Delta 8 Carts Near Me: Best Delta 8 THC Vape Brands Reviews

Pre-filled delta-8 THC cartridges are one of the most sought after forms of this cannabinoid. These are easy to use, even if you’ve never smoked before. They can be incorporated into any existing device and the best part is that they’re legal in the USA.

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Today we will be looking at delta 8 THC cartridges from top to bottom. We’ll also discuss the top 3 brands to look out for high-grade vapes.

Top Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridges for 2021 Reviewed

  • Area 52 (Best Overall)
  • Finest Labs (Most Affordable)
  • Delta Effex (Runner Up)
  • Delta 8 Pro (Honorable Mention)
  • Diamond CBD

1. Area 52 (Strongest Delta 8 Carts)

Area 52 recently entered the delta-8 THC market. This is due to the high quality of their ingredients as well as the purity of their vape cartridges. Area 52 offers a premium range of hemp products that have been tested in an independent lab for potency and safety.

Although Area 52 acknowledges that their products are more expensive than others, the integrity and transparency of their testing makes it worthwhile to spend a little more for a high-quality product. The certificates of analysis cover everything, from the delta 8 THC level to the entire profile of cannabinoid to terpenes or potential contaminants.


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There are currently several vape products on the brand’s line. There are cartridges, disposable vape pen and cartridge batteries. Vape pens and cartridges contain a Delta 8 THC distillate that is infused with cannabis-derived Terpenes.

You can choose from a variety of cartridges such as Pineapple Express – Sativa or Berry Gelato – Hybrid. Grand Daddy Purple – Indica is also available. This cart can carry 900mg of delta 8 THC per mL. It is an ideal option for vapers who use D8 all day.

Area 52’s disposable vape pen, on the other hand, contains 500mg of delta 8 distillate. They currently only offer one flavor of vape pen infused with delta 8 distillate. It is the Blue Dream-infused Terpenes.

This vape is very enjoyable and gives off positive vibes. This vape is also one of the most popular delta 8 products.

2. Finest Labs

This is a top-rated vendor for vape carts with delta 8 THC — especially if this is your first time trying the cannabinoid. Finest Labs has a lower potency than Area 52 but the same high standards for quality ingredients.

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Blueberry, which has 500mg of delta 8 THC and strain-specific Terpenes, is the only strain available. This vape uses the opposite spectrum of delta 8, causing a calmer mind, visible relaxation, and an increase in creativity.

This cartridge is compatible with the standard 510 threading used in the vaping industry.

3. Delta Effex

Delta Effex, a brand that is based in California and owned by Savage Enterprises, is a California-based brand. Their high standards and clever marketing have helped them quickly rise to prominence in the industry since their launch in 2013.

Three interesting flavors of fruit are available from the brand, which is influenced by some popular strains of cannabis, including Strawberry Cough, Grand Daddy Purp and Cali Orange Kush.

Grand Daddy Purp, a grape-flavored liquid, Cali Orange has a refreshing citrus orange taste (our favourite one), and Strawberry Cough, a Sativa dominant liquid, tastes exactly like it sounds but without the cough.


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The company doesn’t provide any information on where hemp was grown. They also don’t carry vegan or cruelty-free products in their collection. Their return policy is extremely strict. The product can’t be returned once it has been opened.

4. Delta 8 Pro

Delta 8 Pro offers a wide range of delta 8 THC products including vape cartridges, tinctures, and gummies. They are often in high demand so they may sometimes be out of stock.

The vape cartridges made by Delta 8 Pro are an excellent example of how to create high-quality D8 liquids. These vape cartridges combine a Delta 8 THC distillate with strain-specific Terpenes to resemble cannabis strains like Banana Candy Kush and Cali Orange Kush.

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Delta 8 Pro is a vape brand that offers the best flavor and knows how to market its products. Some users may be concerned about the brand’s honesty and trustworthiness regarding its products due to its strict return policy and lack of information on the hemp source.

5. Diamond CBD

Diamond CBD is an American manufacturer that specializes in CBD and delta-8 THC. There are many product options available, including tinctures, gummies, capsules, creams, and vape cartridges.

We have tried many vapes from this company and they are some of our favorite. There are many flavors to choose from and it adds fun to the shopping experience. There are four flavors available: Blue Dream, Strawberry Lemonade and Grape Ape. These names are derived from different strains of cannabis, either sativas or indica. This allows you to tailor your experience to suit your needs and preferences.

Diamond CBD Delta 8 vapes do not contain synthetic additives. They have been lab-tested for their potency. We would like to see reports on contaminants to verify that the hemp used by the company is pesticide-free.

6. Everest

Everest is one the most transparent brands available on the market. Its products are in line with our quality standards. Every product comes with a Certificate of Analysis, which gives you a complete phytochemical analysis.

There are four options for the Everest vape carts: Pink, Green, Red and Pink. Each vape is made with natural terpenes derived from cannabis strains, just like the other brands.

All versions offer 800mg of total delta 8 THC. They are compatible with any 510 vape pen. Everest has a limited product range. You can only purchase delta 8 THC gummies from Everest in one flavor and potency.

7. Moonwlkr

Moonwlkr has the largest selection of THC vapes with delta 8 in it, out of all of the companies we have ranked. This product packs 800mg of delta 8 THC per cartridge. It’s a great choice if you have never tried it.

The vapes come in four flavors.

These are the strains that contain the terpenes in Moonwlkr’s vapes

  • Sour Lemon Haze
  • Orange Chemdawg
  • Strawberry Gelato

Moonwlkr recently launched a new line disposable vape pen with delta 8 THC, which comes in Strawnana or Watermelon Iced OOG flavors. They last 300 draws and deliver the same amount of delta 8 THC that the vape carts. The current range leaves us wanting more flavor options.

8. Binoid

Binoid is a pioneer in the delta 8 THC market. You can find a wide range of delta 8 products from tinctures to concentrates and capsules to bundles.

Binoid offers a wide range of vape pens and vape carts that are delta 8 THC.

  • Blue Zkittlez
  • Do Si Dos
  • Maui Wowie

They can be purchased with either delta 8 or delta 10 THC. The company offers complete lab analysis of all of its products to ensure potency and purity.

The company does not offer discounts, reward programs or gift cards. This makes it more expensive than other brands.

9. Skyhio

They are a pioneer brand in the delta 8 THC market. There are many flavors and varieties of vapes available from the company, including Blue Dream and Razz Berry Kush as well as Strawberry Cough, Banana Candy Kush and Cali Orange Kush. There are two indica strains and one sativa strain.

The brand uses very few extra ingredients which allows them to stay on top of the market. These are pure terpenes. These ingredients are added to delta 8 THC distillate in order to produce a more targeted profile of effects rather than focusing on cerebral buzz.

We are concerned about one thing about the brand: it doesn’t test for pesticides and microbial impurities.

10. Exhale Wellness

Exhale Wellness, a well-respected brand, has been featured in prestigious industry magazines like LA Weekly, Ministry of Hemp, and Observer. In Los Angeles, the company was founded with the goal of creating innovative hemp products. Exhale wellness currently offers vape carts, gummies and delta 8 THC oils.

Exhale Wellness vapes come in mouthwatering flavors and produce high quality, smooth vapor. The hemp used to make delta 8 distillate is organic. The vape carts do not contain any trace of PG,VG, PEG or MCT oil.

Although there are 10 varieties of vape oil, the potency is only one (900 mg). The same applies to the size (2 oz). Natural terpenes are used to create the flavors, which is the best quality standard available in this space.

It would be great to have a wider range of strengths from this manufacturer. These vapes are of high quality and deserve it.

What Are Delta 8 Cartridges, You Ask?

A cart stands for cartridge, which is a prefilled vape container with liquid. The delta 8 THC cartridge is a prefilled container with vape liquid. It contains active delta 8THC. These cartridges can be attached to a vape pen’s battery tank. Because they can be reused, they are also more economical than disposable vape pen batteries.

Although there are many companies that offer delta 8 THC cartridges, most of them use the standard 510 threading which works with 90% of all electronic vape devices. You might not find the standard 510 threading on some units. Double-check your pen before you make a purchase.

You can dispose of cartridges after they are empty. You don’t have to waste time refilling your e-juices and sticky distillate. Simply grab one cartridge and throw it away. Take another one and attach it to the battery.

Simple simplicity at its best

How does Delta 8 THC feel?

Delta 8 THC produces similar effects to its delta9 THC counterpart, but it’s only half as potent.

These products can be mildly intoxicating so you may get slightly high as if you were smoking marijuana. To get the exact same effects, however, you will need to use twice the delta 8 THC than you would with delta 9.

There are side effects that make delta 8 and 9 THC different.

Delta 9 THC can be overwhelming when taken in high doses, especially if your CB1 receptors are sensitive. People often avoid traditional marijuana products due to side effects like anxiety and paranoia.

Delta 8 THC has been shown to have fewer side effects than the other THCs, which can help the user avoid some of the problems mentioned above.

Why Are Delta 8 Vapes So Popular?

There are many forms of Delta 8 THC, such as Delta 8 TC gummies and tinctures, concentrates, caps, and even D8 rich cannabis flowers (buds that have been coated in a delta 8 THC solution).

Why is it that people choose delta 8 vapes to get D8? There are so many options.

Vape cartridges with delta 8 THC are a great option.

  • High cost efficiency
  • Reusability
  • Use it quickly
  • Consistent intakes of delta 8 THC
  • Many years shelf life

How to store Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridges

Delta 8 THC is a more durable component than standard delta 9 THC products. Your vape cartridges should be kept out of direct sunlight and high temperatures for many years.

D8 carts are best stored in dark containers, cabinets, or drawers that are away from heat sources.

Delta 8 THC dosage: How many hits do I need to feel the effects?

It is difficult to use cannabinoids, as is delta 8 THC. You can inhale a different amount depending on how strong you use, what temperature you draw, and what you are using.

Start with a few deep inhales, then wait for 30 minutes for the effects of the dose to kick in. Repeat this process for 30 minutes until you experience the desired effects.

To avoid overdosing, it is better to start with a smaller dose and gradually increase the dosage. It’s possible to take another dose, but if you take too many, the effects may not last as long.

The optimal dose seems to be between 5-6 puffs for most people. These have a strong effect, but they are not anxious or prone to mental distress.

Is it possible to tolerate Delta 8 THC?

Tolerance is a decrease in the effects of a substance after regular use. To achieve the same effect, you will need to use more of the substance.

Every compound can be tolerant by the body. Delta 8 THC has a high tolerance rate. You may need to increase your dose if you are taking it for more than 4 weeks.

Your delta 8 THC dose should be kept in check to avoid tolerance. If you feel less responsive, you can take it every other day.

The good news is that tolerance to delta-8 THC can be reversed almost as fast as it forms. To decrease your tolerance, you only need to rest for one week.

Is Delta 8 THC Legal?

2018 Farm Bill clearly distinguished high-THC cannabis plants from hemp. Hemp plants can now be grown as an agricultural commodity. They can also be used for health supplements or recreational products such as delta 8 THC.

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Why is delta-8 THC legal, despite the Federal Government’s strict stance on delta-9 THC?

The reason is that the regulations do not mention the delta-8 THC form. However, they do mention that all hemp-derived products can be legalized federally provided they contain less than 0.3% THC.

Delta 8 THC is sold by companies that use a process to convert CBD, the non-intoxicating cannabis cannabinoid, into delta 8 THC. Federal law also allows for this method.

You can also extract the cannabinoid from marijuana plants, but this is only legal in states where it has been legalized.

However, some states have passed laws banning the sale of delta-8 THC. This includes Alaska, Arizona and Arkansas as well as Colorado, Delaware Idaho, Iowa, Montana, Montana, and Utah.

Is Delta 8 THC Safe?

The majority of evidence about the effects of THC comes mainly from anecdotal accounts. There isn’t much research on the specific characteristics of delta 8 THC. The studies that we have done have not shown any correlation between THC and life-threatening or severe side effects.

Many delta 8 THC users claim that the cannabinoid has a lower chance of anxiety than its delta 9 counterpart. Delta 8 THC is more popular than its delta 9 counterpart because people report less anxiety and paranoia.

There are some side effects to delta 8 THC that you need to be aware of.

  • Dry mouth
  • Dry eyes
  • Concentration is difficult
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety (extremely rare)

The Potential Dangers of Using Delta-8 THC Carts

While Delta 8 THC is considered safe, some chemicals used by companies in their carts could pose a danger to your health.

Delta 8 THC can only be extracted from hemp. The government considers “any Cannabis Sativaplant that has less than 0.3% THC” legal.

Hemp has negligible levels of delta 8 THC, so it must be made from CBD. Despite being possible with modern technological advances, this requires the use toxic chemicals that can be dangerous to our health.

These high-quality Delta 8 THC cartridges can be purified from these compounds and can be supported with certificates of analysis from a third party laboratory.

If a company does not provide lab reports on potency and purity, it’s the product that can make delta8 THC dangerous. Not the cannabinoid.

What to look for when searching for Delta 8 THC Cartridges

Before you spend your hard-earned cash on delta 8 THC brands or their carts, it is important to do some research. This market is constantly changing, with many great companies creating amazing products. However, there are also many low-quality producers who make contaminated extracts or mislabeled delta-8 carts.

These are the things you need to know when you shop for delta 8 THC cartridges online or locally in your area.

1. Be sure the product is third-party tested

A company may send a small amount of its products to an independent laboratory to be tested by third-party testing.

This is a crucial step that contributes to transparency and the company’s golden standard. Because of the market’s unregulated nature, it is crucial that delta 8 THC products are tested. Third-party testing is essential when you consider how delta 8 THC products are made.

It is difficult to purge the harsh chemicals used in the conversion process. This requires expensive equipment and highly skilled lab workers. Only third-party testing can verify that the purification process was performed correctly.

Certificates from third-party laboratories should contain:

  • Delta 8 concentration
  • Profile of cannabinoid
  • Terpene profile
  • Bleaches
  • Heavy metal testing
  • Pesticide testing
  • Tests for residual solvents

Third-party testing of their products is not an option if the company being looked at does not offer it. Companies should not publish their lab reports for three reasons:

  • The product failed to pass the This could be due to the product not delivering the promised potency, or the presence of dangerous contaminants.
  • The company did not send any samples for testing – why would they?
  • The company does not want to send samples for testing. There are many brands in this space that don’t really know what they do and the standards that they should follow. These brands are not to be trusted.

2. The Ingredients List is available.

In the past, many companies added harsh chemicals to vape pens. This included vitamin E acetate which can cause lung damage. Companies that don’t have the skills to make vape products or don’t care about quality will continue to use suspicious ingredients in their vape pen. You can find vape cart vendors who still sell these ingredients.

Other cannabinoids and terpenes are not required. Propylene glycol is the only ingredient you need to see.

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3. Find out how the product is made

Delta 8 THC can be used in the same way regardless of its source. However, the legal status of Delta 8 THC can be affected by its source.

Hemp is the only product federally approved, except in states where it’s legal. It is possible that delta-8 THC carts derived from marijuana may be illegal in your area.

You should always confirm that the delta 8 THC product you purchase comes from hemp plants.

You don’t need to worry about this if you live in a state where marijuana is legal for recreational use. It is actually more beneficial to purchase a marijuana-derived product on a legal market than to buy it from a state that has legalized it. This is because it takes less chemicals to make the distillate from cannabis than it does to make it from hemp.

Companies to Avoid When Shopping for Delta 8 THC Cartridges

The delta 8 THC market is a growing one. However, it’s also home to many top-quality suppliers. Unfortunately, there are also many low-quality and unethical vendors trying to make quick money. Most brands that offer delta 8 products don’t use ethical extraction methods, and they don’t even test for safety.

How the delta 8 is extracted determines how pure it is.

Delta 8 THC is not synthesized naturally by cannabis plants, unlike delta 9 THC. It is instead the result of the degrading delta 9 THC.

CBG (cannabigerol) is the first to produce THC. The plant’s enzymes convert CBG either into CBD, CBC or Delta 9 THC.

D9 THC is degraded when exposed to heat, oxygen and UV light.

The delta 8 THC level in cannabis is extremely low. It contributes less than 1% to marijuana’s cannabinoid profile, and it is almost nonexistent in hemp plants.

Traditional methods of producing cannabinoid products are to extract active compounds from plants using CO2 or alcohol. Because the delta 8 content in plants is low, it’s difficult for manufacturers to extract it in sufficient quantities to make these products economically viable.

Instead, delta8 THC is created by a naturally occurring process which transforms CBD into delta 8.

This multifaceted process requires sophisticated equipment and highly-trained personnel.

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Reputable brands will invest time in extraction techniques to avoid the use of chemicals or solvents during production. While this can increase the price of the final product, it will also ensure a higher quality product than lower-priced products.

Companies in the delta 8 THC market are failing to meet these standards. To convert CBD to delta 8 THC, they use dangerous chemicals (various metals and acids). They often add bleaches to remove the chemical’s reddish or blue color. As a result, the final product can be toxic.

Third-party testing is the only way to verify that these products are free from bleaches and acids. This is what most delta 8 companies avoid.

Third-party testing involves investing in lab assistants, intelligent chemists, and those who can conduct regular in-house as well as third-party testing.

CannaAid and Cake are to be avoided.

How Else Can You Use Delta 8 THC?

Although vape cartridges are the most common form of delta-8 THC, they are not the only one. There are also other ways to get delta 8 THC, such as tinctures and capsules. You can also find it in edibles, concentrates or cannabis flowers with delta-8 THC.

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Summary Of The Best Delta 8 THC Carts

People who feel the THC in delta 9 is too strong for them, may prefer delta 8 THC. Delta 8 THC may be the solution to your anxiety and paranoia if you are concerned about THC. Delta 8 is half the potent than delta 9. There is no risk of anxiety, and it is not psychoactive. People use d8 products for their sleep, appetite, stress response and to manage chronic pain.

Vape cartridges are the most popular way to use delta 8. They can be used with standard 510 battery. These are the best option due to their low cost, high bioavailability and ease of use.

There are many different types of delta 8 carts. Vapes can contain high levels (illegal or illegal) of delta 9 THC or other contaminants, such as pesticides or residual solvents. Many brands also sell vapes that contain much less delta 8 than what is advertised.


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