10 Best Phone Spy Apps for Android and iOS devices

There are many reasons for which one might need to use a spy app. One prominent one is to keep an eye on young children interacting with the outside world through the internet.

An employer might also need to keep their employees in check. Maybe there’s a spouse who is worried about the relationship. The reasons to spy on another’s phone are many, and so are the tools required for the deed.

There are plenty of spying apps on the internet, so one may become overwhelmed in deciding which one would best serve the purpose. Here in this article, the 10 famous spyware apps are discussed along with their features so our readers can make a sound and reasonable decision, according to their requirements.

  • Safespy – A complete parental control service to ensure the child’s safety.
  • Minspy – A fully secure platform that keeps all the spying undetectable.
  • Spyine – Provides real-time location of the target user.
  • Spyier – Track social media messages without root or jailbreak.

Part 1: Safespy – Spy Phone App

Safespy is a well-known app among the spyware community, which has gained a healthy reputation from the likes of 9 To 5 Mac and Forbes. It delivers different types of information from the target phone to the user.

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Essential data such as call logs, location through active tracking, and info on social media apps are visible to the user. The application takes mere seconds to install and is lightweight enough to stay hidden on the target’s phone.

1.1: How Safespy Works to Spy on Android Phone and iOS devices Secretly?

There are apps out there that claim to be stealthy, but these apps drain the phone’s resources in reality. The owner of the phone discovers this and then deletes the said app.

However, Safespy is lightweight spyware designed to operate under stealth mode on the target’s phone and use as minimal resources as possible to reduce the chances of detection. It preserves the identity of the client and displays accurate results on the control panel.

1.2: What you Can Get from Safespy?

There are so many modes of communication available on a smartphone that it becomes challenging for a parent or employer to remain updated. It is where spy apps such as Safespy come in with a wide variety of features. Here, we will share what a user gets when they opt for Safespy.

  • Call Logs and Contact Information – It will show the user the complete contact list available on the target phone. Moreover, it checks who’s calling on the target phone and provides essential details such as time and duration.
  • WhatsApp Tracking – The user can easily see the WhatsApp media files of the target phone along with both individual and group chats.

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  • Geofencing – It allows the user to set up a boundary for the target phone. Once the boundary is breached, Safespy sends an alert to the user.
  • Browser History – The service checks the browsing session from the target phone. It displays stats such as visit frequencies, reviews, and a site description.

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1.3: Safespy – Reliable Spy App for Android and iOS devices Tracking

Users from over 190 countries have actively used Safespy. Moreover, it is endorsed by trusted publications and tech experts such as TechRadar, Forbes, and Huffington Post. Here are the notable factors why Safespy is considered among the best spy apps for iOS devices and Android

  • No Root/Jailbreak Needed – Unlike conventional spy apps, Safespy does not require you to root or jailbreak the target device. All the functions will be available to the user at full capacity without breaching the security protocols. It ensures that spying activity remains anonymous.
  • Privacy Protection – It completely encrypts user data. The information gathered from the targeted iOS device or Android is for the client’s eyes only. The system prevents any third-party from accessing the data.
  • Stealth Mode – Safespy offers stealth mode which keeps the app and all the spying activities hidden. This feature ensures that the user can view or access the files remotely from the dashboard without them knowing.
  • Easy to Install and Use – The entire platform is user-friendly. As discussed in the previous section, there is no need to install any app to monitor iOS devices. Moreover, the Android app is so small that it is practically undetectable. The installation process is simple and requires only a few minutes to end.

1.4: How to Spy on Someone’s Phone Secretly?

Safespy’s installation process is relatively simple. We have presented the guide below in straightforward and easy-to-follow steps:

Step 1: As a free Safespy account is needed to use the spyware app, register the account using an email ID as the username. Choose a subscription plan that suits your needs. Each package has a variable number of devices that can be monitored. Android and iOS plans are slightly different from each other.

After choosing which subscription plan you need, an email will be sent with the relevant instructions. According to the OS of the target device, either choose IOS or Android and follow the instructions.

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Step 2: For iOS, remote installation of Safespy is possible as it works using the iCloud backup of the phone. Simply enter the target’s iCloud details for the app to work.

For Android, a small 2MB application must be installed on the device. It takes about 3 minutes to set up. Once it’s installed, Safespy can be used to track the phone.

Step 3: The setup is complete. Now, the user can monitor the target’s Android or iOS device through the web-based Safespy control panel.

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1.5: The Pros and Cons of Safespy Spy App

Safespy provides the means for the users to monitor the target device. Moreover, it receives all data with the utmost discretion. Here are some pros and cons of the spy phone app:


  • Simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Easily accessible media.
  • Effective Keylogger.


  • Minor problems with downloading videos from the target device.

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Part 2: Minspy

For those who want to keep an eye on their employees or kids, Minspy is an excellent choice to consider. It also requires an app to be downloaded on the target’s device. It remains utterly undetectable on the target Android or iOS device.

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Moreover, it comes with all the basic features such as call logs tracking, location monitoring, and WhatsApp spying. The installation process is simple. Moreover, the web-based interface is a quick study, making it easier for beginners to understand.


  • It comes with a dedicated keylogger.
  • Convenient social media monitoring.
  • Live Demo is available.


  • Snapchat monitoring for iOS devices is not available.

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Part 3: Spyine

Spyine is reviewed by renowned outlets such as Forbes, DigitalTrend, and PCWorld. Moreover, it has a user base that extends over more than 190 countries. It is due to the convenience the app provides when monitoring the target phone. First of all, there is a free demo offered for anyone who wants to know the inner workings of the app.

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The spyware app allows the user to monitor the target device’s Whatsapp and Instagram, displaying all the messages with relevant timestamps. The user can also access the media stored on the target phone. The best part is that even if the media is deleted on the monitored device, it will stay on Spyine’s dashboard for the user to view.


  • Easy access to media.
  • Browser history tracking.
  • User-friendly dashboard.


  • Expensive plans.

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Part 4: Spyier

Spyier is one of those spyware apps that focus on monitoring another device’s messages. These messages are received on the device’s network and can help receive important information. There is also a way to access the social media accounts of the target through Spyier. This method requires OTPs, which the user can quickly obtain through its SMS monitoring service.

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The app is stealthy and completely reliable. Moreover, it preserves user’s information so that not even the developers can access it.


  • Effective monitoring of SMS.
  • Accurate GPS tracking.
  • User-friendly UI.


  • Requires an internet connection to function correctly.

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Part 5: Minspy

Minspy is a primely hidden spy mobile application responsible for tracking a person’s actions through their mobile without alarming them about the intentions.

This application is used and recommended by common people and popular international brands, particularly PCWorld, TechTimes, TechRadar, etc. As per their marketing claim, approximately 1 million people are using Minspy in more than 195 countries around the world.

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Besides, it has a scam-proof protection protocol to secure user data. There is no need to root or jailbreak the phone. Additionally, the user’s phone will display the same text messages shown on the target phone through Minspy’s dashboard. Not only that, but one can also track social media applications from WhatsApp to Snapchat, and Facebook, to Twitter.


  • Enable stealth mode anytime.
  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Can track location in real-time.
  • Provides Efficiency and accuracy.


  • Only suitable for Android version 4.0 and iOS 7 or above.

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Part 6: Cocospy

Cocospy is a wise choice if the user is looking for a simple app with little complexity as possible. The user just needs to install the application on the targeted phone. It can extract the data regarding calls and messages of your target and the target’s contact list.

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It keeps the user updated about GPS, and it can be easier for the parents to keep an eye on their teens. Moreover, social media tracking is efficient, which provides messages, and shared media files.


  • The efficient photo tracking feature.
  • Accurate and quick update from the target phone.
  • SIM card changes can also be updated.


  • Internet connectivity is a must for accurate results.

Part 7: Neatspy

Neatspy has emerged as a reliable and user-friendly application to track phone activities. Neatspy’s features highlight its usability. It is continuously updated and provides high-end utilities. All the user has to do is just install Neatspy on the phone that needs to be spied. This application is very light in memory and doesn’t get much attention due to its small size.

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Moreover, the user will spy through any application, including Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Viber, without letting the target know of its existence.


  • Easy to use, particularly for parents with low tech knowledge.
  • New features with new updates.
  • It is very small in size.


  • App interface needs improvements.

Part 8: Spyzie

Spyzie has an extensive array of features where the users can keep an eye on the text messages and browser history of the person they’re tracking. The Android app is 2MB in size and barely noticeable. For iOS devices, there is no need to add any app as access to the target user’s iCloud account will do the trick.

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Moreover, it will allow the user to be aware of every move of the target on their social media platforms. An interesting feature of this application is it has a stealth mode that can be used to keep it away from the eyes of your target.


  • The location feature is handy.
  • Notification when a problematic word is used.
  • Data sharing accessibility.


  • Slows down the phone.

Part 9: FoneMonitor

One of the applications that are reputable among the parents can undoubtedly be FoneMonitor. It gives the parents dominance over their children’s phones through which they can keep them safe.

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Encrypted files are formed when any input is recorded from the targeted device. The user can easily spy through browsers, history, social media platforms and can even go through the deleted or unsent messages. Moreover, the user will have access to screenshots and other suspicious areas of the target’s phone.


  • Quick installation.


  • The interface is a bit outdated.

Part 10: TeenSafe

If a user is looking for extra reliability, then opting for TeenSafe is a wise choice. It is a free of cost application made specifically for Android users, particularly for parents raising early teens. It is designed to spy on the social media platforms of the target. The user can get the details for every minute, from data sharing to browsing history and from documents to message.

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Moreover, this application has a geofence setup feature that ensures the target person does not visit any particular region. Users can view deleted messages as well because this app saves all the information on the dashboard.


  • Best for children’s safety.
  • Location tracking features make it stand out.
  • No jailbreak is needed.


  • Users come across some difficulty in setting up the application.


The primary attribute of any reliable spy app is that it ensures user safety. Moreover, it prevents the target person from ever detecting that they are being monitored by their parent, employer, or spouse. Here, we have discussed the top 10 best spy apps for iOS devices and Android. It is up to the user to decide which one is better suited to their requirements.