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Summary:   Medicare Open Enrollment has started.  This is an opportunity to get better Medicare and drug plan coverage for the coming year.  Tips and resources for consumers are shared by the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance.


Only one in four seniors with qualifying Medicare coverage takes the time to compare their 2022 plan coverage during Medicare Open Enrollment.   Failing to compare can be an enormously costly mistake experts warn.

“For millions of Americans, this is your one chance to get better Medicare coverage for 2022,” explains Jesse Slome, director of the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance (AAMSI).  “You may get better benefits; you may save hundreds or even thousands of dollars.  Most important, you avoid being locked into the wrong coverage for another year.”
“Comparing can be easy and starting early is the key,” advises Slome.  “Take advantage of some of the best no-cost resources designed to help seniors get the information needed to make informed decisions.”  Medicare Open Enrollment ends December 7th.

Best Online Directory Lists Local Medicare Insurance Agents

During Medicare Open Enrollment some 24 million individuals with Medicare Advantage (MA) coverage are given the opportunity to change plans.  “MA plan features and medical providers can change from year to year,” Slome warns.  “No one knows your changing health needs better than you.  Failing to make sure you have the best coverage for 2022 can be a huge health mistake.”

A free online directory lists local Medicare insurance agents by Zip Code.  Unlike most websites that seek to gather your data for future solicitations, no personal information is needed to access the directory.  Use the AAMSI-hosted resource to find local Medicare agents listed by Zip Code.

“Medicare is a national program but Medicare Advantage plans tend to be very local in nature,” Slome notes.  “Many consumers prefer working with a local Medicare agent rather than an anonymous person at a call center.  Access the directory at

Compare Medicare Drug Plan Costs And Coverage

Some 48 million Americans are covered by a separate Medicare prescription drug plan typically referred to as a Part D plan.   Once each year during open enrollment, Medicare offers the ability to change plans for the coming year.

A simple-to-use online tool now enables you to compare 2022 Medicare drug plan costs available for your Zip Code.   No personal information is required to access and utilize the comparison tool.  For the best results, the tool allows you to enter your specific prescription medications.

With millions of seniors all having the ability to compare and switch plans, it is important to start early, Slome advises.  Access these free resources and other Medicare insurance data, statistics, and pricing information on the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance website.

About American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance

The American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance is a national organization that advocates for the importance of Medicare planning and supports insurance professionals who market Medicare solutions.  Jesse Slome is director and also serves as head of the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance that connects consumers seeking information and coverage from leading specialists.

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