave your skin healthy. According to scientific data reports, when you lie on the bed to rest, all the bacteria residing on your clothing are transferred to your bed. If you do not take care of the bacteria, your skill and health will start to suffer. Luckily, Miracle sheets are here to eliminate this problem that most people take lightly.

Though the bacteria are not visible, the most obvious sign of their build-up is the odor that comes from sweat, saliva, and more. By using silver material, the bacteria are killed. Furthermore, you won’t have to change and wash your sheets more often like when using old sheets. A Miracle sheet allows users to rest comfortably while fighting the bacteria that can cause harm to your skin. Plus, when you are not on the bed, Miracle sheets will be busy fighting odor-causing bacteria that sheets made with ordinary material do not. The flat cotton anti-bacterial miracle brand sheets are simple and have every quality of a good bedsheet. According to the official website, a Miracle Sheet kills bacteria. There are two main sheet sets of miracle bedsheets; extra luxe and signature that we will talk about later in this miracle sheet review. In addition to the sheet set, Miracle also offers two bedding bundles; the miracle home bundle and the miracle move-in bundle.

The home bundle includes one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, two pillowcases, two bath towels, two hand towels, and two wash cloths. The move-in bundle includes double the amount of flat sheet, fitted sheet, pillow cases, and bath towel. Hand towel is the same for both packages. The quality fitted sheet is big enough for all mattress sizes, even the thicker ones. In one customer review, the user stated that the fitted sheet was perfect because it did not slip off. A fitted sheet that slips off can be very frustrating. All bundles are available in different three color shades including sky blue, white grey. Sky blue is the most loved shade although customers have reported that they would love more shades to be availed.

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Features of Miracle Sheets

This miracle sheets review will focus on the main characteristics and they are as follows:

  • They Are Made With Supima Cotton – Supima cotton is the best material to incorporate in bedding and towels. The manufacturers ensured to use well-nurtured Supima cotton for the benefit of users. The Supima cotton used in the miracle sheets allows them to aerate therefore aiding in the odor removal process. Additionally, it makes miracle brand sheets extremely comfortable and eliminates irritability.
  • They Are Made with Natural Silver – A key and unique feature of miracle sheets are that they are made using natural silver. Natural silver has not gone through any kind of chemical tampering, therefore, embedding special abilities. The anti-bacterial silver used to make these sheets is woven into the fabric to keep it microbe-free and kill 99.9 % of bacteria, leaving you with a germ-free bedsheet all night. This characteristic ensures that any miracle sheet is always clean, odorless, and good for the skin, preventing respiratory diseases and reducing irritability. It also assures you that you will do laundry less frequently. All the dead skin cells, dust, and mites that accumulate in your mattress will also be taken care of.
  • They Promote Healthy Skin – Some of us live with skin conditions that are brought by bacterial infections such as acne. Sometimes, the cure for such conditions is as simple as keeping your bedding clean at all times. Now, it is quite impossible to clean and change sheets every day. This is why miracle sheets exist. To lift the burden of cleaning bedding now and then to keep the harmful microbes away. Regular sheets and pillowcases are a breeding ground for such microbes but the silver-infused sheets will always keep you germ-free. The special material incorporated in every miracle sheet kills all the germs in your sheets, leaving you with healthier and fresher skin.
  • They eliminate Odor – By blocking odor-producing bacteria, miracle brand sheets ensure you get clean-smelling sheets throughout the night. According to scientific data, silver ions naturally possess a positive charge that connects bacteria like a magnet and prevents growth. This is essentially how every miracle sheet keeps the odor away, leaving you with dirt-free, fresh bedsheets.
  • They Do Not Require Regular Cleaning – Miracle sheets eliminate the need to frequently clean the bed sheets because they are microbe-free. The antibacterial technology infused in the miracle brand keeps your sheets cleaner than traditional sheets. If you used to change your sheets twice or thrice every week, now you will only change them once with the miracle brand sheets. This will save you money and resources that would have been used during the frequent cleaning. In addition to money-saving, miracle sheets will help you save on time.

How Do Miracle Sheets Work?

Miracle sheets operate by using anti-microbial silver that kills 99.9% of bacteria found on skin and clothes. Silver ions naturally possess a positive charge that connects to bacteria like a magnet. It then destroys the microbes from the inside out before it gets a chance to reproduce and spread. According to the official website, miracle sheets rely on the natural process of ionization to prevent microbes’ growth, unlike regular fabric that can harbor bacteria after one use. The silver woven into the fabric ensures that your miracle sheets, pillowcases, and towels stay cleaner for longer hence less laundry cleaning. The miracle sheets can be washed 3x less often than regular sheets made with traditional material.

Fundamentally, the miracle brand’s bed sheets are designed to be self-cleaning and self-sanitizing. The manufacturers of miracle brand sheets assure you of a deep sound sleep when you use their bedding. This is because the miracle sheets have special features that help keep you cool by regulating temperature as well as reducing irritability. The technology used to make miracle sheets ensures that your sheets are odorless, oil-free, and always fresh and clean.

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Are Miracle Brand Sheets Actually Good?

Miracle Brand sheets are the best innovation and advancements bed sheets have seen. As already mentioned, miracle brand sheets maintain cleanliness, therefore, keeping you safe. There are several other benefits associated with miracle sheets and they are as follows:

  • Saves You Time and Energy – You will wash your bedsheets 3x less once you switch to miracle sheets because they are self-cleaning. Spending less time washing bed sheets, will spare you more to take care of other important matters instead of spending the time in laundry cleaning.
  • It Is therapeutic – You have probably heard of the phrase that sleep is therapeutic. Now, sleep can only be therapeutic if you experience comfort while in bed, therefore sleeping soundly. Resting on the comfortable miracle sheets will give you the utmost comfort necessary for sound rest and stress relief. The body-friendly sheets will also eliminate sweat and irritability to enhance the therapy process.
  • Regulates Temperature – No regular sheet can help you regulate the temperature in your bed to keep you cool. Scientific review shows that the body can only sleep or rest when the temperatures are at perfect levels. This is exactly what miracle sheets do. The sheets are made with a thermoregulating feature hence make the temperature bearable for maximum comfort.
  • Affordability – The miracle bedding and towel products are sold at reasonable prices on the main website. If you compare their prices to regular and ordinary sheets that do not offer any protection against harmful microbes, you will realize that they are very affordable. In fact, some of these luxury sheets that are not antibacterial are more costly. Given the high-quality material use, miracle brand’s cotton sheets have a reasonable price. Furthermore, sustainable, eco-friendly materials can be more expensive to acquire than standard ones. With the less laundry washes, you will also save a lot of money on utilities and laundry detergent over time. Besides, you can choose different bundles when purchasing and get amazing offers on them. For instance, the home bundle has one flat sheet, towel, fitted sheet, face towel, and washing cloths.

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How Do You Wash Miracle Sheets?

The luxury bed sheets may kill microbes but there is no way to avoid cleaning your dirty sheets. There eventually comes a time when you require to wash the bedding despite the self-cleaning and cleansing feature in miracle sheets. However, one thing for sure is that you will not need to wash your sheets regularly. Washing miracle bed sheets is not rocket science because it is as simple as throwing the sheets or towel, pressing the start button, and then taking it out one hour later. Before doing this, you need to have the three essential products for washing sheets in a washing machine. The first is detergent that can be either in liquid or powder form. The liquid powder is the best because it dissolves in water faster but can be more expensive.

The second essential product is stain treatment products that are good at removing tough and stubborn stains. Some liquid and powder detergents have this quality in them, serving double purposes. If you do not have a stain remover within reach, you can use vinegar, dish soap, and acetone to remove the stubborn stains. Dryer sheets are the third essential product as it helps prevent the build-up of static electricity within the machine. Dryer sheets also serve the purpose of fabric softening, prevent clothes from gathering lint, and have an amazing fragrance. When cleaning the luxuriously soft miracle sheets, do them separately from the other clothes. Similarly, put those of the same color together to avoid discoloration of bright bed sheets. Read the label on your bed sheets for more specific instructions on how to clean them. Now, cleaning the sheets at the highest temperature possible will help kill most germs. The hot water will also mix well with the detergents, properly removing stubborn stains and germs.

Be sure to check the fabric label before using any high temperature on the bedsheets. Generally, the machine’s standard-setting is good enough to sufficiently clean miracle sheets and it would even be better to use the delicate setting to protect the fabric. After the sheets are done, transfer them to the dryer. Leaving laundry in a dumping place is a clean invitation of bacteria and mildew smell. Using higher temperatures when drying is best but be sure to check instructions. Afterward, fold the miracle bed sheets and keep them away in a closed drawer to keep dust away. There are things you should avoid when cleaning miracle brand products such as mixing towels and sheets, over-drying, overloading the washing machine, and not paying attention to the machine settings.2 6

Are Miracle Sheets Safe?

Yes, they are. As already mentioned in the review earlier, Miracle sheet sets are not only safe but extremely beneficial to your skin and general health. Silver has been scientifically proven to repel all types of bacteria, making it an essential component of luxury bedding. There are no adverse effects of using miracle bed sheet sets. Besides, they have been Oeko Tex certified and approved for use by individuals of all ages. In the manufacturing process, the manufacturers of all miracle products use safe, eco-friendly and approved methods to ensure your safety at all times. If you are worried about the silver woven into them, you should know that there are no effects. The only thing the silver will do is keep the microbes and germs off your skin, promoting healthier and fresher skin. Additionally, natural cotton has been used to give you maximum comfort while sleeping.

Why You Should Purchase Miracle Sheets

You might be happy and satisfied with the bed sheets that you have right now because you think you have a clean bed. It will always be a plus for you when you invest in high-quality bedding like miracle sheets. These sheets will make your life easier, your sleep healthier and your skin better. On average, we shed close to 1.5g of dead skin every day. This is enough to feet dust mites that live in the bed sheets. Luckily, the silver infused in miracle sheets will not allow the growth of such microbes hence keeping you safe. You might also think that all the bed sheets are the same but the truth is their material and texture significantly impact your sleep. Purchasing miracle brand sheets will not only keep bacteria away but also save money and energy. You should purchase miracle sheets because they are not just any regular sheets that you can get from any store.

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What Is the Difference Between Signature and Extra Luxe?

Miracle brand manufactures their sheet sets in two types namely signature sheet set and extra luxe sheet set. Most buyers get confused about the difference between signature and extra luxe sheet sets. Both signature and extra luxe miracle sheet sets are made using soft and comfortable Supima cotton and silver mix but have a different thread count. However, the weave on the signature sheet set differs from the extra-luxe sheet set in that signature has less thread count. The sateen weave utilized to make the extra-luxe sheet set makes them silkier compared to the signature blend. In total, the extra-luxe sheets have a 500 thread count while the signature has a 350 thread count. With a 350 thread count, the signature blend sheet set is able to deliver a comfortable balance of softness and durability.

The price of the signature and extra luxe sheets also differ since their qualities are not the same. However, this does not mean that the signature bed sheet set is of low quality or is less effective. The signature sheets will offer the required comfort and kill 99.9% of bacteria just like 500 thread count extra-luxe sheets. The choice on whether to purchase signature or extra-luxe sheets highly depends on your pockets and luxury levels. Signature sheets are less luxurious and less expensive compared to extra-luxe sheet sets. The thread count is also different for cotton-silver cases, bath towels, wash cloths, and duvet covers.

Does Target Sell Miracle Bed Sheets?

No. Miracle sheets are currently available on their official website only. Since the brand is still new on the market, they have not yet included their sales in retail stores like Target but hope to make the arrangements soon. While shopping for these sheets, ensure you only purchase from the main website and nowhere else to avoid fraudsters. Additionally, you get the sheet sets at a reduced cost when you purchase from the main website. The main website also sells antimicrobial bath towels and comforters. Avoid purchasing counterfeits from online and retail stores because you will not get the same benefits. You can check the customer reviews from the official website to ascertain their benefits.

Final Verdict- Miracle Sheets Review

For many years, bed sheets have been breeding grounds for harmful bacteria and microbes. When miracle sheets were introduced, life changed and sleep became more enjoyable. Their luxurious material offers comfort and protection against bacteria as well as prevents the accumulation of odor. As demonstrated in this review, there is no more significant way of protecting your loved ones and yourself while sleeping than getting miracle brand sheets. If you doubt the service delivery of these sheets, check the official website for other miracle sheets review. There are hundreds of customer reviews on both the extra luxe and signature sheet sets as well as bath towels and other products. Hopefully, this miracle sheets review will help you see why you need to purchase the sheets.
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