David Milberg and the Downtown Theater Company

The news about David Milberg joining Prospect Theater’s board of directors attracted excellent responses for both Milberg and Prospect Theater Company. Milberg is a talented individual working in the finance and entertainment sectors. Since his days as a Princeton undergraduate, Milberg has been involved in one way, shape, or form in the theatrical landscape.

Prospect Theater Company prides itself on its investment in new musical theatre with a strong sense of inclusion in order to tell the stories of all people from all walks of life through a musical medium as eclectic as the people that serve and bring life to the art form.  It is not hard to believe that a lover of the theater arts like David Milberg and this innovative downtown theater company found one another and created this mutually beneficial relationship that, in the end, supports the thing they both love the most, the musical theater.

Where David Milberg Learned to Love Theater

Milberg graduated from Princeton University, where he was both an actor and a director of original theatrical productions. David Milberg’s love for the theater grew deeply from those experiences. To enrich that love and embrace it, David Milberg decided, while still in college, to take internships with a few elite professional theaters in New York City. This opportunity expanded his artistic horizons and gave Milberg a real chance to observe professional theater development in its essence.

To date, Milberg is still serving as a member of the Trustees Board for Princeton Triangle Club, the musical theater group he was a member of in college that tours the country each year.

During his professional career, David Milberg has influenced several guiding decisions for many art organizations. Apart from his current station on the Princeton Triangle Club’s board of trustees, he also has seats on various directors’ boards, including the New York-based non-profit organization, Prospect Theater Company. The theater company was founded around the turn of the century by fellow alum and members of the Princeton Triangle Club. Prospect supports the development and ultimately the production of brand-new musical theater.

David Milberg’s Professional Life

Since 1987, David Milberg has been working in the field of finance.  He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Princeton.  He began his career in financial services first by working in loan sales and syndication for Bankers Trust Company. He later worked for Lehman Brothers, Inc as an investment banking vice president and finally at his family’s finance firm, Milberg Factors, Inc. His grandfather, Ben Milberg, started the factoring business in 1937.

David Milberg was instrumental at Bankers Trust in securing commitments for loan purchases and participations of over $1 billion dollars. He left Bankers Trust to pursue an MBA.  After procuring his MBA at Columbia Business School, he worked for Lehman Brothers until 1995 when he was invited to take a leadership position at Milberg Factors, quickly discovering that his father planned to groom him to serve as the president of the organization. For over a decade, David Milberg served as president of Milberg Factors.

Milberg has simultaneously been involved in many non-profit organizations. Both the Metropolitan Jewish Geriatric Society and Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York honored him. He is also a huge supporter of all things Lincoln Center including the professional theater company of artists that hold residence alongside the Metropolitan Opera, New York City Ballet, the Philharmonic and so much more.

The Quick History of Prospect Theater Company

The Prospect Theater Company was founded in 1998. The company is dedicated to shaping tomorrow’s musicals by today’s new voices. It has provided support to a diverse and outstanding group of emerging artists. It was founded initially by five alumni of Princeton University, and it has grown into a comprehensive network with 1,000 artists from different parts of the world.

The company has presented over thirty premieres of brand new musical theater work. Apart from these productions, the Prospect Theater Company produced the IGNITE concert series at the Times Center, the Global Musical Theatre Initiative started in 2017, and Prospect’s very own new musical theater lab, presented each summer.

Writers’ teams are assembled to create short (10-minute) musicals responding to an original theme during Prospect Theater Company’s Annual Summer Musical Theatre Lab. The lab serves an elaborate collection of emerging writers, recognizing new talent to begin nurturing,  writers who eventually might contribute to the creation of full productions in future Prospect seasons.

Prospect Theater Company’s Answer to the Covid-19 Pandemic

The theater company felt it needed to reach out to artists and patrons stuck inside their homes during the last year. The VISION Series is a new initiative started in 2020, to continue the mission of creating and presenting original musical theater works, while public gatherings were on pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If the people could not come to the theater, Prospect Theater Company was going to bring new musical theater to the people.

Through the VISION Series, the company could offer paid opportunities for artists to create new work by commissioning, developing, and producing short original musical theater performances for the camera.  These projects embraced a mixture of visual and musical styles, aiming to capture the humanity of live theatrical performance through innovative cinematic approaches. These VISION Series film projects can be found and viewed at no cost streaming via Prospect’s YouTube Channel. The Prospect Theater Company was determined to keep creating through the pandemic and it succeeded in its mission, keeping artists employed and new musical theater lovers engaged from their couches at home.

Milberg and Prospect Theater Company

David Milberg joined Prospect Theater Company’s board in 2016. His knowledge and his love for new musical theater serve as a support pillar for the theater company’s future endeavors and goals.

About his position with the Prospect Theater Company, Milberg commented, “Working in finance is my career, but theater has always been a passion. I am thrilled to be a part of an organization that produces incredible works of art, while also supporting young and emerging artists.”

The Prospect Board of Directors generously and passionately contribute expertise, time, and resources to advancing Prospect’s mission. The many new initiatives that the theater company has produced over the last two decades would not be possible without the infinite support and guidance of smart, educated professionals like David Milberg who are willing to give the time and money necessary to bring these projects to life.

When the Theatre Bug Bites

David Milberg serves as a model to all those people with the desire to give back to the professional theater and entertainment industry and its development.  Milberg also has the chance to use his passion as a tool for empowering and guiding others to get involved and give back to the communities they love in whatever way they can.

David Milberg began his life in the theater as a child.  It seems that when the musical theater development bug bites, it clamps down and sticks with you for the long haul. The Prospect Theater Company is the perfect place for Milberg to relive the glory days of his youth, while furiously supporting the progression of the beloved art form we call the American musical theater.

Find out more about David Milberg and the Prospect Theater Company at David Milberg’s Theater Blog.

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