Is It Safe To Smoke Weed Every Day?

Marijuana has remained one of the most talked-about plants across the world for obvious reasons. There have been debates about whether to legalize the psychoactive plant for years, and just recently, some states in the US decriminalized its use. Marijuana has both health and recreational benefits to users.

When it comes to marijuana use, an important question to tackle is whether it is advisable to use marijuana daily. In answering this question, one has to consider the pros and cons of daily marijuana use. To find an answer to this question, The Artist Tree Dispensary brings all the information you need to know about the safety of daily marijuana use in this article.

Reasons To Smoke Marijuana Daily

There are many beneficial reasons why you may subscribe to the daily marijuana use school of thought. Some of those reasons include the following.

Energy Boost And Replenishment

Many people believe that marijuana makes consumers lazy and unproductive. They couldn’t be more wrong. This myth has existed for some time, but scientific research has proven that some marijuana strains, especially Sativa strains, are energizing and could help consumers get through boring and monotonous tasks. Consumers who are stuck in a creative rut or those interested in a creative boost to get them through the day can replace a morning cup of coffee with marijuana.

Protects The Brain

The brain is rich in cannabinoid receptors. This means that there are plenty of binding sites for the THC or CBD to attach to in the brain. A German and Israeli study revealed that cannabinoids inspire nerve cell generation, which offers protective benefits to the brain. With cannabis consumption, you stand a better chance of reducing the impact of age on your cognitive abilities.

Daily smoking or daily cannabis consumption can provide your brain with the protection it needs against cognitive decline. Studies have also pointed out the effectiveness of cannabis in managing memory-related health conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

Blood Pressure Reduction

Regular cannabis intake can help users adapt to and prevent blood pressure spikes. Occasional users may experience a spike in blood pressure more; however, regular users will have built an internal adaptive mechanism that can arrest blood pressure spikes, keep their heart-healthy, and improve blood circulation across the body.

Marijuana Can Be Used To Wean Opioids Dependence

Opioids were used as an addiction treatment alternative in the past. However, they have a high dependence rate which means that addiction patients may become hooked on the substance. Marijuana offers similar or higher effects compared to opioids and can be used to wean addiction patients or opioid-dependent patients from the substance. A study revealed that marijuana use offered less damaging effects and consequences compared to opioid use.

Reasons Not To Smoke Marijuana Daily

While marijuana has its benefits and health advantages, smoking it daily may also present some negative effects. Some of these effects include the following.

It Affects Short-Term Memory And Verbal Memory

Some surveys and research on the long-term effects of marijuana consumption indicated that users might suffer from poorer verbal memory when they hit middle age. The study, involving about 3,500 American respondents over 25 years, also revealed the negative impact of the substance on short-term memory. However, there was little impact recorded on long-term memory.


Marijuana addiction is a topic that hasn’t gotten as much attention as it should. Many people believe it may be impossible to get addicted to marijuana use; however, it is. Marijuana addiction has been common among users who actively seek new and highly potent strains to deliver the desired psychoactive benefits. In line with this, dispensary shelves now contain higher concentrated marijuana plants than some years ago.

Possible Effect On IQ

Researchers are interested in the long-term effect of marijuana consumption, and one of the key areas of interest is IQ. A 2012 study showed that heavy cannabis consumers who started in their teens have a high chance of dropping as much as 8 IQ points between 18 and 38.

Risk Of Cardiac Arrest

Although marijuana has been said to help lower blood pressure, a recent study has revealed that it may also increase the risk of cardiac arrest. In addition to this, smokers may also suffer health and reproductive issues due to frequent smoking.

What Happens When You Smoke Marijuana Daily?

People who smoke marijuana daily stand a chance of exhibiting the following symptoms, depending on their age and health:

  • Tolerance and dependence
  • Increased coughing
  • Withdrawal symptoms when not using
  • Decreased overall satisfaction
  • Lung irritation or breathing problems
  • Increased phlegm

While the issues associated with long-term daily use may not be life-threatening, some of them may require you to see a doctor.

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