AirPhysio Inhaler Reviews – OPEP Device

What is AirPhysio?

The AirPhysio is offered as a respiratory therapy device. The supplier of this product claims to be able to train the lungs and thus improve breathing with the use of the device based on OPEP technology. According to the manufacturer, the target group of this product includes:

  1. people with respiratory diseases
  2. athletes and
  3. musicians

The term therapy device refers to the stand-alone application. The AirPhysio does not require a prescription and is not intended for sale in a pharmacy. However, if you suffer from chronic asthma or COPD, the use of the device should be discussed with your doctor. This is to avoid that the effects cannot be clearly attributed to a medication or the AirPhysio.

The already mentioned OPEP technology loosens the mucus in the airways without medication. According to the manufacturer, the gentle vibrations caused by the resulting exhalation pressure should cause neither pain nor other discomfort. According to the manufacturer, the therapy should be carried out several times a day to prevent mucus from settling in the lungs again and making breathing difficult. The device only needs the user’s own breath and does not rely on batteries or rechargeable batteries as a source of energy. The respiratory therapy device is therefore ready for use at any time. (The following links in this article are affiliate links. This allows the author to get a small commission when the product is bought. However, the price does not change).


Air Physio Seal of Approval and Quality

The AirPhysio is shipped from the USA. Manufacturing within Germany or the European Union is therefore rather unlikely. However, the exact manufacturing location for the respiratory therapy device remains open. One detail that speaks for the quality of the product can be found on the website. There it is stated that it is a patented product. This means that other manufacturers are not allowed to copy the design or other patented details. The AirPhysio has also been reviewed by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Their tests are more about safe use and less about the effectiveness of a product. However, the manufacturer does provide a link to studies via the product’s website that provide more detail about the AirPhysio and the OPEP technology used.

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General AirPhysio customer opinions

The name respiratory therapy device for the AirPhysio is sometimes somewhat misleading. The therapy essentially consists of breathing exercises that serve to strengthen the lungs. However, the AirPhysio cannot prevent the cause that has led to a narrowing of the airways. It is therefore still possible to contract respiratory infections such as colds or the flu. If the mucus has dried and is very difficult to cough up, the respiratory therapy device can be a way to get relief without taking medication.

The manufacturer recommends using the device several times a day. You have to reckon with periods of between five and ten minutes. It can be used for acute complaints as well as preventively. Compared to medication, this product requires more time. On the other hand, the well-known side effects of medication do not occur. If you use AirPhysio as described, there should be no risk of negative consequences.

Previous buyers often praise the handy shape of the AirPhysio. If breathing becomes more difficult, there is no need for a long set-up, but the respiratory therapy device is ready to use immediately. Numerous reports come from people with asthma or COPD who report feeling more resilient again after using the device. However, negative comments are also mixed in with these opinions. If the performance of the lungs is already severely limited, building up the required exhalation pressure can sometimes prove to be problematic. If the device is used by older people, some reviews advise explaining its use several times and creating a plan for its use. This makes it easier not to forget the breathing therapy.

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General information about the respiratory therapy device

Diseases of the respiratory tract such as asthma or COPD are now among the so-called widespread diseases. The demand for products that facilitate coughing up and breathing is therefore very high. In the past, devices were offered that loosened mucus with steam or sucked it out with pressure. Both methods were not necessarily very pleasant for the users. In addition, these respiratory therapy devices cannot be used directly, but require filling with water or a constant power supply.

The wishes of the customers, on the other hand, tend to go in the direction of products that involve less restriction of everyday life. Products like the AirPhysio were therefore developed with the ulterior motive of always being ready for use anywhere. This is evident in the handy shape as well as the way it works. Your own breath is sufficient to carry out the therapy. In principle, you can do the breathing exercises at home just as easily as in the office or in a traffic jam. You will notice very quickly whether there is an improvement. If you do not succeed in breathing more freely, this breathing therapy device will not have the desired effect and you should look for alternatives.


General respiratory therapy device usage options

The target group for AirPhysio includes more people than those with acute or chronic respiratory complaints. The breathing exercises can also be helpful for athletes. If it is more difficult to get out of breath quickly in old age, the AirPhysio is a way to train the lung volume. The improvement of performance is a point that is mentioned again and again in connection with the AirPhysio.

One target group that seems rather unusual at first glance is musicians. However, a closer look shows how important it is for musicians who play wind instruments to get through a concert without getting into respiratory distress. If the first physical weaknesses appear in this area, the respiratory therapy device should offer a way to prevent the lack of breath from leading to the loss of the profession.

Smokers should not be forgotten. There is hardly a smoker who reaches for a cigarette every day for years whose lungs have not suffered negative effects in one form or another. The AirPhysio does not separate smokers from their cigarettes, but it can help them to expectorate and provide relief for their lungs.

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Known FAQ about this product

  • Q: How does the AirPhysio work?
  • A: The AirPhysio uses OPEP technology. Here, the breath meets a resistance in the form of a metal ball. This causes the breath to accumulate, so to speak, and triggers a slight vibration in the airways. This vibration loosens the stuck mucus and makes it easier to cough up. The airways in the lungs widen and breathing can feel noticeably easier.
  • Q: Is it possible to share the respiratory therapy device with several people?
  • A: The manufacturer of the AirPhysio advises against sharing the products. Bacteria and germs also get into the devices via the breathing air. Sharing would make it easier for them to spread. Instead, it is advised to purchase a separate respiratory therapy device for each user. However, the cap of the devices can be twisted off so that cleaning is not a problem.
  • Q: Are there any risks or side effects associated with the AirPhysio?
  • A: According to the manufacturer, if the AirPhysio is used properly, there should be no risks or side effects. The device only uses the user’s own breath to perform the exercises. Users do not come into contact with medication.
  • Q: Does the respiratory therapy device need batteries or rechargeable batteries?
  • A: The AirPhysio does not require batteries or any other form of power source. The design of the product is primarily to allow the breath to hit an obstacle. More components than the device, the metal ball and your own breath are therefore not required.
  • Q: From what age is the AirPhysio recommended?
  • A: The manufacturers recommend its use for children as well. According to the information, children from the age of four can already be able to generate the required exhalation pressure. However, it is important to observe whether this is really the case or whether the child has visible difficulties in using the product correctly.

Where can I buy AirPhysio?

The AirPhysio is currently only available for purchase via the product’s sales website. The limited possibilities to purchase the respiratory therapy device are not necessarily to the disadvantage of the buyer. Buying directly from the dealer brings increased security. The risk of ordering a counterfeit product is virtually non-existent. The sale via the website also emphasises once again that neither a prescription from your family doctor nor a visit to a pharmacy is necessary for the purchase.

At the moment, you can choose from three different offers on the website. You have the option of purchasing the AirPhysio either individually or in a set with three or even five of the therapy devices for improved lung capacity. Buying more than one of the products is recommended for families in which several people want to try out the respiratory therapy device at the same time. Due to the possible transmission of germs through the breathing air, the manufacturer recommends never using the product together.

While the full purchase price applies for the purchase of a single AirPhysio, a discount is granted for the other sets. If you decide to buy a set of 3, you only pay for two and get the third product for free. If you buy a set of 5, you pay for three and get two for free. You can place the extra products in your desk drawer in the office or in your car, for example. This way, you have the respiratory therapy device at your fingertips when you need it.

You can pay for your purchase by:

  1. credit card
  2. PayPal

Since shipping is from the USA, payment on account is not offered. Sometimes additional fees may be incurred due to the import to Germany. If you have to pick up the package at customs, you should take the invoice with you to prove the purchase price. The amount of import fees is therefore not based on the customs officials’ research, but on the price paid. The discounts can therefore also reduce the fees.

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AirPhysio technical facts

  • Respiratory therapy device with OPEP technology
  • Use several times a day for up to 10 minutes
  • No batteries or rechargeable batteries required
  • All necessary components are included
  • Sold without prescription


AirPhysio recommendation

The AirPhysio, which is designed to provide easier breathing as well as functional lungs, can be used at any time. It is not necessary to insert batteries or rechargeable batteries. This means that you do not incur any additional costs for the purchase of this product. Only the regular cleaning for hygienic reasons has to be invested as time expenditure in the maintenance and care of the product.

The respiratory therapy device also makes a very simple impression when it comes to use. An accompanying explanation provides tips and instructions for using the device. A specific environment is not required for use. You can use the AirPhysio just before falling asleep as well as in a short breather during your sports training. The product is very small and handy and therefore fits in any jacket or trouser pocket. Due to the fact that it is made of plastic, however, you should try not to put too much pressure on this aid for improved breathing during transport. Unfortunately, the supplier leaves it open which materials and plastics were used for the production. It is therefore difficult to check which particles of these materials might also enter the body through the air you breathe. If you are sensitive to certain plastics, you should contact the manufacturer before buying.

The so-called OPEP technology is at the heart of how the device works. This is the oscillating positive expiratory pressure. The basis for this therapy of the lungs and improvement of breathing is to feel a pressure when exhaling. In the AirPhysio, the breath meets this pressure by a metal ball blocking the path of the air. The resistance causes slight vibrations in the lungs. These vibrations help loosen the stuck mucus and clear the narrowed airways. How well the respiratory therapy device succeeds in alleviating one’s own complaints can vary from person to person. Athletes who want to improve their lung capacity with the product sometimes experience a positive improvement more quickly than people who suffer from COPD or asthma. Comparable to other therapies, it is helpful to closely monitor the results on your body in both positive and negative ways.

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Info about the product provider

At this point you will find more information about the supplier of the product:

The GiddyUp Group

Address: 20 North Oak Street


California 93001





When researching The GiddyUp Group, it quickly becomes clear that this is a so-called distribution partner. This means that the supplier of the AirPhysio is not involved in the production. These companies choose The GiddyUp Group as their partner for the worldwide shipping of the products. This means that the logistics do not have to be handled in-house, which gives small and medium-sized companies in particular more time and capacity to manufacture the products. If you have a problem with the shipment or want to get your money back, you have to contact the customer service of The GiddyUp Group. Since this is an English-speaking company, it is helpful to write your emails to this provider in English as well.

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