Understanding the Cost of Tree Removal: But it’s sometimes an unavoidable cost

Trees are such majestic creations. They provide much environmental benefit, while also delivering grace and character to our properties. But sometimes, when they must be removed, it’s a tough decision to make – especially when a tree has been part of your life for an extended period. But, before you start asking how much does it cost to cut down a tree, stop a while to understand why you have no other option but to cut it down. That understanding might not ease the pain of losing a long-time tenant on your property. But it will help you make a rational decision to have it removed.


Why Remove Trees?

Everyone knows of the important role that trees play in our environment. From reducing greenhouse gasses (GHGs), to cooling down the earth, and even helping with flood control and soil erosion. However, overgrown, diseased, or rotting trees are a danger, as are trees damaged by lighting or winds, and those with aggressive root systems. When faced with such situations, property owners are justified in thinking “Why not call a cheap tree cutting service near me to deal with the issue”.  Why? Because those trees:

– May damage property and other nearby assets of homes and businesses

– Can fall and cause death or injury to people and pets

– Might transmit disease and pests to nearby trees and landscaping elements

– Typically, drastically reduce property values

It’s a tough decision to make, but home and business owners must look at the greater good. In the long run, removal of such trees is the right call to make.


Cost Factors

So, how much does it cost to cut down a tree? Well, the answer is – it depends!

The above graphic is just a high-level estimate of the cost to cut various types of trees. However, the final cost depends on more than just the type of tree or its height. When you contact a tree specialist, they’ll likely consider several factors, including – but not limited to:

– Location and position of the tree

– Size and shape

– Thickness of trunk

– Whether it has multiple trunks

– Is stump removal required, or do you just wish to chip it

– How stable is the tree?

– How far does the crew have to travel?

– Do you want debris and other materials removed off your property?


So, while you might pay an emotional cost for deciding to remove a tree, before you go online and search for a “cheap tree cutting service near me”, it’s important to also understand the financial costs involved in the removal. Tree removal is a highly skilled and precisely-timed operation. It requires knowledge and experience. It takes specialized equipment and proven techniques to do it right. And more importantly, if something goes wrong, it can have serious impact on the safety of the removal crew. 

Additionally, using a less experienced tree removal crew might also pose serious risk to the property and other structures on it. And those are cost factors that property owners must also include when choosing which tree removal service to use.