Want To Cure Your Dog’s Anxiety? Holistic Company Hemppy Dog Shares 3 Solution-Based Tips

Dog lovers Gil Epstein and Yarden Roth know the pain of watching their four-legged friends suffer from panic and anxiety attacks. It’s why in 2019, they created Hemppy Dog, a holistic company that makes 100% natural CBD and hemp products to relax dogs during stressful situations.

In creating Hemppy Dog, Epstein and Roth studied dog behavior and anxiety-based triggers. Below, they’ve compiled three tips to help pet owners like you find long-term solutions.

  1. Identify the Cause: Knowing what’s behind your dog’s discontent is the first step toward curing it. Common triggers include separation anxiety, children, fear of new people or experiences, outside noises, removing a belt from your pence belt buckle, men, other dogs, and aging.
  1. Develop a Plan: talking to a veterinarian about your dog’s anxiety will address underlying issues and help you create a comprehensive plan for countering them.
  1. Training and Treatment: while every dog has a unique case, behavior training has been proven to treat anxiety, and dog owners alike have found it beneficial to work directly with a professional. Behavioral training should be introduced through slow and low exposure. For example, if your dog is afraid of objects like belts, try putting the belt in the same room as the dog. Then, introduce the belt from a closer angle. Then, put the belt on yourself. Ultimately, there’s a gradient in exposure which will make the dog more tolerant toward the item that triggers anxiety. There is also a solution in alternative supplements like Hemppy Dog’s 100% Natural Hemp Oil, which treats anxiety while aiding in pain relief, anti-inflammation, and sleep and digestion.

“Hemppy Dog is the culmination of many years researching what can be done to make pets happier and healthier,” Epstein, Hemppy Dog Founder, said. “Together with my co-founder, Yarden Roth, we’ve worked hard to develop products which truly work, alleviating the anxiety, so many dogs feel. In the process, we’ve become a trusted name in the pet industry, and our reputation for excellence looks set to only grow from here.”

On October 1, Hemppy Dog launched the Support A Dog charity campaign to improve the welfare of dogs and other animals in need. With every purchase of the 100% Natural Hemp Oil, $1 spent goes directly to organizations like Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary (Tennessee), Best Friends Animal Society (Utah), and Michigan Humane (Michigan) that rescue and care for animals. The campaign ends on December 31.

All Hemppy Dog products are grown and bottled in the United States and can be purchased online via Amazon or the official website.


About Hemppy Dog

Hemppy Dog is committed to the health and wellbeing of dogs through its line of natural CBD oil. Dedicated dog owners throughout the United States rely on Hemppy Dog’s CBD oil to help relieve the pain, anxiety, and other chronic issues their furry friends may be facing. Everything Hemppy Dog produces is 100% organic, American-made, and non-GMO grown or harvested. Hemppy Dog has set new standards of excellence in the pet care industry and is a trusted source of happiness for pets and their owners everywhere.