Does PhenQ really work? Unbiased Review

Since you are reading this, chances are that you have heard or read about PhenQ, the oldest fat burner in the supplements industry. But you are on the fence about choosing it, because the PhenQ reviews that you come across seem inconclusive.

There seems to be a lot of vague information about what PhenQ is and what are the pros and cons. Most importantly, you want to know whether PhenQ does work in the first place.

That’s what we wanted to know too when we first heard of PhenQ 9-years ago.  A lot of people have shared their experiences with this product on the internet, which makes it difficult to separate fact from fiction.

In our unbiased review, we will look objectively at this product’s ingredients, the science behind the claims, the veracity of it, as well as the available testimonials from those who have already tried out PhenQ.

What Is PhenQ fat burner?

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PhenQ is an oral fat burner and appetite suppressant in one pill. It is manufactured by ‘Cutting Edge LLC’, one of the world’s leading health supplements brand with a flawless reputation.

PhenQ helps with weight loss by increasing your metabolic rate, suppressing the user’s appetite, and preventing his or her body from storing fat. That’s the product in a nutshell for you.

In supplements lingo, it is what we call a ‘Combination Fat Burner’, because it incorporates multiple fat burning methodologies in a single pill.

There are many people who have achieved their weight loss goals with PhenQ over the years. Talking about years, it is the oldest fat burner still sold on the internet.

More than 190000 bottles of PhenQ have been sold so far, which speaks volumes about the consistent quality. Anything that was even remotely ineffective would have been phased out by now.

That said, there are a lot of junk PhenQ reviews on the internet that just parrot rehashed information over and over, giving you no value.

That’s what prompted us to do an unbiased PhenQ review. Today, we will look at how this product works as well as which ingredients are used in its formulation.

We will also breakdown what real people are saying about their experience using PhenQ.


How does PhenQ Work?


In order to lose weight you must burn more calories than you eat or drink. Calories in vs. Calories out.

The amount of calories burned will depend upon your basal metabolic rate (BMR), activity levels, body composition, lifestyle choices being made, supplements being used etc.

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010 Report estimates that a sedentary woman needs about 1600 to 2400 calories per day and a sedentary man 2000 to 2800 calories per day.

PhenQ helps stimulate your body’s thermogenesis process which increases your body core temperature which increases the calorific requirement needed even for normal tasks, like breathing and walking around home.

Think of it like being able to burn calories 24/7, even for tasks that normally are not calorie-demanding. In addition, PhenQ also suppresses your appetite, inhibits the storage of carbohydrates as fat, increases energy levels and keeps you feeling full throughout the day.

Quite a feature list, isn’t it? But what are the caveats, if there are any? What is it about PhenQ that does not come across in the reviews you read on the internet? We will touch on side effects too. Stay with us.


Burns Fat using Thermogenesis

Thermogenesis is a metabolic process that uses stored energy in the form of fat. Thermogenesis varies from person to person and is based on genetic and environmental factors such as age and gender, but it generally decreases with age. PhenQ provides support for thermogenesis by promoting faster weight loss through its ability to increase body temperature and metabolism which speeds up your rate of burning calories during rest.

Normally, this process will cause unpleasant side effects like jitters and tremors. But PhenQ is very low on stimulants. This makes it unlikely that you will experience these conventional side effects with PhenQ. The magic ingredients that make this happen, are Capsimax powder & Caffeine.

Blocks Fat Production preventing additional weight gain

One of the features that separate PhenQ from run of the mill fat burners is its ability to stop the production of new fat cells. In other words, even if your diet is not up to the mark, PhenQ ensures that the food you consume is not stored as a fresh layer of adipose tissue.

Boosts Energy levels and Prevents Fatigue

Diets will only be successful if there is no dip in your quality of life. One of the most crucial variables in your quality of life is energy. How do you function normally if you do not have the energy to perform every day tasks?

When you cut calories, there is automatically a drop in energy levels. However, PhenQ can actually boost your energy levels and prevent fatigue – something that other products don’t even come close to doing. It contains a tiny bit of caffeine along with strong herbal extracts, vitamins and amino acids that maintain stable energy levels and cognitive functioning.

With ample energy to perform your tasks, as well as hit the gym, you are less likely to quit your diet program.

Safely Curbs appetite

PhenQ safely curbs your hunger and helps you eat less at each meal and resist high-calorie snacks between meals. To achieve this, it relies on Nopal, a form of soluble fiber that’s extracted from a cactus. Nopal not only reduces mid-meal snacking, but also offers other health benefits, such as reducing your cholesterol levels.


What are the ingredients in PhenQ?

Most products or diets work for a brief period. But after this, users tend to gain back all the fat that was lost and then some more.

That’s why it is important to use a supplement that can block fat production in your body for good!

PhenQ contains some unique ingredients that allow users to lose up to 10 pounds per month on an average. The highest that someone’s lost with it is 36 lbs. So, it definitely can do the job.

Capsimax – One such important ingredient is called Capsimax Powder, which combines capsicum with piperine (black pepper extract). It accelerates your metabolism by enhancing your body’s ability to produce heat energy from ingested food; increasing thermogenesis and BGC. The capsicum present in Capsimax Powder comes from cayenne, which is known to be one of the most potent spices for helping you lose weight.

Nopal – PhenQ’s second ingredient is called nopal; an edible cactus that has been used in Mexican folk medicine for centuries. Nopal helps to reduce appetite and hunger by creating a sensation of fullness, making it the perfect tool to complement your diet and exercise routine.

Nopal blocks fat production by preventing the formation of new fat cells in adipose tissue (brown fat). When brown fat cells are stimulated, they take glucose from the blood, converting it into heat that expels fatty acids through the body’s sweat glands.

α-LACYS RESET® – α-LACYS RESET® is a blend of ingredients that help people lose weight, burn fat, gain more energy, have better sleep and even improve their mood. It is created by Dr. Joseph Mercola who also produces many other health supplements including vitamins and probiotics.

Dr. Mercola claims he has been studying metabolism for years now and the idea behind α-LACYS RESET® is that obesity comes down to insulin resistance. People become resistant to insulin when there are elevated levels of sugar in their blood because too much glucose enters cells via insulin hormone receptors. The cells stop listening to this hormone signaling the pancreas to make more insulin until one’s blood sugar is in a chronic state of elevated levels. It’s this resistance to insulin that Dr. Mercola claims causes all obesity and health problems.

Chromium – Another important ingredient is chromium; a mineral that regulates blood sugar and reduces cravings for carbohydrates. Chromium also helps you feel full, making it easier for you to lose weight.

These 4 ingredients make up PhenQ’s proprietary formula known as the “Phenomenal Four”.


Understanding Phenq weight loss

This unique mix of ingredients targets multiple mechanisms that lead to fat loss; thermogenesis, appetite suppression and preventing fat production in white adipose tissue (white fat).

What is White Fat and how does PhenQ burn it?


Unlike brown fat, white fat is an energy reserve that accumulates in our bodies when we eat more calories than we require (calories-in > calories-out). White fat cells expand when they store excess fats from the food we eat, which makes it difficult for us to burn them off. Some individuals experience a block in this mechanism and continue to gain weight even when they strictly follow a low-calorie diet.

PhenQ works by targeting these 2 types of fat:

  • White Fat: prevents the formation of new white fat cells, allowing you to burn existing ones by accelerating your metabolism.
  • Brown Fat: burns existing white fat cells so that they cannot accumulate or expand, reducing body fat percentage and increasing lean muscle mass.

The ability of PhenQ to block fat production in the body makes it a suitable supplement for both men and women who want to lose their excess weight. Studies have shown that people can lose up to three times more fat with this product than without the use of a supplement, which makes it a good choice for those who are trying to get ahead of their weight loss journey.

In addition, PhenQ is packed with other benefits such as appetite suppression and increased metabolism. It is recommended by doctors around the world because it offers so many health benefits at once.

In fact, this powerful pill has been proven effective in clinical trials even against prescription medications when it comes to burning fat and maintaining lean muscle mass.

What is the best Phenq price?

PhenQ is available only on the official website and select licensed vendor websites. You might come across bottles on Amazon or eBay, but we cannot vouch for its authenticity.

  • A single bottle of PhenQ, which is 60-capsules and a 1-month supply is priced at $69.95.
  • If you buy two bottles of PhenQ, you get the third one for free. So, you get 3-bottles for $139.90.
  • You get a five-bottle pack of PhenQ for $189.95, which is almost 50% off. In addition to the discount and free worldwide delivery, you also get two bottles of Advana Cleanse, which is a detox supplement for free.

As if the pricing wasn’t good enough already, you also get free worldwide shipping on all orders. Orders are shipped from the US & UK, which means that deliveries are prompt and on time.


Is there a PhenQ discount code?

Yes, there is. PhenQ is currently offering 10% off on all orders. You can activate the discount code by clicking on the link below.


What are the real phenq reviews 2021?

2021 has been a stellar year for PhenQ. The beach season in the US saw an avalanche of sales, and as expected for a well-rounded supplement like this, the reviews have been top notch. Most customers were able to meet their targeted weight in less time than they’d expected to.

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Bessie S Schoen, a middle-aged elementary school teacher was able to drop a record 24 lbs. with PhenQ. She did add 10000 steps to her daily routine and ate reasonably clean. She did not calorie count though. So, the diet could have been off the mark, according to her. She’s mighty pleased with PhenQ. Why wouldn’t she be?

Jorge M. Kenney, a 36-year-old Software Engineer was able to lose 17 lbs. with PhenQ. He finally saw his abs. He was starting to believe that he was born without them. He did experience some jitters though in the first few days. That subsided after a while. The rest of the weight loss journey was a cakewalk for him.

There are several real reviews like these on the official website.


Which is the PhenQ Website?

There are a lot of websites which try to portray themselves are the official website for PhenQ. You might even find absolute mirror replicas of the official website.

But the last thing you want is to end up with a counterfeit fat burner folks. There’s a lot of toxic shit being sold out there.

Click the link below to be taken to the official PhenQ website for your country. Oh yes, there are country specific sites to ensure that you can pay in your local currency and get quicker deliveries from a warehouse close to your home.


Does Phenq actually work – Our final thoughts

It absolutely does. We highly recommend PhenQ. It is all-natural, has been on the internet for 10+ years, has a flawless reputation and is backed by 1000s of positive customer reviews.

It’s a well-rounded fat burner that has a thermogenic effect, suppresses appetite and also blocks fat production. The ingredients have multiple clinical studies backing them. The working methodology is based on science. So, it’s not a bunch of fancy sales verbiage and tall claims.

Put your skepticism aside and give it a shot. Comes with a 100% money-back guarantee too.


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