SBI PO: How To Prepare For General Awareness?

The State Bank of India, or SBI as it is commonly called, conducts the SBI PO exam to identify suitable candidates for the position of Probationary Officers which constitutes the PO of the exam name, at various SBI branches. SBI PO is one of the most sought-after job occupations in the banking business, and thousands, even millions of hopeful candidates across India aspire to work there. Because of the following factors, SBI PO is regarded as a top job opportunity in the banking sector:


  • The brand value of SBI and its reputation is linked to the post of SBI PO which offers a lucrative pay scale, constituting the highest among public sector banks.
  • Opportunities for advancement, including the ability for a PO to rise to the position of Chairperson.
  • Workplace satisfaction and social standing


As candidates are well aware, the general awareness section plays a critical part in the final stage of banking exams such as SBI PO. The General Awareness part of the SBI PO Exam is worth a lot of points for the candidates. They can improve their overall scores if they perform well in the general awareness part. But how can they get the highest possible score in the general awareness section? The following list of points focuses solely on this topic, as well as the best preparation tactics for achieving the highest possible score in the general awareness section.

Effective Strategies to be utilized in General Awareness Section

The two essentials that will aid a candidate’s preparation for any subject or section are good study materials and revision. However, there are certain additional pointers that candidates should keep in mind when studying for the SBI PO Examination’s general awareness section.


  1. Topics of Importance Need to be covered: As such, the general awareness section focuses on three main topics- current affairs, banking awareness, and general knowledge. Candidates with a firm and good grasp of these three areas are bound to score this section with flying colours.
  1. Syllabus knowledge is necessary: GA is worth 40 points in SBI PO and will appear in the exam. It contains the following set of topics:
  • Current Affairs: In order to do well in this section, candidates must prepare for current events from the previous six months.
  • Static GK: Candidates must study questions such as currency and capitals of countries, thermal power stations in India, national parks and sanctuaries in India, temples in India, stadiums in India, and so on as part of the GA portion.
  • Banking: The questions are typically straightforward and uncomplicated. To answer the questions, candidates must have a fundamental understanding of banking and a basic understanding of the Indian economy.
  1. Candidates are to follow up on Newspapers daily: The majority of relevant information can be found in daily newspapers, journals, and publications. Articles on the national and international, financial, and banking sectors will provide candidates with a wealth of information on current events. Candidates should watch daily news channels and review the top daily headlines in addition to reading daily newspapers to boost their current affairs understanding. Newspapers such as The Times of India, Hindustan Times, and The Hindu, among others, are some of the most well-known newspapers that candidates should read to improve their general awareness.
  2. Previous years’ papers play a significant role: SBI PO question papers from previous years can be accessed by candidates. This will provide them with a detailed overview of the questions and sorts of questions asked in the general awareness part. There’s a possibility that candidates will see some of the questions from the previous year’s exam.
  3. Taking a look at the important questions: While taking a look at the previous years’ papers, candidates can also cross-check and follow up on the various important questions that have been asked over the years as these are rich sources from which candidates can score good marks.
  4. A habit of making notes never hurt anybody: Yes, a candidate should keep up with current events by making notes on a regular basis. While taking current events notes, they have to keep the following points in mind:
  • Create a strategy for gathering the necessary information.
  • Notes on the different data should be collected on a monthly basis.
  • Make use of short forms as well as brief remarks. Don’t use whole sentences when writing.
  • After each day’s current events, leave spaces to add some new information in the future.
  1. Mock tests Practice: Candidates can Attempt mock tests and GA quizzes to help them revise the curriculum and become familiar with the questions or the pattern of questions asked in the exam’s general awareness section.
  2. Study materials and resources need to be carefully determined: Candidates must ensure that the study material they use to prepare for the bank exam includes all of the most up-to-date knowledge on current events. Choosing banking awareness books wisely can aid candidates in learning the relevant knowledge regarding the topics. The General Awareness part includes all current banking schemes, numbers, earnings, and so on, and is not restricted to banking awareness books or static GK. As a result, candidates should make a note to hunt for the greatest general and banking awareness books to help them prepare.


The General Awareness section does not take much time to complete, but candidates must have prior knowledge of the subject to answer all of the questions properly. In this regard, it is critical to review this section on a regular basis. Finally, candidates have to take practice examinations and other parts to put their preparation to the test. This is sufficient to ensure their marks in the General Awareness section of the examination. Thus, following these would ensure a candidate a good result and a satisfying exam preparation. All the best!

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