Ask mantik intikam (Love Logic Revenge) Story And Full Report

Ask mantik intikam is considered to be one of those Turkish series that has earned a lot of popularity in Turkey and the Western world. The combination of comedy and romance in addition to the great performance by the actors and actresses has made this drama attractive to the fans. Therefore, if you are searching for a romantic Turkish drama mixed with comedy scenes, Love Logic Revenge would be the best choice for you. In this article, we will go through some details and info about the series and the characters.


Ask mantik intikam (Love Logic Revenge) Details

  • Original Title: Ask Mantik Intikam
  • English Title: Love Reason Get Even
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance
  • Also Known As: Love Logic Revenge (Literal Title), Cunning Single Lady
  • Episodes: 15+
  • Broadcast Period: 18 June 2021 –
  • Production Company: No:9 Productions
  • Director: Murat Ozturk
  • Broadcast Network: FOX Tv
  • Screen Writer: Ozlem Inci Hekimoglu; Nil Gulec Unsal
  • Filming Locations: Istanbul, TurkeyBroadcast Network: Star Tv
  • Broadcast Period: June 26, 2018 –

Story Of Ask mantik intikam

The plot is around a married couple who divorced after a long marriage. After that, the man becomes wealthy, and his life is turned upside down when his ex-wife begins to work for him.


Esra (Burcu Ozberk) is a lovely young lady who wishes to marry a man with a stable career. Her family has always had financial problems as a result of her father’s business failures. Esra takes a sensible decision to marry a man who has a solid career in order to avoid financial difficulties throughout her life.

Ozan (Ilhan Sen) is a brilliant engineer who lives in the same neighbourhood as Esra. He’s had a crush on Esra since he was a youngster. He has the potential to have a stable career and provide for his wife in a pleasant manner. As a result, he becomes Esra’s primary target.

Esra and Ozan marry and begin to live a happy and secure life together until Ozan quits his solid work. Ozan aspires to create new software, achieve his ambitions, and establish his own business. Esra finds herself in a tough situation despite her desire to become a housewife and live a happy life. She ultimately begins to have financial and moral problems in her marriage.

While Ozan bounces from one bankruptcy to the next, Esra becomes the primary breadwinner in their marriage. She is responsible for all financial obligations, works many jobs, and strives to keep the family solvent. She is forced to divorce due to frustration and weariness.

Esra decides to end her marriage after suffering a miscarriage due to the stress of being the main breadwinner. She files for divorce after a couple of years of marriage, without mentioning her miscarriage. She refuses to give Ozan another opportunity, claiming that she has never been in love with him.

The couple eventually divorces. Esra comes home to her parents and begins working as a waitress. Ozan, on the other hand, secures funding for his software programme and is given the opportunity to launch his own firm, Milenyum Soft. Ozan ultimately rises from obscurity to become a successful CEO. He is now a successful, wealthy, and attractive man.

Esra finds Ozan has become a wealthy businessman two years after the divorce. Her ex-husband is affluent, despite the fact that she has neither a good profession nor a marriage.

Esra anticipates receiving an apology for her marital woes. She only wants recognition for the financial assistance she has provided for her family during her marriage. When she meets Ozan, on the other hand, she is taken aback by his demeanour.

Ozan comes out as haughty and cold. He will never forgive Esra for abandoning him. He believes Esra is attempting to contact him because he has amassed riches. As a result, he wishes to offer her money and makes it apparent that he no longer wishes to see her.

Esra is enraged at Ozan’s behaviour. She resolves to exact her vengeance. She only wants an apology and recognition for her actions during her marriage. To do this, she will go to any length to rekindle Ozan’s love for her.

Esra seeks to win Ozan back by working as an intern at his firm. She would be able to view him at any moment this way. She applies for an internship position at Milenyum Soft’s advertising department.

When Ozan’s close buddy Cinar (Burak Yoruk) starts working as an intern at Milemyum Soft and gets along well with Esra, the narrative becomes too convoluted.

The narrative of Love Logic Revenge (Ask Mantik Intikam) is about two young people who are divorced owing to financial issues in their marriage and meet again. Will Ozan come to terms with Esra and forgive her? Is Esra going to be a success at Milenyum Soft? Is it possible for Ozan and Esra to fall in love again? Will Esra be able to carry out her plan of vengeance? Is Cinar and Esra going to get along?



Esra Erten (Burcu Ozberk): She is a lovely young lady. She plans to become a housewife after marrying Ozan and live well with her husband’s financial assistance. When Ozan resigns from his solid job to establish his own business, she finds herself in a tough situation. Esra is responsible for all of their financial requirements and works a variety of jobs. She is forced to divorce Ozan due to frustration and weariness. She hears about her ex-success husband’s eight years later and resolves to win him back by interning at his firm. She only wants an apology and acknowledgement for her actions during their marriage.

Ozan Korfali (Ilhan Sen): Ozan is a brilliant engineer. He’s had a crush on Esra since he was a small child. He abruptly leaves his job as a software engineer after marrying her. Following his divorce, he seeks financial backing for his programme and establishes his own firm. He finally goes from being a loser to becoming a successful CEO.

Cagla Yilmaz (Melisa Dongel): She is the heiress of Milenyum Soft Company, where she serves as a director, and is the daughter of the chairman. She is successful, attractive, and graceful. She has affections for Ozan, her business partner.

Cinar Yilmaz (Burak Yoruk): He is Ozan’s best buddy and Cagla’s younger brother. When he was a high school student, Ozan used to tutor him. He is young, wealthy, attractive, and compassionate. He returns to Turkey after studying in London and plans to start his own business. To show his credentials to his father and earn his financial assistance, he must work as an intern at Milenyum Soft Company for six months while concealing his true identity. He develops feelings for Esra while working closely with her.

Menekse Erten (Zeynep Kankonde): Esra’s mother is her. She operates a modest home-cooked meals restaurant and is an excellent cook.

Zumrut Korfali (Gunay Karacaoglu): Ozan’s mother is her. She doesn’t get along with Menekse and goes back to her old area to flaunt about her money. She adores her son and refuses to share him with anybody else.

Ekrem Erten (Mehmet Korhan Firat): He is Esra’s younger brother. He is a troublemaker who is unemployed and causes a new problem every day. At first sight, he is smitten by Elif.

Yalcin Erten (Suleyman Atanisev): He is Esra’s father.

Elif Korfali (Ceren Koc): She is Ozan’s sister.

Reyhan (Birgul Ulusoy): She is Ozan’s aunt who lives together with Menekse.

Zeyno (Sevda Bas): She is Esra’s best friend.

Daydreamer (Erkenci Kus) Turkish Drama Cast

  • Ceren Koc as Elif Korfali
  • Sevda Bas as Zeynep
  • Sibel Sisman as Feraye
  • Mehmet Yilmaz as Musa
  • Murat Karasu as Arif
  • Gozde Duru as Gaye
  • Pelin Budak as Neriman
  • Asuman Karakollukcu as Adil

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