Who Called Me? 5 Best Ways to Find out Whose Number Is This

Do you ever get those calls from someone claiming to be your long-lost friend, family member, or even a scammer? The allure of a phone call from a stranger is difficult to resist. You can’t certainly answer the question “who called me?”, but because it’s a number you don’t know, you have to wonder what this person wants from you.

The person will often leave distinctive clues as to their identity, such as their voice, an unusual name on the caller ID, and sometimes they’ll even live just a few blocks away if that’s the case then- Fear not! We’ll explain every single move to track down and eliminate these pranksters once and for all.

So subsequently, in the article, we would be going through 5 Best ways to find out who’s number it was.

Let’s dive into it and understand all these ways in detail.

Part 1: Whose Number is This?

We often ask ourselves when people call you, and you cannot recognize the caller, hence drop the call. Phone numbers in North America can be identified in 3 ways. They either have a 7xx area code that indicates a wireless provider; they have an 8xx area code that implies a long-distance carrier or no prefix that means that it’s local.

Every day, people are suffering from unwanted calls and texts. There is no lack of apps available to help you track down the caller. You need something more than that! However, even with these handy tools, it doesn’t always work.

Hanging Up on Spammers just because an unknown caller’s number is not in your calling list does not mean that they are a spammer. It is unwise to assume that it is a spam call because a phone originates from someone unfamiliar with you. It would be wise to find out who called and then decide whether to return the call or block the phone number.

We will be providing you with various ways to run a reverse phone lookup after this.

Part 2: How to Find out Who Called Me?

With the fear of being repeated, we would want to ask you again-Have you ever received a phone call and wondered who it was? Perhaps they didn’t leave a voicemail, or maybe the person hung up right after you answered. There’s no longer any reason to ponder!

There were numerous ways to identify the caller details initially, but it gave no or very little information. People used to call their phone company or check the Caller ID or someone’s background etc. As the methods are outdated for the reasons mentioned earlier, some websites facilitate you to run a reverse phone lookup to identify who called.

●    RealPeopleSearch

Searching for phone numbers using Google is not enough. If you’re trying to find the phone number of someone you know, you need to search with a little more thought and purpose than “can I call this number?”

RealPeopleSearch helps you find out who called you by recording the caller’s information and emailing it to you after a short phone conversation. This is the perfect way for finding out who just called without having to answer or for checking to see if your number was spoofed or stolen.

Traditional services like Caller ID only capture the phone number and provide no additional information, making them less reliable than RealPeopleSearch.

How does RealPeopleSearch work?

Get Caller Information Without Answering Calls!

RealPeopleSearch is a unique service that allows people to find out who called them without answering the phone anymore.RealPeopleSearch works by first recording a short phone conversation with a call center representative and asking simple questions, then emailing you a detailed report of the call.

The more calls you have recorded, the more accurate your results for any given caller’s name.

The pros of this website are:

  • No more waiting on hold.
  • No more annoying recording saying, “please leave a message.”
  • No more wasting your time.
  • It’s fast and easy to use, and most importantly, it is accurate.

The cons of this website are:

  • RealPeopleSearch is not compatible with many phones.
  • Some phones can’t be programmed to receive calls from RealPeopleSearch.
  • Also, some websites like Hotmail will block email messages coming from RealPeopleSearch because they are afraid of spam.

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●    Numlooker

Numlooker is a reverse phone lookup service that allows users to find out who called them without answering the phone. Users can request information about callers by entering their phone numbers and creating an account.

Numlooker includes various databases that provide names and addresses for unlisted and unregistered numbers and other identifying information about the caller. The website is bilingual (English and Spanish).

Numlooker has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

The phone number is the first part of the search process. This is what most people are looking for, but surprisingly, few use it.

How does NumLooker work?

The steps for performing the reverse number lookup using NumLooker are:

1)Go to the Numlooker website

2)Enter the phone number and click on Search. The result should show a list of names and addresses that match the inputted number. You can easily find your home address by looking for ‘address’ in the results heading as you scroll down.

The pros of this website are:

  • It is free to use.
  • It is available to any computer with an Internet connection (not necessarily all of them).
  • This website requires no downloading or downloading of any program for this application to be used.
  • The information provided on this site is very accurate and reliable; no viruses or adware can harm your device in any way when using NumLooker.

The cons of this website are:

  • It is not entirely accurate; it mainly provides addresses of results. This website does not provide information on the names of people associated with the telephone number or their occupation.

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●    CocoFinder

CocoFinder is a service provided by a third-party company that helps people find out the phone number of someone.

The company behind CocoFinder does not explicitly state what the benefit of looking up a number is. Still, it says that people can use it to locate “friends, business associates or family members.”

The website uses what is described as “reverse phone lookup technology.” In doing so, people can ask different service questions ranging from a phone number to a name to a location. It also uses the “smart dialer” technology to find the most likely results.

Despite its initial restriction, the service is available to anyone with an IP address located in the United States.

How does CocoFinder work?

  1. Go to the Website of CocoFinder.
  2. After that, the website will show you a window with three options named “search,” “login,” and “create an account.” You must select the search option and input the person’s name, phone number, and state.

Click “other” if you’re not sure what kind of phone number you’re looking for. It will then give you options for what type of phone number to look for. After that is done, the user can click on the “search” option. It will provide a list of all numbers in which it has discovered a probable match to your search data.

Checking Who Called Me with CocoFinder now!

●    PeopleFinderFree

With so many choices these days, It’s hard trying to find what kind of person you’re looking for without wasting tons of time or money.

PeopleFinderFree is a directory of personal search engines and online personals.

PeopleFinderFree is a free directory of personal search engines and online personals. It does not charge a fee for membership or subscription.

How does PeopleFinderFree work?

  1. Register on PeopleFinderFree and make a profile. Add your search engines below to get started.
  2. Search for people by name, type, keyword, country, and more.
  3. Browse personals from around the world or add your own for others to view.

The pros of this website are :

  • It’s accessible and user-friendly.

The cons of this website are:

  • there is no privacy, and user information may get stolen.

●    FindPeopleFast

FindPeopleFast has a straightforward search interface that makes it quick and easy to input information about the person you wish to find. It is one of the most reliable sources for finding information on people. Our Find People by Phone Number service allows you to get info, including address history, property records, criminal records, and more.

We offer instant access to public phone records compiled from government resources all across America. We have a Reverse Phone Number Search for just about any single phone number in the United States.

How does FindPeopleFast work?

You can use this service to search for people by phone number. The tool is straightforward to use and works almost instantly. You can also use the device on any phone number found on our website, or you can search any phone number that is not listed on our website. Our primary goal is to get you the details of any person in the United States.

All data is updated daily, and each record comes with a free background check. You can search for people of all ages, of any race, and any background. We deliver accurate and detailed information to help you know who is calling you, protect yourself from dangerous people, and prevent fraud.

So why not sign up today and start searching for your friends and family members? It’s easy, affordable, fast, and very reliable.

Part 3: Why It’s Important to Find out Who’s Calling Me?

There are many reasons why it’s essential to find out who’s calling me. Knowing who is calling can help you make smarter decisions, whether about business or personal matters. It can also help you protect yourself against cybercrimes or even nuisance calls. Since many spammy companies are now using robocar methods, they can make thousands of calls in a matter of minutes.

●    Phone Harassment – A Serious Matter

Knowing who’s calling can also help you determine whether it’s a legitimate caller or whether they’re trying to harm you. It’s imperative to know who’s calling so that you can take action before they cause problems for you or someone else.

Some people use these methods to gather passwords, names, and other personal information so that they may use it for personal gains, such as stealing your money or identity. They might also be used for phishing attempts or even computer hacking.

●    To Ignore the Telemarketers and Scammers

There are many ways to block unwanted phone calls, such as placing your phone number on the Do Not Call registry or just blocking a number. However, sometimes it’s not just a business call that can be unwanted, but rather a telemarketer who doesn’t follow the rules. These people often have automated systems that let them call thousands of people in a matter of minutes or even seconds.

While this isn’t always an issue, it can be very annoying to try and listen to an advertisement for products you don’t need at the same time as trying to conduct business by phone.

●    Knowing Who to be Called Back By

Some legitimate companies and organizations want to reach out to you by phone. They might include financial institutions, government offices, businesses, and non-profit organizations. However, the area codes associated with these organizations can span across multiple states or even countries.


While these calls can be significant for you to attend, you should be cautious when answering or returning them. If you do not know who’s calling you, it is essential to get the correct information before making any decisions. First of all, you should look up the valid area code to get more information on the company or organization trying to get in touch with you.