How to Apply for a Singapore Passport Online?

A Singapore passport is one of the most sought for ID documents in the world. Its holders can travel to over 150 countries visa free or with one upon arrival. It’s only issued for 10 years for citizens aged 16 and above since October 2021 and must be renewed to be valid.

Luckily, the process of applying for a passport is available online. It’s good news for those who like to skip queues and get a faster service. Follow the post for important information and useful tips.

When Is It Time to Apply for a New Passport?

You should renew your passport if there are only 6 months left until the expiration date. Another reason to apply for a new ID is the lack of space for more visas. Whatever the case, such applications are processed only by the border control agency ICA (the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority).

Only Singapore citizens can submit the application. To become one, you need to live at least 2 years in the country with a permanent resident status.

The Online Application Procedure

First of all, confirm your digital identity by verifying your Singpass Two-Factor Authentication online. But it will take time for the service to check your documents. If you’re in a hurry, visit one of the Singpass offices in person to activate it right away.

Your Singpass gives you access to the application form on the MyICA portal. It allows citizens to get a variety of electronic services online. Head to the “Passport” category and fill in the necessary data. It’s possible to apply both for yourself and on behalf of your family members.

Documents You Will Need

  • The identity card. Copy your full name exactly the way it’s written. You’ll also need to know the issue date
  • The current passport. There is a field where you enter its expiry date
  • The fee confirmation. The service costs $70 SGD. You can pay via Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, or direct debit systems
  • A recent digital photo. It must be taken within the last 3 months and comply with the Singapore specifications

100% Compliant Singapore Passport Photo

The MyICA portal will not accept photos that don’t meet the standard requirements. Don’t send an image without prior adjusting. You can study the specifications and crop the picture yourself if you know how to use a photoshop program. Otherwise you can use an online SG passport photo editor. The service will change the image to the right pixel sizes (400×514), as well as fix the background color if necessary.

Take a selfie and make sure the lighting is even with no dark spots or over exposure. Keep the camera at least 1,5 away from your face, and make sure it’s on the same level with your eyes. Take several shots to later choose the perfect option. Once you upload the image, the system will take seconds to process it. Download the file with a photo that is 100% compatible with the specifications.

The service costs $7 SGD, which is less than at most offline photo centres. If the photo is not accepted, you can get a refund. The rejection rate is low, with 99.8% of the photos meeting the standard requirements.

When Will the Passport Be Ready?

The processing time for the application is approximately one week. A notification will be sent out when everything is ready. There are several ways you can collect your passport:

  • At the post-office
  • Self-service machines in the ICA office
  • Counters in the ICA office

Choose the most convenient option for you and make an online appointment to have your passport delivered to one of these locations.

The process of getting a Singapore passport online is faster and safer than applying in person. It lets you save time standing in queues and minimizes the risk of exposing yourself to COVID-19, which is vital considering the pandemic situation.

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