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We’re talking about the ability to dramatically cut the recharge time on all your favorite devices, and to make sure that you never overcharge again – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

There’s a lot of chargers out there promising some pretty big things. But if you’re going to spend your money on just one, make sure it’s the SPEEDPRO Fast Charger.

Here’s why!

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Speedpro by RangeXTD is a double USB port charging unit that uses Adaptive Fast Charging capabilities.

Compatible with pretty much any USB powered device under the sun (including android phone, iPhone and iPad devices, and other rechargeable battery tech), you might never have to buy another charger when you’ve got this one in your back pocket.

Sleek, portable, and easy to set up in about three seconds wherever you have an empty wall socket, we’ll dig a little deeper into everything that makes this must-have accessory so special in the rest of this SpeedPro review.




It sure is!

If there’s one thing you’re going to find in almost every SPEEDPRO review out there it’s going to be people (just like us) that are stunned at how well this fast charger works.

It’s not that we were expecting this very popular unit to be a letdown. That’s not it at all. It’s just that this powerplant promises so much – the kinds of things other aftermarket chargers promise – but this time really delivers the goods.

Does the SpeedPro Fast Charger Actually Work?

You bet it does!

This universal charging unit is a game changer for people sick and tired of their batteries dying and having to wait a lifetime – and then some – to bring their battery back to 100%.

With this little charger you’re going to be able to refill your batteries faster than you thought possible. We’re talking two times as fast as you were able to before (and sometimes even faster than that).

Best of all, you’re going to be able to recharge your devices without doing any damage to them the way other fast chargers will. Instead, with the SpeedPro by RangeXTD, you’ll get steady, even, and consistent power that shuts off as soon as your battery hits 100% – all while cutting the recharge time down dramatically.

There’s a lot of other units out there that promise the same kind of capability. Very few (if any) are able to match the power and performance of this charger. You’re going to love it almost immediately after giving it a shot yourself.




SPEEDPRO by RangeXTD features up to 20W of total output power. This allows it to charge your phone much faster than a standard, 5W charger. In most cases, this means that SPEEDPRO charges your phone at least twice as quickly.

SPEEDPRO by RangeXTD is compatible with all modern Apple® and Android™ devices. It features one 18 watt USB-C charging port for your modern devices, and it also features a second, 12 watt USB-A charging port for devices that are too old to use USB-C.

Featuring up to 20W of total output power, SPEEDPRO by RangeXTD leaves standard chargers lying in the dust! Compared to a standard, 5W charger, SPEEDPRO can charge your devices up to twice as fast, reclaiming your valuable time and letting you get your day started instead of waiting for some horribly slow charger to charge your device.

Even with older, USB-A devices, SPEEDPRO provides the power of 12 watts instead of 5 watts, guaranteeing that even your older devices will charge at around twice the speed as with a standard charger.

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Up to 20W of total output power USB-C CHARGING PORT: speed pro by RangeXtd Reviews

The up to 20W of total output power USB-C Power Adapter allows you to charge your devices quickly and efficiently at home, in the office, or on the move. While the power adapter works with any USB-C device, it is advised that using it with the iPad Pro and iPad Air for the best charging results. You may also use it to take advantage of the fast-charging feature if you have an iPhone 8 or later.

12 WATT USB-A CHARGING PORT: Speed pro Reviews

USB Type-A connections are extremely popular and will almost certainly be found at one end of many USB cables nowadays. Even if a cable has two different-shaped connectors, the name of the connector that isn’t USB Type-A is used. Because USB Type-A is the most common USB port and connector, having a different type is the most distinguishing feature.

LONG-LASTING: Speedpro Review 2021:

When you need your phone the most, the best portable chargers keep it alive. They also occasionally power our tablets. You’ll need one eventually: for one reason or another, we all find ourselves out of the home with a low battery.

We recently finished a new round of testing on 10 of the finest portable chargers, which included both huge brands and well-known competitors. Each power bank was tested to see how quickly it charged and how many complete phone charges it could store. While all of these portable chargers are top sellers , they differ in crucial ways. We’ve ranked them according to what we’d buy, with special mentions for the best portable charger, our favorite tiny charger, and the best portable charger for USB-C is SpeedPro charger.


CHARGING OF TWO DEVICES AT A GO: speed pro ultra fast charger Review:



This Powerful Ultra-Fast Charger Won’t Come With Your Phone!Your time is too important to sit around waiting on a charger – that’s why you need to get the SPEEDPRO Charger by RangeXTD… and start charging your devices in less than half the time!


Forget the weak, pitiful chargers that come with your phone! Usually rated at around 5 watts, these chargers can take FOREVER to charge your phone or tablet. But with the SPEEDPRO Quick Charger’s rating of up to 20W of total output power, you can charge your device up to twice as fast!


Don’t worry! Just because the SPEEDPRO uses more power to charge your phone quickly, the added power and speed won’t harm your phone in any way. In fact, all modern phones are made to withstand wattages higher than the rating of any quick charge device.


Plug in your device – or up to two at once. SPEEDPRO works with both USB-A and USB-C devices, and you can use both charging ports simultaneously. Charge two devices at once and get things moving even faster!


Saves me hours of time every day!

I can’t believe how much time this charger has given back to me! My phone now charges twice as fast as it used to, meaning I don’t have to sit around waiting for it to charge. Now I can use that extra time however I like it. Maybe it’s just an extra hour a day for me, but it’s really important to me.

Jenna M. – Los Angeles, CA

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In addition to phones, it can quick-charge a variety of wearable devices such as smartwatches and earbuds.

  • It can charge Kindle devices and eBooks efficiently.
  • The voltage is compatible for US and most European countries.
  • It works right out of the box.
  • It can be easily taken anywhere while travelling.
  • It is FASTER than many standard chargers.
  • Charge up to two devices at the same time.
  • The 12 watt charger charges twice as fast as the 5 watt chargers that come with phones.
  • Simple Plug ‘n’ Charge, no special software or cables required.
  • Works with both USB-A and USB-C devices.

Guaranteed High Quality( Speed pro ultra high quality USB head Reviews)

SPEEDPRO is manufactured from professional-grade materials that will give you a lifetime of performance.

No-Hassle Returns:

If you are not satisfied with your product, you can return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

Fast & Easy:

Made to perform perfectly right out of the box with only minimal effort or work!


Is it Safe to Rapidly Charge Your Phone’s Battery? (YES)

We’ve all heard it before: Using a more powerful charger will shorten the life of your phone’s battery! In fact, that’s the reason why most phones include underpowered chargers in the first place – to protect your battery from premature burnout!

Well, I’m happy to tell you this myth about burned-out batteries simply isn’t true. Modern-day phones regulate their power draw to keep their batteries protected, so there’s NO danger of ruining your battery by using a charger that’s too powerful for it.

Your phone simply draws the maximum amount of power it can charge with. It’s smart enough not to draw any more power than it can use.

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Yes, Act Now and Get a Special Discount!

Life’s too short to waste your day waiting for some old-fashioned charger to charge your phone! Order the SPEEDPRO by RangeXTD today and you’ll receive a special 50% OFF DISCOUNT!

Fully charge your completely dead phone in 90 minutes instead of 3 hours! Save yourself up to an hour and a half of charging time every day!

Once you try the SPEEDPRO by RangeXTD for a few days, you’ll never understand how you lived without it!


If you want to buy the product, it’s best if you go straight to the producer. They have a website where you may purchase their goods. But that’s not all: if you wish to buy more than one, you can take advantage of special discounts made available by the producers from time to time. This implies you can buy numerous SpeedPro at once and save money on the piece. The order is simple and takes only a few minutes to complete.

Another significant benefit is the makers’ multiple payment choices. Because he can use secure means such as PayPal or credit cards, the buyer does not assume any risks. These options also provide the possibility that if you do not like the goods, you will be able to return it and receive a prompt refund. Another benefit is the quick dispatch, which occurs right up to the front door. The product arrives a few days after the order is placed and can be used right away.

How much does a SPEEDPRO charger cost? (SPEED PRO CHARGER REVIEW)

  • One SPEEDPRO cost $ 39.99
  • Two SPEEDPRO cost $79.99
  • Three SPEEDPRO cost $ 89.99
  • Four SPEED PRO cost $109.99


Do you Need Help?

If you have any questions about your order or our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Contact the SpeedPro Team:

By Phone:

United States & Canada (Toll Free): 844 847 3399

By Email: support@tryspeedpro.com


Wifi Booster Ltd

325 W Washington St, Ste 2 #3021, San Diego, CA 92103-1946



If you need a charger that charges your devices faster than you can believe it, then you need to get this device. The SPEEDPRO is so much faster than my old charger it’s not even funny. Why can’t the companies that make phones give you a great charger like this one??

Drake C.– Sundance, WY

I love that it can charge two devices at once. I’m always going back and forth from my phone to my tablet, and I need them both to be fully charged whenever I need them. The SPEEDPRO makes it so easy to keep my devices charged. It’s twice as fast as a standard charger, and you can really feel it.

Morgan T.— Davenport, IA

If you’re impatient like me, you’ll love the SPEEDPRO charger. They say it can charge your phone up to TWICE as fast, and it’s true! Even when you have two devices attached to it, like your phone and a tablet, it still charges twice as fast. I can’t believe that everybody doesn’t own a SPEEDPRO. It really is that much better.

Louise T.– Jefferson City, MO



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Question: How long does it take SPEEDPRO to charge my device?

SPEEDPRO will charge your device in approximately half the time as a standard 5W charger.

Question: Does using SPEEDPRO harm my devices?

Not at all! Although SPEEDPRO charges at a higher wattage, modern devices can safely and easily use all the power that SPEEDPRO puts out.

Question: Is SPEEDPRO difficult to use?

Not in the slightest! You can use SPEEDPRO with the same ease as using any regular charger.

Question: Can I charge more than one device at a time?

You can charge one USB-A and one USB-C device at the same time.

What to consider before buying a USB charger head:

When purchasing a battery charger, make sure to get one that fits the phone’s voltage. The phone will charge too slowly if the voltage is too low, and it may not even be able to reach full charge. If the voltage is too high, the battery and maybe the device will be ruined. The majority of phones, as well as most chargers, are rated at 5.0 volts. You won’t have to worry about this too much, but if you want to be safe, read the manufacturer’s requirements!


For the record, the majority of people who have used the Speed Pro have reported that their work productivity has actually increased since they began using this unique charging device, and that they are overall happier as a result of their newfound optimism. It is an old knowledge that getting the appropriate kind of fast charging can make a significant difference in your mood. It is then clear that in addition to eliminating low battery, the SpeedPro increases battery quality, allowing you to charge your device very well.

The SpeedPro is also exceptionally light, compact, and portable, making it ideal for travel. However, the fact that it is so comfy may be the most impressive feature of this device. You have the freedom to take this small device wherever you want. Also, this product is effective, everyone will enjoy using it.

As previously stated, numerous people are referring to this as a wonderful device, although it is really nothing more than science. No matter what, if one should think critically, the person will understand that saying goodbye to persistent low battery is a magical experience in itself. However, although it can not be said to be a miracle, it is indeed the next best thing to a miracle.

Having a SpeedPro in your house is truly not as uncomfortable as other charging devices you might have used before in no way, shape, or form. No disappointment occurs, and you aren’t even aware that it is present on your skin. The best innovative charging device that uses 12 WATT USB-A and 18 Watt to cause the charger to change their charging speed in order to stop low battery.

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Specifications of SPEEDPRO charger:

  • power output of 20W
  • USB-A and USB-C Connectivity
  • Full loading fast charging tech
  • 100% fire retardant housing for extra safety
  • Works great with iPhone and Android devices
  • Charge time varies by device, but all charge faster than OEM
  • Simple power connection, no software or extra devices needed

What makes a SPEEDPRO charger special?

Below are the reasons why SPEEDPRO charger is unique:

Effortless fast charging technology for (almost) all USB powered devices up to 20W of total output power charging power is more than double the usual output of OEM devices

Plug and play operation, no special tools or extra tech needed for optimum operation

Compatible with both USB-A and USB-C devices

All USB cables are compatible

How Does the SpeedPro Fast Charger

Compared to the Competition?



The aftermarket for mobile charging systems like the speedpro by RangeXTD is huge. People are carrying (and using) their mobile devices now more than any other time in human history. The demand for fast charging capabilities is off the charts.

Sadly, the majority of the fast chargers on the market today are nowhere near as good as they could be – or should be. They almost always overpromise and underdeliver. Thankfully, though, that just helps this fast charger standout apart from the pack a little more.

For starters, this unit is designed to work with both USB-A port and USB-C port cables. Not too many options other than this one have these dual capabilities. Not only will you be able to charge your older devices with this setup, but you’re getting a “future proof” charger, too.

This really might be the last adaptive fast charging unit you ever buy. It’s going to work with all of your tech right now and it’s going to work with all of the USB-C port compatible devices moving forward.

What Can I Charge with the SpeedPro Fast Charger?

Unlike some of the other aftermarket adaptive fast charging devices on the market right now that limit what you can charge, the SPEEDPRO by RangeXTD works with any device under the sun. Yes, that’s right.

You can power your favorite Android phone with the SPEEDPRO Fast Charger. You can power your iPhone and your iPad with it, too. You can even charge USB battery tanks, USB flashlights, USB radios with the SPEEDPRO by RangeXTD.

If it can be connected with USB to refill the battery of the device you’re going to be able to use the speedpro Fast Charger to get it back to 100% – and you’ll refill the battery two times faster (at least!).

Fast, but stable. Steady and reliable. A dedicated and constant current that’s never going to threaten the health or safety of the device being charged – or the people that are charging it, for that matter!


Will this charger work with Android and iOS devices?

One of the best things about the fast charging technology in this unit is that it works just as well with Android and iOS devices. There’s nothing worse than having to carry around two chargers every time you want to go on a trip or get your stuff ready for work or school.

With the SPEEDPRO fast Charger those days are gone for good. You’ll only need this little brick and you’re all set!

Can I use this on any wall outlet?

As long as you are in the US you’ll have no trouble plugging this unit into the wall to get instant power for your devices. If you travel overseas you’ll need an adapter, but those are easy to pick up as well.

Will this fast charger damage my phone or tablet?

There’s a lot of hesitancy about using a fast charger. People have heard horror stories about phones and tablets blowing up because they’ve been attached to fast chargers pushing too much energy to them too quickly. You don’t have to worry about that with this charging system.

The maximum charging speed of the speedpro Fast Charger is set specifically so that your devices won’t ever be damaged. You won’t have to worry about leaving the charger on too long. You won’t have to worry about anything overheating.

Speedpro Fast Charger is a safe, effective, and reliable charger.

Do I have to use special cables to use this fast charger?

No, not at all! fast charging on the market today require you to use special cables and special hardware. Some of them require you to use a special app that lets you protect your battery, and without it you’ll see your phone become seriously damaged. Those aren’t issues with the speedpro Fast Charger.

This fast charger works right out of the box with no special gear and no special hardware. You don’t need to download any app to your device either.

Right out of the box it is ready to rock and roll – with any USB powered device you have!

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Where Can I Buy the SpeedPro Fast Charger?

If you’ve been reading this Speedpro Fast Charger review and wondered what the catch was for something that sounds so incredible, there is a little wrinkle – you’ll only be able to buy this charger directly from the manufacturer.

Sadly, the Speedpro Fast Charger isn’t available in traditional retail stores. You won’t be able to find it locally (at least not yet, anyway).

This wasn’t done on accident though – and it certainly wasn’t done to frustrate anybody. This direct to consumer approach was taken to make sure that prices are kept as low as possible. You won’t have to worry about paying any extra money to middlemen or salespeople. You get the rock bottom, everyday low price straight from the manufacturer themselves.

Combine that with the 50% off discount we highlighted a moment ago and you’ll be saving a bundle on this must have piece of charger technology!

SpeedPro Fast Charger Pros

  • The Speedpro Fast Charger can improve charging times by 2x
  • Safer than other aftermarket fast charging units
  • Maintains the maximum charging speed without damaging any batteries
  • Works well with devices using both a USBC and USBA port
  • Has no trouble charging both Android devices, iOS devices, and other devices as well
  • Fast charging technology works without any special cables, cords, or extras whatsoever

SpeedPro Fast Charger Cons

  • Only available direct from the manufacturer, not sold locally
  • Only available in two USB plug configurations

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SPeedpro Charger Reviews

Trying to find a high quality, aftermarket fast charging setup these days is tougher than ever before.

It’s not that there are so few options to pick and choose from, but instead so many! Worst of all, every option promises the moon and the stars when it comes to performance, too.

Sifting through the choices can be a real uphill climb.

But that’s part of what makes the Speedpro Fast Charger so special.

This fast charger makes big promises – as far as double fast charging, safe and even power, and reliable usability – but it backs them up, too. The SpeedPro by RangeXTD really might be the last power charger you ever buy.

Perfect for android devices, Apple devices, and other devices, too, this is a game changer for folks that want to cut down on the amount of stuff they carry with them when travelling. This little charging brick works just as well at home or at the office (or at school), too – making it one of the most versatile units you can buy.

Finally,  If you want a reliable, double fast, consistent power charger that won’t break the bank – a unit that’s going to deliver all the “juice” you need to power phones, tablets, and other USB devices for years to come – there’s only one choice.

And it’s the Speedpro Fast Charger by miles and miles!

Check out the office website to pick one up today at 50% off. The odds are pretty good you’re going to love it (don’t be shocked if you’re writing a positive speedpro Fast Charger review in record time, too).

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