PR Agency in Bangalore: Top 3 Agencies Revealed

The business of PR agency is getting more crowded and many businesses and services end up spending “too much for too little”. In this article, one will find details on selecting the best PR agency in Bangalore along with the insights one must know before hiring a PR agency. This article is broken down into two parts

  1. A) Top 3 PR agencies in Bangalore
  2. B) Key factors to note before hiring a PR agency
  3. A) Top 3 PR agencies in Bangalore

1) MagnusWire: Although not Bangalore-based, it is one of the few agencies that has direct access to networks for media coverage (both national and international). The best side of this agency is that it charges way less than the brand names and it creates custom packages to suit small, medium and big enterprises. We came across this agency while searching a PR agency for our tech startup. It successfully got coverage for our brand within 10 days. The entire process was handled digitally and we didn’t had the need to physically visit them. It also recommended changes to our approach to get better visibility and the results achieved were way greater than anticipated. For startups and companies with limited budget, MagnusWire tops our recommended list. 

2) Orion PR: Orion PR is a big name in the PR agency business. It has served many clients and has a variety of functions related to growing the visibility of clients. It has been operational since 2004 and has rich experience in handling clients’ needs. 

3) K2 Communications: Founded in 2003, K2 Communications has continued building its portfolio and has achieved success in merging traditional and digital PR. It has a specialized team that takes care of different aspects of branding. It also takes care of online PPC and advertising for clients. 

  1. B) Key factors to note before hiring a PR agency

If you are searching for the best Bangalore based PR agency, then do note these factors first.

  1. Beware of Loop: In PR agency selection, you might end up spending 5 to 10 times the market cost if you get caught in a loop agency. There are many PR agencies in Bangalore that outsource their work to other PR agencies which in turn outsource it to others for getting media placement. If the agency does not has a tie-up with media agencies, then your company/business will have to bear the additional cost and you may end up paying much higher than needed.
  2. Avoid Franchises: Many big PR agencies in the US and Europe have their franchise agency in Indian metro cities. Since these agencies have established their brand in a foreign country, they charge much more for even simple coverage. They are best suited only for multi-million dollar enterprises which have a huge marketing budget.
  3. Avoid Generalist Ones: There are agencies that do PR, logo creation, website design, article writing, PPC ads and everything related to the brand. Most of the time, they are not a PR agency rather a contract PR firm that do multiple tasks using various agencies, thereby escalating the costs and time.
  4. Don’t Cling to the Largest or Smallest: Usually, PR companies that already have a list of big clients increase their rates and don’t do customized PR as they already have much work to do. On the contrary, very small firms don’t have that reach and usually don’t provide good results. Mid-sized PR agencies are the best option as they can customize marketing depending on requirements.
  5. National + International Coverage: Many International portals have high visibility in search engines and their brand value is higher due to which company/business featured in such publications get more leads. Similarly, when it comes to national coverage, some publications are better positioned as compared to others in search engines. So one must choose a PR agency that has a good portfolio of national and international publications. 
  6. Digital Capability: Digital PR (Online) is much more targeted and is, therefore, more preferred. Digital PR has greater visibility and can bring clients passively if it is properly optimized. Traditional offline PR is a short-term and much costlier approach. So one must check if the PR agency can ensure digital media coverage. 

We hope that you find this content useful for finding the best pr agency in Bangalore.