NJ Diet Review: How it Works & Is It Effective?

Unlike other diet programs, the NJ Diet is a program that’s designed to help individuals lose weight faster and in a healthy, medically supervised way. Participants will work with nutritionally certified personnel throughout the program to tailor a program to their specific needs based on DNA, genetic and bio-energetic scans. According to the website, users can expect to lose between 20 to 45 pounds while on the program over 40 days. Developers are so confident in their program that they offer a money-back guarantee if the user cannot achieve the expected results.

How is the NJ Diet Different from other programs?

The NJ Diet program works with nutritionally certified personnel to develop a comprehensive plan backed by scientific evaluation. Individuals on the diet program will need to complete initial testing, including saliva, hair, DNA, and blood panels. The results of these tests highlight any critical areas of concern, including 2,000 biomarkers. Once evaluated, your doctor will establish a dietary and supplement-based plan. This plan promotes healing the body, restoring hormonal imbalances, detoxifying the body, and improving weight loss function.

What does this program do?

The NJ Diet claims to be a natural, safe, and healthy way of losing weight. It works to regulate the body. Throughout the program, the body will balance hormones, regulate body energy levels, improve appetite and fat burning, and target fat storage.

Breaking Down the NJ Diet Process

Once users have paid to have the consultation, the individual testing begins. Participants are expected to give appropriate genetic samples (through hair, blood work, and saliva). In addition, doctors will complete a bioenergetic balancing scan and vitals of the individual. These tests include bone mass, muscle mass, metabolic age, BMI, body fat percentage, and visceral fat. These details help the certified nutritional personnel develop a customized plan for each user.

What Happens While on the Program?

The strict meal plan and supplement guides promote healing the body from the inside out. The program promises to help individuals burn fat, improve energy levels, regulate their metabolism, and reset any hormonal imbalances. In addition, it takes the stress out of meal planning while on the program. It’s essential to recognize that this plan is relatively rigid; users are expected to follow the supplement guide exactly along with specific meals.

Participants will be evaluated to ensure the weight loss occurring is actual body fat instead of just water elimination. Individuals are also expected to meet with their medical professionals every 10-15 days, which assesses how well the customized program is working for their specific body type. During these consultations, a medical professional may determine that the program needs adjustment, whether that means different meal plans or supplements. If that’s the case, participants will be given the new program to follow to achieve better results.

Is there support available after completing the program?

Yes. Most individuals who have left an NJ Diet review commend the comprehensive care after completing the program. Users are given personalized information to keep the weight off, including specific foods their body has trouble processing, target calorie intake, and how to remain healthy after the program. Doctors ensure that every patient on the NJ Diet feels confident in keeping the weight off through healthy lifestyle decisions.

Final Thoughts on the NJ Diet

While this program may not be for everyone, there appears to be strong scientific backing with this weight loss method. Multiple online reviews show happy, successful participants that met their weight loss goals. Additionally, meal planning may take the guesswork out of individuals struggling with willpower or portion sizes. Although this program is medically supervised, it is always wise to speak with your primary care provider before starting a new weight loss program.

The genetic testing offered with the NJ Diet program brings valuable insight into how the individual’s body is functioning and how it metabolizes a wide variety of foods. Biological reactions and hormonal imbalances are direct influences on how the body utilizes food within the body. If there are indicators that can aid in weight loss long-term, participants have a higher probability of successfully keeping the weight off permanently. Patient education is crucial for successful lifestyle changes.

From a consumer standpoint, having the genetic and biological footprint of the body can influence the success rate of living a healthy lifestyle. As such, the NJ Diet could potentially offer healthy weight loss throughout the program, along with the strong likelihood of keeping the weight off in the future.

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