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  • Livebeam: Making Friends Online if You Work 24/7

Livebeam shares our advice on how to make friend online if you work 24/7. The modern rhythm of life sometimes drives you crazy. Many of us are forced to work 24/7, taking work processes to our homes and even dealing with important work matters on weekends. In such a rhythm, it is not only difficult to make friends, it is even difficult to imagine spending time outside your office or computer.

But your life is not limited to work alone! Moreover, it is workaholism that becomes the main obstacle for a modern person to build healthy relationships and friends. But without communication and the presence of close people, our psyche is steadily suffering! Look at the suicide statistics for those who spend their entire lives at work. Believe me, it is truly disastrous. For example, only in Japan, the country with a prolific attitude to everything, there are more than 21000 suicides made by office personnel per year. And the reason for this is loneliness.

At the same time, finding friends if you are involved in work processes all day is not so easy. Especially if you do not work in a large team, or are even a freelancer. And since last year, this problem has become relevant for the majority of office workers who were transferred to a remote location. Now it has become impossible to communicate in reality even with employees. And after the lockdown restrictions were lifted, not all companies decided to return their staff to their offices. And this made the situation even worse.

So how to find a friend for a person who is immersed in work around the clock? Livebeam decided to give some practical advice on this matter.

  • Livebeam: What Is the Importance of Friendship?

Why is friendship so important? It is with this question that we should start our conversation.

There is no doubt about that, everyone needs friends. Now, when there is no opportunity to see many of your friends, and some of them live in different cities, countries, and even continents, friends are more important than ever before.
This fact may have sparked a relatively recent surge in friendship research. Until the 1980s, most research on human relationships centered around the romantic and the sexual. In addition to the obvious benefits of camaraderie, emotional support, and practical help, it has recently emerged that friendship has other little-known functions. They are useful and even vital for our health.

In an analysis of 148 studies in 2010 involving more than 308,000 people, psychologists from Brigham Young University in the United States found that people with good social connections tend to live longer. They concluded that weak social connections are as dangerous to health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. In fact, the very presence of a friend can make problems less daunting. This became apparent in a study in which participants were asked to stand in front of a hill alone or next to a friend and rate how steep it seemed. Those who had a friend nearby thought the hill was less steep than those who stood alone. And this works not only for offline friends but also for online friendship issues.

  • Livebeam: How to Make Friends for a Hard Worker?

So, what can we offer a modern person who is constantly at work? First of all, it is worth understanding that friendship is not limited to personal acquaintances, long-term communication and similar interests. In the past, we were often given the idea that best friends are childhood friends. But what if, as a child, you were a withdrawn and unpopular child, and then a teenager? Is it worth giving up on the very idea of making friends with someone? Of course no.

Friendship is a relationship between people that can arise anytime and for as long as you want. Do not think that the statement that an old friend is better than the new two is true. In fact, the expression that sounds like a friend in hand is worth two in the bush is much more real. That is, the one who is near you now is better than all those who do not support you.

Therefore, do not limit your circle to just old contacts. If there is still no faithful friend for you among them, get off the dead horse.

Instead, focus on recent contacts. Often, for workaholics, their work collective becomes a real stronghold of friendship. Especially if everyone in it shares the values of  hard-working and works equally productively. For example, when the author of this article worked in the head office of a bank, we had our own community of young clerks working 24/7. In our short free time, we would set up a crawling bar together, go to concerts, or just hang out together. But in reality, such a community is not always possible. And it may turn out that boring people work in your office, with whom you are simply not on the way. What to do in this case?

There are two options that we offer at Livebeam. You can concentrate on finding offline friends. Find people with similar interests in a fitness club, among neighbors or in the nearest bar. Sounds utopian, well. The way is in online communication.

It is much more effective to look for people who are similar to you in terms of interests and way of thinking online. The Internet allows you to communicate without borders, regardless of the number of miles between you. But where to look for people who also want to find a friend? The answer is simple. For this, there are online chats. This is a time-tested way to make friends or at least interlocutors on the global network. What is it good for?


  • Firstly, a person comes to an online chat for communication. Therefore, the likelihood that he does not want to at least talk to you is minimal.
  • Secondly, people from different social strata, countries, cultures communicate in chats. This expands the circle of searches for a friend many times over.
  • And thirdly, you have no obligations to your chat interlocutor. Therefore, you feel much freer.


Livebeam’s experience shows that it is quite possible to find a loyal friend in chat, and this is a real godsend for those who work 24/7.

  • Livebeam: Is Online Friendship Real?

Some may think that online friendship is a myth. That only a person you can meet in reality will be your best friend. But now it is not true. There are lots of examples when people meeting online at Livebeam and never seen each other in real life became closer than family members.

Do you want the most striking example of such a friendship? In the early 2000s, the social network of diary entries, LiveJournal, became popular. Initially, there were only a few thousand people hanging out there around the world, and the most active ones were known by everyone. The author of this article was lucky to find many like-minded people in LiveJournal at that time. And 15 years later, many of the online friends found in the vastness of this diary network are still close people.

With online chats, making friends is even faster. It requires only a few minutes of your online activity per day to start communication and to find chat members whom you can call pleasant for you.

So do not give up if you work hard. It is possible to make friends at Livebeam even for an experienced workaholic and introverted person online at Livebeam. Just give yourself a chance and register in Livebeam to prove it is real to make friends at any age at Livebeam.

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