Claritox Pro Review: Is It Really What It Claims? Find Out Now!

Claritox pro is a 100% herbal supplement created to improve the brain-to-body function of aged individuals. As you age, your motor neurons start getting weak due to a debilitated immune system. This weak immune system also results in a reduction in phagocytic cells that have the primary function of digesting dead cell wastes.

As these cells reduce in number, the leftover RBC (red blood cells), cell mass (waste), and other externally produced toxins, when combined, start blocking your brain cavities, weakening the body’s motor function, and deteriorating brain-to-body connection.

This imbalance manifests itself in uncontrollable body muscle movements, twitchiness, and dizziness accompanied by other problems like nausea, vomiting, and ear ringing. Your head is constantly spinning all day long without any apparent reason. The condition is also known as vertigo.

Product Name Claritox Pro
Category Vertigo, imbalance, dizziness treatment
Ingredients Alpha-lipoic acid, Zinc, Chromium, Berberine, Resveratol, Silybum Marianum, Banaba leaf, Korean Ginseng
Features ●       GMP Certified

●       Made In FDA Approved Facility

●       100% natural

●       Non-GMO

●       Vegetarian

Daily Recommendation 2 Capsules Per Day
Refund 100% Refund/ 60-day Policy
Price $69
Creator Jim Benson
Where To Buy


How Claritox Pro works:

To deal with vertigo, it is essential to deal with the underlying causes first, either by curing them or preventing them. And that’s what the Claritox pro does.

Each ingredient used in the Claritox Pro has been selected after very detailed research and has a unique property associated with it.

Some ingredients are good in preventing diabetes, some various brain disorders are caused by various toxins, and others have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

The combined effect of all significantly minimizes the chances of any disease that could potentially lead to vertigo.

Plus, even if anything is in a developing state, the supplement will clear off your blood from toxins that could further contribute to its growth.


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How does it help?

Along with curing vertigo, Claritox pro comes with many other benefits that can prove vital to your aging body. Some of them include:

  • Improvement in overall body health
  • Improvement in life quality through soundly working organs
  • Better focus and cognitive abilities
  • Decrease in susceptibility to different health problems like diabetes, heart problems, and brain disorders
  • Improvement in metabolism and digestion
  • Refreshed mind and body throughout the day
  • Increase in overall body functionality and immunity

Is it safe to use?

If taken in optimum quantity, Claritox pro doesn’t have any harmful side effects. Moreover, as all the ingredients are natural and free of any preservatives or chemicals, it is as powerful as safe. Nevertheless, that’s only until the supplement exceeds the prescribed limit.

So before you start taking your daily dose, make sure to see the recommended amount per your condition. And do not exceed it at any cost; overdosage can have detrimental consequences.

Ingredients of Claritox Pro?

Claritox pro contains several ingredients that have proven results to fight and prevent vertigo. They will also protect you against other life-taking diseases like diabetes, cancer, or anything else caused due to an imbalance in blood components. Some of the critical ingredients are given below with their authentic specialties:

1.  Alpha-lipoic acid

Alpha-lipoic acid is an anti-oxidative found naturally inside the body. Although its level in the blood is naturally regulated to the optimum quantity, it is also obtained from foods like spinach, red meat, carrots, potatoes, etc.


The primary function of alpha-lipoic acid in the blood is to maintain heart rhythm and regular blood pumping in the body. However, optimum levels of this omega-3 fatty acid are also associated with fighting diabetes, memory loss diseases, slowing down the progression of carpal tunnel syndrome, and other brain-related disorders that could lead to vertigo.

2.  Zinc

Zinc is another essential nutrient that is required in adequate amounts for the body to function correctly. It’s even regarded as the second most crucial nutrient after iron, responsible for distributing oxygen throughout the body.


Zinc promotes a properly working immune system, nervous system, brain functionality, metabolism, and the activity of over 300-enzymes found in the body, and that’s not even half of its benefits.

Claritox Pro contains a good amount of zinc to ensure that your body gets all it needs to fight vertigo and the interrelated diseases that can lead to the condition.

3.  Chromium

According to research, the probability of developing vestibular disorders is 70% higher in diabetics than in any other patient. This means, if you have extra sugar in your blood, it needs to be balanced.


Chromium plays a significant role in enhancing the functionality of insulin. Insulin is a hormone secreted by the pancreas, and it inhibits the production of extra or harmful glucose.

This makes Claritox Pro even more effective for preventing and fighting against vertigo. Combined with other natural ingredients that are directly involved in treating dizziness and body imbalance, it eradicates the sidekicks that might be causing the disease in the first place.

4.  Berberine

Berberine is another potent plant extract that has some preventive properties indirectly related to vertigo.


It regulates blood pressure and also controls the level of blood cholesterol. Moreover, its role in controlling blood sugars and the prevention of liver diseases is also notable.

With its inclusion in the Claritox Pro, its side by side enhances the preventive and detoxing effects of chromium and Alpha-lipoic acid.

This saves you from many disorders that can cause dizziness or vertigo as one of the side effects, e.g., diabetes.

5.  Resveratol

Resveratrol is found in grape skin, wine, berries, and peanuts, and it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Its primary use as a health supplement is to protect against aging-related brain diseases like Alzheimer’s.


According to unanimously agreeable scientific studies, the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of Resveratol protect your brain from harmful substances that might tamper brain activity. Plus, it decreases the already accumulated toxins that could cause any harm.

6.  Silybum Marianum

It is commonly known as milk thistle. It is one of those miraculous naturally existing products that have a lot to offer. A daily intake of this supplement saves you from many disorders that include jaundice, liver diseases, gallbladder problems, and even diabetes and hepatitis.


It inhibits factors that pave the way for inconveniences, including poor body control and dizziness. Using Claritox Pro as one of your dietary supplements ensures that your body gets all the goodies needed to function correctly.

7.  Banaba leaf

Claritox Pro contains banaba leaf as one of its primary herbal ingredients. This ingredient is also present in Altai Balance.


It has a lot of antioxidant properties with other health-friendly properties like fighting diabetes, rising cholesterol levels, and obesity.

There are no side effects of this herb if consumed in optimum amounts, with many health benefits to keep your aging body safe and sound from any dysfunction. And it will also help in keeping your blood pressure maintained.

8.  Korean Ginseng

Ginseng has so many health benefits that we cannot possibly cover it in a short paragraph. However, as far as vertigo, dizziness, and motor functions are involved, it is a complete package.


Korean ginseng has anti-inflammatory properties and has compounds that can substantially improve the antioxidant capacity of body cells.

Moreover, as per research, it has been proven that ginseng can effectively improve memory, mood, and overall brain functioning.

The ginsenosides contained within the herb protect your brain against free radical damage, various cancers and improve the overall body immune system.

Being used in an optimum amount in Claritox Pro, you can avail of everything it has to offer with just a daily dose of the supplement.

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Claritox Pro ingredients label:

  • 100-mcg chromium
  • 150-mg alpha-lipoic acid
  • 150-mg green tea extract
  • 100-mg berberine
  • 40mg resveratrol
  • 112-mg blend of Korean ginseng, banaba leaf extract, milk thistle, and cayenne fruit

Other ingredients include gelatin, microcrystalline, silicon dioxide, and magnesium stearate (fillers and preservatives).

Is the manufacturing facility of Claritox Pro FDA approved?

Yes! The Claritox pro is manufactured in an FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved GMP certified facility. This means all the ingredients are entirely safe to use and will cause no harm.

To achieve this, the companies must adhere to various quality, purity, weight, and composition standards. Plus, there are also specific tests if the product delivered is free of any contamination.

The aforementioned inspection is conducted regularly from time to time by the concerned authorities to ensure that a pharmaceutical company is following the required health protocols.

Who created the Claritox Pro?

You must have heard those stories about how an Indian man split a mountain into two when it took his wife’s life? This story is pretty much the same, except that Jim Benson, a 67 years old man living near Tennessee, was a vertigo-affected man with slight constipation.

Although he never cared about the condition, the story took a turn when he passed out due to a vertigo attack while playing with his Grandson and fell on a glass table. The thud resulted in several wounds that would otherwise be a ticket to heaven if not taken to the emergency room.

It badly affected him. So without waiting for a miracle, he started deep research about the causes of vertigo and natural, more accessible ingredients that could help him with the condition

The end product he created after was a blend of everything, from agents that regulate blood filtering to ingredients that digest toxins. The first test he made of the medicine was by himself.

He started taking the tablets. The effects were a bit slow but highly effective. It effectively cured his vertigo. He wasn’t dizzy anymore, nor was there any loss of imbalance. It completely changed his life for the better.

After attaining incredible results, he decided to share his life-changing product with the public, and that’s how it took the name of Claritox Pro, now changing the lives of thousands of others like you.

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Are the results scientifically proven?

As we know, vertigo isn’t a specific disease but a condition of imbalance and low control powered by several medical disorders in the background. As a result, you feel your head in a constant state of spinning.

Those disorders mainly include in-development brain diseases like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s, the former related to age, and other toxins. There are also other underlying causes, such as diabetes, brain damage, migraines, etc.

Although there aren’t a lot of studies and research explicitly made on Claritox Pro supplement, the ingredients used in the supplement have special functions that fight against all those underlying causes at once.

That significantly reduces the chances of developing vertigo, as nothing contributing to the condition will happen to your health. Plus, even if anything exists, it will eventually eradicate it from its roots.

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Get your Claritox Pro now!

Tired of your head spinning around every time you stand up? It’s time to get your Claritox pro dose right now. Life is too short to overthink things, especially when you are over your 60s 😉 that too, when something is in high demand and you can lose the opportunity any day.

For the number of diseases it protects you from that manifest themselves in the form of vertigo or dizziness, paying a few dollars that guarantees full-on protection isn’t a huge deal. Especially when there are no shipping costs and a huge limited-time sale

So grab the opportunity and buy your first bottle right now.

Why Buy?

Apart from the miraculous benefits of Clarity Pro, here are some other reasons why you should be trusting the makers

1.   Reasonable price packages

The price packages are as follows:

  • 1x bottle: $69.9
  • 2x bottles: $177
  • 3x bottles: $294

2.   60-days money-back guarantee

The makers of Claritox Pro offer a 60-days money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the results. As the main motive behind Claritox Pro is to provide convenience to the consumers, you can always be sure that your money hasn’t gone down the drain. There’s always a strong backup protecting your investment.

3.   Great customer care service

If you have any doubts or queries, you can always reach out to Claritox Pro customer care service through:


Address: 37 Inverness Drive East, Suite 100, Englewood, Colorado, 80122


Are there any side effects of Claritox Pro?

No, there are no side effects of Claritox Pro on your health. It’s a 100% herbal product with powerful ingredients to fight vertigo and its underlying causes. Just make sure to use it as per directions and do not cross the daily dosage limit. Also, make sure you are not allergic to any ingredients as they may cause unnecessary complications.

Is there any non-veg ingredient used in the product?

Although the gelatin used for making the capsule is most often extracted from animal fat, the maker claims that he found a natural and herbal source of the compound. Which leaves us a bit skeptical, but it’s true, then you’re good to go.

In how much time will I start seeing results when using Claritox Pro?

After using Claritox Pro, you will start seeing results after a month of regular dosage. However, the duration may vary as per the severity of the condition. Those badly affected will take more time, while others will recover within a month. But even then, if you aren’t satisfied with the result, the 60-days refund policy is always there to back you up.

Is Claritox Pro authentic?

Yes, Claritox Pro is an entirely authentic health supplement with proven results. The customer reviews are also favorable, and they highly recommend the product to anyone dealing with dizziness and body imbalance.

Can I take Claritox Pro as a daily dietary supplement with normal health?

Yes, as Claritox Pro primarily keeps your body clean from toxins and any other thing that can lead you to deteriorated health. Due to its preventative properties against several different diseases, normal individuals can benefit greatly by reducing the chances of developing diabetes, ulcers, cancers, or anything that can be a severe health threat.

Is it only for people aged over the 60s?

Well, generally? Yes! Specifically? No! Claritox Pro was created to cure brain and motor-related issues, especially with aging. So It is highly associated with old individuals. However, it’s equally beneficial for middle-aged adults as it’s a healthy diet supplement with many great health benefits.

Where can I buy the Claritox Pro?

You can only buy Claritox Pro from Jim Benson’s official website. This is necessary to ensure that you get the authentic product. Trusting other online platforms for the purchase may expose you to scams, which are bad for your health and the supplement’s reputation.

How does the refund policy work?

If you are not satisfied with the results, simply contact the customer care service through the provided contact details to explain why you are returning the product. You can also directly visit the Claritox headquarters through the address provided on the official website. They have excellent customer service and will ensure you get the compensation in due time. It all comes down to your satisfaction.

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