Is It Possible To Get Free UC In PUBG Game?

PUBG game was one of the games that with its release was able to give birth to a new style among computer games. With the release of this game in mid-2017, it suddenly caused a lot of noise in the world of computer games and paved the way for many games in its own style, the Battle Royale style.

In this article, we will introduce the PUBG game, and then we will introduce the ways to get the UC of the PUBG game, and we will focus more on the free ways to get this important element in the game. So if you have experienced this game or you are a fan of this game, join us to get answers to your questions related to the issues raised.

Introducing PUBG Game And The Reasons For Its Popularity

PUBG is a very popular game among gamers for many reasons. One of the reasons for the popularity of this Battle Royale style game is that, your opponents in this Battle Royale can be from all over the world. You can even ask your friend to join the game from home or work and form a team with you, and you can even talk to each other during the game.

Another reason for the success of this game and popularity of it, is its multi platform feature. Currently, this game can be installed and played on all PC and mobile computer platforms, game consoles, mobile phones and all operating systems. This feature has also increased the number of users of this game, so that this game generates $ 2 million daily revenue even after a few years after its release.

Introducing The Style And Gameplay Of The Game

This game has been able to achieve great success due to the Battle Royale style or the so-called war and survival in the game. Due to the Unreal 4 graphics engine, it has been able to use very good visual features. 100 players participate in this game. These players all face each other in a vast and detailed battlefield with their characters personalized by points and UCs earned.

At the beginning of the game, all 100 players in the game are flying over the battlefield map and when they reach the top of the map, they start jumping from inside the plane to the battlefield. Each participant lands on the ground with a parachute at their disposal, looking for equipment and weapons on the map and inside the houses and boxes inside the map.

Some parts of the map have a higher density of weapons and prizes, and therefore the population density of participants in these areas of the map is also high. At first, none of the participants have weapons, and finding a weapon on the ground, especially in places where the density of participants is high, can be very important in defeating enemies and victory.

What Is PUBG UC And What Does It Do?

Like other Battle Royale style games, PUBG has an in-game currency called UC to buy equipment and upgrade characters. With UC you can buy or upgrade various weapons and ammunition and backpacks. With PUBG UC, you can change your character or upgrade his abilities and powers. Buy PUBG UC to upgrade characters. You can create all kinds of skins and change the appearance of your character, and in general, using this currency, you can do anything that will help you win the game.

 How To Get UC?

There are two general ways to get UC. The first way is the way of buying it online with cash, which is by transferring the required UC amount from online sites, you transfer it to your account and use its advantages. This is the easiest and shortest way to use PUBG UC.

The second way is to use the methods that the game has provided to users, by which they can use the game’s UCs ​​for free, which we will describe in the following.

Free UC extraction methods from PUBG game

To get free UC, you must do one of the following:

Participate In Royal Competitions

By participating in the Elite Royal Pass competitions and completing all the missions and stages and earning full points, you can get a free UC. Of course, the game takes 600 US from you to complete the missions of this stage and returns it to you at the end.

Play The Bonus Challenge Game

Participate in the betting of the game by playing the Bonus Challenge game and watch the advertisements that are displayed for you, so that you get a free UC as a gift. To receive these prizes, you must purchase the UCI package included in the game for free.

Follow The Game`S Youtube Account

By following the game user accounts on social networks and YouTube, you will be informed about the games and challenges that are placed in the game in order to receive a free UC, which are shared daily by these accounts. Users can take advantage of these opportunities.

Use Of Advertising Websites

There are also some websites that, in exchange for creating an account on them and registering a PUBG account, give you a UC gift and then assign you an introduction code. By introducing this code to your friends, a number of users will be assigned to you from creating an account by them.

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