Prociva Reviews: It’s Defend You From Heart Attack?


The review here is done for you if you are the one suffering from cardiac issues. If your heart is alarming with pain then, you might not take it for granted. It is necessary to take immediate action and prevent the risk of heart attack and blocks to save your life. Hence, I have been a product reviewer working for the past few years in reporting the best solution to the problem and helping readers to support their health. The review is about one such product called Prociva supplement, made by the SIMPLE PROMISE manufacturer, a global health company. It is known to be the key to reducing blood pressure and preventing clogging of arteries. I have worked further to format this review after doing researches, gathering information from the official website and real users. You can read the review till the end and know what Prociva is, how it works and whether the product is legit.

Product Name



Heart Support

Main ingredient

Arjuna tree bark, motherwort and more.

Consumption route

Oral capsules


2 capsules per day


$33 per bottle


Simple Promise


1-year money-back guarantee

Side effects

No adverse effects reported

Purchase access

Official Website only.

What is Prociva?

Prociva is an ancient ayurvedic secret designed to clear clogged arteries. After research, the Prociva is known to be the breakthrough discovery to support healthy heart functions using natural ingredients. The Prociva formula is made as to the proven blend of natural, power-packed ingredients that instantly disarm the oxidized molecules in the arteries and eliminate the plaque that causes heart failure. The supplement is made as simple Prociva capsules, which have six natural ayurvedic remedies packed in precise ration to enhance blood circulation and provide cellular support for the heart muscle. The Prociva pills cut the underlying issue to protect your heart and combat the painful symptoms.

Prociva capsules are 100% vegan and made as a convenient dosage to support people of any age or gender to live with healthy heart function. The manufacturer reveals that the Prociva capsules are made under the strict standards of FDA-approved and GMP-certified facilities to make the safe dosage. As per the user reviews, there weren’t any Prociva side effects reported which might make you confident about Prociva’s successful results.

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Prociva Usage route as directed:

To get the best results, the users have taken the precise amount of Prociva dosage as directed by the manufacturer. It is advised to take two Prociva capsules per day for at least 90 days before breakfast with a glass of water. The effective ayurvedic nutrients help to provide artery-purifying effects and make you feel stress-free.

Actual Prociva benefits and drawbacks:

The creator of Prociva has listed a wide range of benefits on the official website:

  • The supplement helps in supporting healthy heart function and prevents the issues.
  • It improves blood pressure and provides cellular support to the heart muscles.
  • It shields the heart from free radical damage and other toxic plaques.
  • It helps in maintaining a healthy heart rhythm and supports pumping blood flow.
  • The Prociva formula controls blood cholesterol and sugar levels to improve circulation.
  • It can help in combating heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and more problems.
  • Prociva capsules are made 100% safe, natural, and simple to produce effective results.
  • There are no side effects reported so far from several user reviews.
  • The Prociva solution helps any adult to lead a healthy, active, and happier life naturally.
  • There is also a 100% money-back guarantee offered to make you feel protected.

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Unfortunately, you may find some Prociva drawbacks:

I have listed the drawbacks here according to the knowledge gained through my research for supporting your health.

  • You can buy Prociva only on its official website and not in any stores.
  • Do not exceed recommended dosage and is not preferred for children, pregnant and breastfeeding women.
  • If you are already under medication, then you must use the supplement after medical consultation.

Who can use Simple Promise Prociva?

The manufacturer in the official website exposes that, Prociva is for anyone who wants to improve their lifestyle with a healthy heart, blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol. Also, I found the creator stating that Prociva helps people decrease stress, inflammation, and plaque build-up. It can also be used to improve energy levels, alertness, and healthy life.

The cause behind the Heart issues and how the Prociva formula works to support you?

The heart pumps the blood to all parts of the body through the arteries. But aging creates a plaque in the walls of arteries and gets narrowed. It makes your heart weak unable to pump blood and maintain healthy blood flow, which results in high blood pressure leading to heart failure, stroke, and even fatal heart attack. It is due to the LDL cholesterol that gets oxidized when it reacts with the free radicals and not because of HDL, which is vital for the body. This oxidized cholesterol is the main cause of heart disease, and the immune cells can’t detect and digest the oxidized cholesterol. They cause inflammation and attracts more cell, which makes the cells toxic and creates plaque. It hardens the arteries and causes a blood clot to cut off blood flow. Hence, it is necessary to disarm the oxidized molecules to shield your heart from deadly issues.

Thus, the Prociva supplement is formulated using the proven method to unclog the arteries and restore youthful vigor. It disarms molecules with the technique used by ancient Indian ayurvedic doctors to heal the body from stress-related toxins. The disarming can be done by rewiring your cells to prevent your arteries from getting clogged. Prociva thus helps in lowering the blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels and helps to lead healthy and supple blood vessels that help your heart pump as it was in your younger age.

What are the proven Prociva ingredients included in the formula?

The ingredients of the Prociva supplement are sourced from natural resources based on the ancient ayurvedic remedies used by Indian doctors. They are powerful remedies that can help protect heart health without including any harmful chemicals.

Arjuna tree bark[i] relieves stress with the potent adaptogen and improves heart health by significantly reducing blood pressure. It lowers inflammation, clears artery plaque, and combats free radical damage and blood clots.

Motherwort[ii]: This herb helps to lower pain, improve heart function and prevent anxiety. It also controls heart functions, protects the heart from mitochondria damage, and supports more energy for healthy pumping levels.

Hibiscus[iii] supports a healthy range of blood sugar and blood pressure levels and reduces the free radical effects by increasing the antioxidant enzymes.

Folic acid[iv]: It is the B vitamin that helps to prevent heart issues and protect heart health. It decreases the homocysteine levels in the blood and prevents the risk of contracting heart disease.

Vitamin D[v]: It helps in combating heart failure, high blood pressure, and cardiac death. It also prevents osteoporosis and bone fractures with vital vitamin support and controls blood pressure and blood glucose levels.

Magnesium[vi]: It is the essential mineral that can prevent heart problems, high blood pressure, deadly arrhythmias, and plaque build-up caused due to high cholesterol levels.

The Prociva formula works in combining these excellent ingredients in exact ratio to improve blood flow and lower blood cholesterol and sugar to protect your heart function.

The potential purchase of Prociva legit bottles:

The supplement is made available only in the Prociva OFFICIAL WEBSITE and not through other sites to ensure Prociva’s legit purchase. You can buy Prociva by clicking the button and confirming your order. The direct purchase from the Prociva manufacturer will help you prevent any scam purchase and includes several deals and discounts as below.

  • Buy 1 Prociva bottle for $49 with free shipping.
  • Buy 3 Prociva bottles for $39 per bottle with free shipping.

It involves a one-time cost and no additional charges consumed.

Simple Promise Prociva risk-free guarantee:

The Prociva capsules are made 100% safe and effective to produce the desired results. It is made free from risks and hassles. Still, Simple Promise has covered the Prociva purchase with the 100% 365-days money-back guarantee to help you get your refund when you aren’t satisfied with your results after trying the product.

What do Prociva customers say? Is Prociva worth trying?

Prociva is made as to the 6-second ritual that might support you live a long, happy, and energetic life with the natural capsules. It works to defend the plaque and heals the heart to experience the rejuvenating effects and feel active and alert with youthful vigor, as thousands of folks are doing it now. The Prociva users reveal the happy, positive impacts of the supplement without reporting any negative complaints. The natural and positive Prociva results ensure the product’s legitimacy, and the 365-days 100% money-back guarantee makes you TRY the product without any risks.

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