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Best phone trackers?

Tracking a phone cab be difficult or easy depending on your approach. For an easy way to spy on a phone without detection, click here phone trackers are powerful spying tools with which you can easily track a cell phone remotely that is, it does not require physical access after installation. There are a lot of cell


How to track my spouse’s  phone remotely

phone trackers in the market today. Although getting the best cell phone tracker isn’t a very difficult task. However, if one isn’t careful, one may lose his/her money purchasing a fake or sub-standard phone tracker. It is also important to note that in the phone tracking world, free phone trackers are usually not the best.

Finding a tracking app has now been made very easy unlike in the past where there weren’t many phone tracking apps. Nowadays, you can easily find your lost phone, lost sibling, track your child or employee or your spouse’s phone location within a twinkle of an eye.


Why do people track phones?

Employers: It is impossible to ascertain the motive of an employee based on interviews alone, hence there is a need to take active measures to ensure productivity and trust. With the use of tracking apps, employers can track their employees and get foresight as regards their activities. By doing that, they can easily monitor their employee and safeguard the affairs of the company. In a case whereby the employee’s interest may be conflicting with that of the company, a tracking app can be used as a form of check and balance. The importance of tracking an employee can never be overemphasized as often times, some employees seek employment in order to spy on the company or engage in activities detrimental to the health of the company.

Spouse: phone trackers make it easy for partners to monitor their spouse. With the help of a phone tracker, you can easily monitor where your partner goes to, what they are up to, who they see, who they contact, and who they spend time with by installing a phone tracker. Gone are the days when most people depended on friends, relatives or on lookers for information about their partner’s unfaithfulness. Some even go further to employ a private detective or spy to track their spouse. But compared to phone trackers, hiring a private detective or spy is considered more expensive and time consuming. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that information given by friends and relatives about your spouse will be accurate. Based on the research made by our team on the success rate of the aforementioned methods, the result shows that more than 70% of over 2,000 participants claim they were able to ascertain cheating evidence by employing cell phone trackers.

Parents: Parents are one of the largest consumers of cell phone tracking apps. It is now inevitable for parents to keep an eye on their children on the internet. These days, most children have access and make use of the internet, unlike in the past when even adults had limited access to it, and this has not only brought about positivity but also negativities that may be harmful to children. There are far too many vices that if not careful, may negatively expose a child at a tender age which may cause grave harm to their minds and metal health. These days, the same way we need internet for our various needs is similar to the way children do too, whether they want to watch their favorite video on YouTube, stream their favorite song online, download games, and other information for ingestion. Although many platforms have age restriction, it’s not in all cases that these children follow the rules and guidelines as they sometime provide false information in order to access adult content. It is important for parents to monitor their children because there are far too many predators lurking online to find a suitable target.

Tracking a lost or stolen phone: If you lose your phone, the best option for recovering the phone is if you preinstalled a phone tracker on it before you lost it. Apart from paid phone trackers, there are also some free phone trackers that were designed by phone software for phone owners to use in tracking a lost or stolen phone.


How to track a phone location

Are you wondering how you can track a cell phone location without access? The truth is you are not alone. A lot of people have wondered if this was possible and as a matter of fact, at a particular point in time, I had to employ one of these apps to monitor my child since I didn’t know what he was up to and I was scared that he might run into trouble. In order to safeguard my child, I had no other option than to track his activities online. Although some people may see this as an intrusion of privacy, but the world has now gotten to a stage where one needs to be careful of what children are up to especially due to the overdependence of people including children on the internet. After comparing data from different sources, based on the efficiency of phone trackers by purchasing some of these apps for test run and to figure out the best among them, we were able to unveil our list of the best cell phone location tracker in the market.


best cell phone tracker app for android and iPhones

1 Flexispy



Flexispy is the number one on our list of the best cell phone trackers. For those who do not already know, flexispy is the most powerful cell phone tracker. The experience gathered by this phone tracker over the years has made them stand out among other phone trackers in the tracking world.

How does flexispy work? To make flexispy work, there is a need to install flexispy on target’s phone. If you can successfully install flexispy phone on target’s phone then the person’s phone is at your disposal. Flexispy was initially engineered to help parents monitor their children in order to safeguard them from the vices of the mobile world. Not-withstanding, flexispy has given employers, and love birds the opportunity to track their employees or partner’s activities including GPS locations at every point in time.


Features of Flexispy

Access to Facebook, snapchat, Instagram and other social media platforms

Audio recordings

Text message monitoring

Live GPS location

Access to phone calls

Retrieval of deleted messages

Monitor WhatsApp, telegram, line, WeChat and many more

Gallery access

Browsing history

Surrounding recordings

Camera access







Download flexispy now

2 Mspy


Mspy ranks second on our list of best cell phone trackers. Mspy is the second-best mobile phone tracker for parents, employees and spouse to monitor their person of their interest. Mspy was procured for mothers to monitor their child’s phone activity remotely in real time. One thing that makes mspy so attractive is the fact that just like flexispy, this app is undetectable and works at the background of the phone being tracked.


Features of Mspy

Unrestricted access to WhatsApp

24/7 access to all incoming and outgoing text messages

Access to all social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, tinder and etc.

Call recordings

Access to all instant messaging apps including whatsapp, viber, line, telegram and etc.

Call records register

Snooping on calls

GPS location tracking



Android devices

iOS devices


Download mspy now


3 Where’s my droid

 Where’s my droid is a very powerful tool for locating a lost phone. This software can help you find your lost or stollen phone if you happen to have installed it on your phone before it gets lost or stolen.

According to their website, this app has been downloaded over 19million time and has aided in recovering stolen or lost phone.


Some of the features of where’s my droid

Access to passcode


Access to phone lock

Sim card access

Phone wipe


Nearby WIFI

Location history

Phone contacts

Theft detection and etc.


4 Find my device



Find my device is a google created app. This cell phone tracker was designed by google to enable people track their lost or stolen phone. It is important to note that this app is useful only for people who have preinstalled the phone tracker on the stolen android device. Asides from the fact that this phone tracker can be used to locate a lost or stolen phone, it can also be used to wipe the phone in a case where the owner has sensitive information that he or she wouldn’t want to end up in the wrong hands. To make use of this app, go to


Steps for using find my device

-The phone location must be turned on

-Find my device must be enabled

-The phone must be on i.e., you cannot track a dead phone

-The phone has to be signed in to google account

-You should be visible on google play

-The phone needs to be connected to internet


Download where’s my droid now

5 Famisafe



Famisafe is one of the best tracking apps out there. Although Famisafe is not as old as some of the mentioned apps but it has since grown to be one of the best location trackers in the tracking world.

Famisafe, nicknamed the most reliable control app was developed by its parental developers, Wondershare. Famisafe just like its name, was founded to make the parental monitoring world more accessible and enabling. Famisafe is one of the best parental control apps you can find in the market for a little price. For those hoping to find a free cell phone location tracker, you can opt for the free trial. Famisafe is available for all android. Famisafe is a must have for mothers who care about their child’s safety since it is cheap and easy to use. Note, if you are a windows user, your best bet is to use famisafe, as there are not many phone trackers out there, compatible with windows.


Try famisafe


6 Glimpse

Unlike other phone trackers mentioned earlier, Glimpse was created for business, in order to make it easier for businesses to track their customers’ satisfaction. This app is a must have for all business as it can serve as a bench mark for measuring customers delight while in patronage. Glypse stands out among phone trackers due to the nature of its use.

Other cell phone GPS trackers that made it to our top ten list of best phone tracker app without permission include;

7Highster mobile



10 spyzie


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Take it or leave it, the need to track a lost or stolen phone or someone else’s phone often necessary. Although we do not encourage people to track another’s phone, just like the phrase “kill or get killed”. Even if you don’t have the intention of tracking a person’s phone, someone may be out there thinking of how to or currently tracking your phone.


Best phone tracker app without permission

There is no doubt, flexispy is the best phone tracker hands down. The user-friendliness, clarity, responsive customer care, effectiveness and value for money attribute makes it the best among any app you can find out there. The tracking freedom enjoyed by the consumers of flexispy, is second to none. Our team, just like any other consumer, has purchased the app and while exploring the app, realized the phone tracker is close to perfection.


GPS phone tracker

If all you need to do is track a phone’s location, you can install find my device, but if you need further access like other phone activities including gallery, Facebook, WhatsApp and etc. then you need more than just that. Go to the official website of Flexispy and order for your preferred plan base on your preferred access. There are different plans for you to subscribe to. The higher your interest, the higher the price. Flexispy is a very powerful and reliable phone tracker.


Free cell phone tracker online is a very good app to track a cell phone location. This site provides free and extensive cell phone tracking. The website is user friendly and makes tracking an easy task, To track a phone number, you are required to enter target’s phone number and click on the find now option.

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