Why should I choose FXTM as my investment broker?


Since its launch in 2011, FXTM (also know as Forex Time company) has emerged as one of the fastest growing and world’s topmost forex brokers.The headquarters are established around UK, Cyprus and various other entities from South Africa. Its regulated by top tiers – FCA, CySEC and IFSC.

Critically speaking, right before you start foreign trading with a company, choosing  proper  forex broker is a trading in its own. You surely don’t want to mess up with that. As a solution to the dilemma FXTM is just another reliable option while investing in foreign exchange. In the words of  Savastiouk, “Forex trading is safe if you properly select a brokerage account and firm,” here in Forex Time its does just that.

Perks of choosing FXTM as your broking partner

  1. Safety-

No doubt FXTM is a legit company with each of its brands and entities being regulated by global jurisdiction. Its completely safe, since FXTM license abides with all regulatory requirements the investors have an assurance of being in legit hands. Its better to know that on top of being a registered brand name FXTM’s also a member of Investor compensation fund. It compensates in case of insolvency within the organization.

  1. Professional support system

Trading with FXTM involves various exemplary services for its fellow clients. With varities of deposit and withdrawal methods and multilingual customer care, FXTM is easy to run trade with. It also assures you with personal account managers who are affable in nature irrespective of the language barrier. Forex trading believes that clear communication between the broker and a trader lies as a key factor in profit making.

  1. Access to latest marketing trends and analysis

The global research team of FXTM provides you with daily market analysis making it easier for you to invest correctly. Best traders are the one’s who are educated, therefore the research analysts explain them the price movements and provide them with in-depth knowledge benefiting the trader to plan its next move. Exposure to latest forex news and regular updates on foreign currencies (GBP, USD, EUR, etc) are all vital for investors.

  1. Reliable trading platform

Whether you’re trading from your mobile device, tablet or your computer its important to choose the correct trading platform. FXTM has two trading platforms namely Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5, where both the platforms provide you with automated trading systems, a list of expert advisors and an intuitive user interface.

  1. Global market access

More than 2 million traders across the world have chosen Forex time as their broker. The reason is quite simple. FXTM not only offers you a wide selection of platforms, account types and instruments for better trading but also gives you access to global access through all of these.

  1. High leverage

FXTM gives you the opportunity to use high leverage to your own benefit. High leverage gives opportunities to small traders to build profit out of small deposits as investments. Suppose you deposit $10000, the broker can assist you in the process of making it $100000 simply by using high leverage into your advantage. However, just like profits even losses can be maximised. Therefore, leverage must be always handled precisely and not used simultaneously.

  1. Provides you with regulated Forex brokers

No matter how good the investment plan may sound to you, always check for the validity. Make sure you’re not linked with a unregulated forex broker which can lead to unwanted risks like him running away with your investments. In 2010, Traders Union released a list of top 5 forex brokers which included FXTM in the list. Forex Time suggests you the best brokers from worldwide supervised by global authority, hence it eliminates the risk of fraud and failure in trading.

  1. Quick deposit and withdrawals

While trading its essential that you find a broker which lets you withdraw and deposit money efficiently.  Quick deposits help you in maximizing your investment plan by taking advantage of the current market structure. On the other side, easy and simple withdrawals are key in accessing your funds in fewer working days. FXTM brokers lets you do just that. With the help of expert brokers worldwide investing in forex becomes easy.

It is important to note that if you’re in for trading in foreign exchange market, there will be thousands of brokers ready to win you profit. However, only the license done with experience can be trusted. The above mentioned criteria are essential while choosing the correct broker to maximize your profit on investment. Be aware of the market trends and make sure you create a trustworthy investment strategy, forex trading would be simpler for you.

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