Places To Check Out If You Want To Buy A House In UAE


Investing in a foreign land is a really challenging task as you are less aware of it. Therefore, before coming to any conclusion about buying a piece of land, you need to do your research thoroughly. Also, there are several factors that you need to look after, such as whether the third party is genuine or not, whether the land will fulfil all your requirements or not, and so on.

Furthermore, in the midst of all of this, the locality of the house should be your foremost priority. So, to push away the doubts related to the places you should invest in, here is the list of some amazing places in the UAE.


If you have proper funds that can match the requirements of Dubai, then obviously, it is the first place in which you should invest. However, investing in Dubai is really costly, so think twice before you move ahead with your choice. Also, the following are some areas in which you can invest if you have selected Dubai for investment:

Palm Jumeirah

One of the most luxurious places on this list is Palm Jumeirah. It is well known for its ocean views as almost every house has an incredible ocean view with access to the beach. So if you are looking for a suitable location for a vacation house, then this is it!

However, if you permanently want to live in the house then also it’s suitable as all the facilities of schools, hospitals, and daily-market needs are available.

Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai is famous for the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa. And this is a perk for the people living there as this city is highly maintained and has all the resources available. Therefore, if you want to live in a highly resourceful place, you can invest in Downtown Dubai. Moreover, it is located merely five to ten minutes away from the Dubai International Airport and Dubai International Financial Center.

Dubai Marina

If you want to live in Dubai and lead a perfectly balanced life between luxury and simplicity, then this could be your ideal choice. While the city has a large number of skyscrapers and apartments, it also has some lavish villas and houses too. In addition, it is popular for its chic restaurants, shopping malls, and bars. Therefore, if you want to up your living standards but with a flair of simplicity, then go ahead and buy your house!

Abu Dhabi

When it comes to daily living standards, everyone seeks balance. And life in Dubai could be extreme on a lot of fronts. Therefore if you are looking for a perfect mix between luxury life but not too luxury or costly but not too expensive, then Abu Dhabi could be a perfect match for you. Here are some of the places that you can consider for investing in a house in the UAE:

Yas Island

Yas Island is undoubtedly for those people who love to live their life to the fullest and want everything to be happening. The city hosts several live performances and sports events which is a big reason to invest in such a place. Moreover, if you are just investing for future purposes, you can buy a house here and put it in the market for rent. Thus, investing in Yas Island can earn you good fortune.

Al Reef

Al Reef is an affordable place for middle-class earners. Also, it is situated on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi. So, if you are looking for a peaceful environment with convenient transportation, you can invest in this area. Moreover, it is near Abu Dhabi International Airport, and Dubai is only half an hour away from it. Thus, you get the best of both the top cities of UAE at affordable prices.

Saadiyat Island

If you feel inspired by the culture of the UAE and want your kids to experience the same, then Saadiyat Island is the best choice. It is also a perfect place for artists and art lovers as the city often hosts art fairs that are visited by people all around the globe. If you are a foreigner investing in the UAE or want to reside in the UAE, this city will surely make you feel like you are at home as so many expats live here.


Sharjah is the fastest-growing city in the UAE. Over recent times it has become the most prominent tourist attraction hub for its versatile environment. The city has so many amusement and water parks along with some great museums and mosques.

Therefore, investing in towns near it can prove to be the wisest choice for you regarding future return on investment. However, if you are looking for a house to live in, it is also an ideal choice because of its popularity as it has the most suitable environment for families. A few of the towns that you should consider investing in for a house are:

Tilal City

Merely 30 Kms away from the main city of Sharjah, it is a perfect place to live as it offers the perfect ambiance for families. Also, as it is not far away from Sharjah, it has all the needed facilities for day-to-day living. Moreover, it is still in a developing state, so the land is quite affordable for now.


If you are into luxury villas and apartments, you should consider this place for living as it has some beautiful houses and apartments. In addition, the town is situated near the Sharjah Airport International Free Zone so commuting from one city to another is hassle-free.

Al Mamsha

Nowadays, people have gotten carried away with the idea of homes, and they have made their houses look like luxurious hotels. So, suppose you want a simple environment with a posh place that feels like home. In that case, you should check the apartments and villas in Al Mamsha. The town is connected to the roots of its heritage, and the ambience is more traditional as compared to other cities.


While Dubai and Abu Dhabi are developed cities, Sharjah is still in the process of developing. However, the centre part of the city is fully developed and has some amazing entertaining places to go.

Therefore, Sharjah is a giant tourist magnet of the UAE. So, investing in the towns like Tilal, Aljada, and Al Mamsha could prove beneficial for the coming future. Therefore, choose and invest wisely!

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