Benefits of Investment In The New Capital Of Egypt

Investing in The New Administrative Capital is what investors are now looking for inside and outside Egypt. This is because of the promising future of the new capital in investment and its containment of all the ingredients that work on the success of any project. In addition to the diversity of projects and opportunities within them between administrative, commercial, as well as luxury residential projects.

About the administrative capital in Egypt

The New Administrative Capital is one of the latest and largest projects in the Republic of Egypt at the present time. It was built on a vast area of ​​170,000 acres, as well as in a vital and strategic location on the borders of Badr City.

It is also 60 km away from AinSokhna and Suez. The New Administrative Capital is also close to the most important cities such as New Cairo, Mostakbal City, and Madinaty. In addition to the privileged location, the new capital is working with the latest technologies and smart methods that are transforming it into a leading cultural, political and economic center within the Middle East. The Administrative Capital project in Egypt also aims to change the concept of residential life, with a population set to reach from 18 to 40 million. people by 2050.

Advantages of Investing In The New Administrative Capital In Egypt

If we look at the projects established within the administrative capital and scheduled to be established during the coming period, we note the promising future that awaits that city in the coming years. Since its establishment in 2015, the New Administrative Capital has witnessed intense competition from investment companies and businessmen, both inside and outside Egypt.

Because of its advantages and services for the first time in Egypt and the whole world, which makes the chances of success of these projects guaranteed and very close. During these lines, we review the most important reasons that motivate you to invest in the new capital:

  • The Egyptian government worked to provide all facilities and services that help businessmen start their investments immediately in the new capital in Egypt.
  • The location of the New Administrative Capital was also chosen very carefully to be near the most important axes and main roads for easy access.
  • The Administrative Capital also includes huge entertainment projects such as the Opera House, huge theaters and art galleries that include all disciplines.
  • In addition to the existence of the largest park in the world with an area of ​​1,000 acres and a length of 10 km, equivalent to two and a half times the area of ​​New York’s Central Park.
  • The administrative capital also includes on the longest green axis in the world the “Green River”, which includes a large number of green parks and luxury recreational projects.
  • The New Administrative Capital includes the iconic tower, which is the tallest tower in Egypt and Africa, in addition to 20 other towers.

The monorail project will be built within the new administrative capital, which will link the city with the governorates of Egypt and the most important areas in Cairo.

The new administrative capital in Egypt has also attracted the most important real estate development companies to build their projects there, such as Pyramids Company, Misr Italia, Master Builder Group, Amon Company, Rafco Real Estate Company and many other huge and giant companies in the field.

There is also the first medical city, and the first sports city, within the administrative capital.

In addition, it is scheduled to transfer all ministries and government institutions to the new capital during the coming months, in addition to foreign embassies.

  • There are also the most important international schools and international universities within the capital.

New administrative Capital Compounds In Egypt

As we mentioned to you, the Administrative Capital project is working to change the way of living in Egypt. It relies on smart systems and clean energy means such as solar energy, in addition to providing vast green spaces that provide a calm and pure atmosphere for residents within the Administrative Capital.

According To  all Administrative Capital Compoundsin Egypt were designed based on modern and innovative designs that are characterized by luxury and sophistication. In addition to paying attention to the privacy of the residents and providing large spaces between each unit and the other.

The Egyptian government has also taken care of providing the finest schools and universities that guarantee an educational future at the highest level for the entire population. This is in addition to providing various types of services that ensure a safe and luxurious life for all. The New Administrative Capital also provides the most luxurious shopping centers and malls that include the most famous luxury and high-end brands that are suitable for the tastes of all residents.

In addition to a wide variety of spaces and types of residential units in the Administrative Capital, such as apartments, twin houses, townhouses, standalone villas, and studios. This ensures that the needs and tastes of all people are met.

Here are the best residential compounds located within the Administrative Capital in Egypt:

  • Sky Compound Abu Dhabi.
  • De Joya Compound.
  • Compound Misr Italy.
  • Yaro Compound.
  • The Anakaji Project.
  • Florya Compound.

Malls Of The New Administrative Capital In Egypt

The New Administrative Capital includes a huge number of malls and commercial centers, whether within the Downtown area or the CBD central business district.

The malls of the Administrative Capital are a great opportunity to invest in the capital, as it includes a variety of areas of shops and units that are suitable for all different investment activities and businesses.The malls of the Administrative Capital are a great opportunity to invest in the capital, as it includes a variety of areas of shops and units that are suitable for all different investment activities and businesses.

This is in addition to the different unit prices within the Administrative Capital in a way that meets the needs of all customers and is in line with the budgets of businessmen and their different needs. The administrative capital’s malls’ areas in Egypt are also characterized by being close to the most important neighborhoods and vital areas, such as the government district, the petroleum and computer companies, and the Ministries District, which increases the popularity of the various malls’ activities and thus ensures investors the success of their projects and the achievement of huge profits. Also, most of the commercial centers there have clear views of the green river and green spaces, which guarantees customers

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