5 Ways Doing Sports Can Improve Your College Grades

Volumes have been written on the importance of sports for physical and mental health. But can physical activity also help college students improve their grades?

The connection between the students’ engagement in sports and their academic performance has been subject to numerous studies, but the topic still remains highly controversial.

Some researchers argue that being physically fit can be directly linked to better grades and overall performance in college. Others point out that student athletes often neglect their academic responsibilities, which results in poorer class attendance and lower GPAs.

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As for those students who regard sports activities as a pleasant addition to their college routine, they are indeed more likely to perform better academically, most studies indicate.

Read on to find out the five ways doing sports can improve your college grades.

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Ensures Stronger Physical Health

You may think that your academic success only depends on your diligence and mental functions. But in reality, physical health is the cornerstone of high performance in virtually every sphere of life. If you constantly feel weak and tired, you’ll hardly be able to either work consistently on your college assignments or ace a demanding exam.

Here’s where sports can help firsthand. Numerous studies have shown that regular exercise improves physical health in many ways, including:

  • normalizing blood pressure;
  • lowering cholesterol levels;
  • improving muscular strength, and more.

A healthy mind in a healthy body, as the saying goes!

Reduces Stress and Anxiety Levels

Talking about spirits – have you ever noticed feeling uplifted and full of energy after a run in the park or a workout routine at the gym? It’s not a coincidence: physical activity is a proven way to lift one’s spirits due to the production of endorphins – special hormones responsible for our mental well-being.

Exercising also decreases stress and anxiety levels which is something all students need, especially during exam weeks. Feeling less stressed and anxious, in turn, will help you do your best and get the highest marks possible.

Improves Focus

Being able to focus on a given task is crucial for students, too. Sadly, the modern lifestyle with its numerous distractions usually results in problems with concentration, and in shorter attention spans.

Yet, think of an athlete ready to strike the ball or start off running: that person only sees the goal ahead. One cannot succeed in any sports, be it sprint running, soccer, tennis, or anything else without some serious work on their concentration skills. Thus, unsurprisingly, sports is one of the most effective ways to improve focus.

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Enhances Cognitive Abilities

Cognitive abilities, or cognition, encompass a number of mental actions or processes necessary for acquiring and retaining knowledge as well as understanding concepts and phenomena.

These include:

  • perception;
  • attention;
  • memory;
  • problem-solving;
  • decision-making, and more.

All these skills and qualities are indispensable in college – and sports can arguably do a lot to enhance them, both directly and indirectly, many studies suggest. Stronger cognition, in turn, eventually leads to better academic performance – and better grades.

Strengthens Resilience

Sportsmen are intentionally trained to be resilient and persevering – something that everyone needs but doesn’t typically get outside the athletic world. Champions keep playing until they get it right, said Billie Jean King, an American tennis legend – and there are many more sports quotes with a similar message.

Thus, student athletes are better equipped to deal with failures and achieve their goals despite the multiple hurdles that inevitably pop up from time to time. Where others give up, they persevere – and, finally, get things done.

Wrapping Up

If you’ve been wondering how to improve your academic performance and get better grades, you’ve probably found the answer in this article. As you see, doing sports can be beneficial in multiple ways, and chances are, joining a college team is exactly the solution you need.

Some experts say that students can try as many as 4-7 different kinds of sports simultaneously for maximum effect, but you can just as well start with one – and see what happens!