How to plan a coloring competition?

One thing you should know about kids is that it’s essential to keep kids occupied. If you don’t keep them busy with something productive, they will probably utilizel their energy to ruin your kitchen. So, what are some excellent ideas that will keep the kids busy? Well, an excellent idea for kids of all ages is to hold a coloring contest. Coloring is something everyone can do, and that is why sites like Falne konkursy have coloring contests in the first place.

But how do you set up a coloring contest? Well, it isn’t as hard as it seems; similar to the Falne konkursy site, you can hold a coloring contest either between your kids or for all the kids of the neighborhood. It can have a theme like Christmas or Halloween or be completely random. You would need the themed-based Coloring pages, a few rules, and a little planning, and you would have the best coloring contest in town.

Things to do for the event

Prior planning is a must to hold an event. Without the proper supplies and rules, you can’t hold any contest. Here is an essential list you have to follow to organize a fantastic coloring contest.

Search coloring pages

Coloring pages are an essential part of the contest. So, the first thing you have to do is select coloring pages for your contest. Since you may have children of all ages and even some adults, it’s better to have different pages with different difficulty levels. In addition, the type of coloring pages you select should go with the theme of your event. For example, suppose it’s a Halloween coloring contest; for that, you would need to search for free printable Halloween coloring pages and save them.

Print them out

Once you have selected all your coloring pages, the next step is to print them out. It’s advised to use a good printer or probably go to a shop to print them if you plan on having a lot of kids for the contest. Another thing you can do is, before publishing the coloring pages, you can edit and add space on the top for the children to write their names. You can further print all the rules on the back, so kids can read and follow them.

If you know someone who can’t attend the event in person, make sure to email the PDF to the child or their parents, and they can print it out, and the child can participate too from the comfort of his or her home. Afterward, the colored picture can be emailed to you

Make rules

Another essential aspect of such contests is a set of rules. Rules are necessary for any game to run smoothly; without restrictions, the kids may not know what to do. You can either print out directions on the back of every coloring page, or you can write them on a giant board or chart for everyone to read. Such home-based contests don’t need any strict rules, just a few straightforward basics like:-

  • Write your name
  • Color as you like; bring your own set of paints or crayons
  • Handover the finished coloring pages to the organizer
  • Six winners will be chosen from each age category. Good luck! etc

Additional supplies for the contest

Before the live contest takes place, you need to set the venue. For that, choose a single room or the yard if the weather permits and place mats or a few pillows there. Try to decorate the site a bit to make it a fun place for all the kids. Also, make sure to have extra crayons and colors on hand if a child forgets or doesn’t have them.

Final thoughts

Setting up a little coloring contest can be a fun and engaging activity. Such would be rewarding to the kids and for you as well. Good luck!

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