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It is clear that the CBD market has been growing rapidly and, in the present, it’s become the toughest task of separating between different CBD products. We are pleasantly surprised that the CBD products we are considering are so different that we are left wondering how people are narrowing their choices. Should we take the CBD oil option or would it be better to stick with gummies and/or topicals? Does a product’s effectiveness dependent on a specific basis? Perhaps an issue, but it’s impossible to be sure until the various products are evaluated. It’s a good thing that Exolite CBD has decided to launch the subscription box which includes not just three but three different CBD products. Are the mystery of what’s in the boxes causing you to panic? The goal in this article is to reveal the contents as well as the value in The Exolite CBD Box.


What Is Exolite CBD Box?

According to the description The Exolite CBD Box encompasses various CBD products that have different delivery methods. Based in America Exolite CBD, the makers of the box Exolite CBD are firmly convinced of the therapeutic effects that are a part of CBD and believe that their plan to create CBD boxes will be successful. CBD boxes will boost overall health. Before we get to what the insides of this box contain let’s examine the attributes that are expected to provide this box an Exolite CBD Box a competitive advantage.


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What Are The Main Features Of Every Exolite CBD Box Carry?

Based on the data available through the site’s official web page, our team discovered it is true that all the products in the Exolite CBD Box are based in the U.S. This is an attractive feature because the country is well-known for its strict rules on cultivating, extracting manufacturing, labeling and packaging products. Anything that can lead to the deception of consumers is a crime to be disapproved of. Concerning the origin of hemp, it is classified as 100% organic and non-GMO hemp.

Then, we can determine the concentration per dose, which can be 10 mg and 16.67mg per serving or 250mg and 300mg in a bottle or product. Although this isn’t an extensive enough variety, knowing there’s something to suit everyone from beginner to intermediate users can be reassuring. It’s hard to ignore the fact that natural ingredients have been used to create the right flavor profile, or the fact that all products have less than 0.03 percent of THC?

Additionally, the important ingredient lists as well as the certificates of analysis (CoAs) are available online. Although the most basic tests have been carried out, buyers can be assured that they have the correct cannabinoids’ composition for each product. Based on this information, we can now look at the contents of the package! This post also indicates the transparency of Exolite’s side which is vital for a tight, regulations-driven market.


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What’s in every Exolite CBD Box?

The Exolite CBD Box contains three CBD products, which include:

Exolite CBD Oil

Exolite CBD Oil is pure CBD isolat oil which gives 300mg or 500mg CBD in each bottle (depending on the size of the bottle that you purchase). Again, the folks at Exolite confirm that they have used the finest organic ingredients to ensure the potency of CBD is evident in this product. Additionally, the product is said to taste good due to the natural flavors that have been added. If you aren’t thrilled with CBD’s earthy flavor, Exolite CBD Oil could be a good option.


Exolite CBD Gummies

They aren’t always the most pleasant, and occasionally people prefer to experience CBD as a treat. This is where Exolite CBD Gummies are a good choice because they are similar to the oil and are made of only natural ingredients that will take you back to the past when candy were a popular treat. Of course, in this case, they have some health-enhancing properties.


Exolite CBD Cream

In the end, Exolite CBD Cream is an CBD topical treatment that can offer targeted relief. If people prefer to stay clear of the consumption of oral substances and want to reduce pain in particular areas of the body creams are the most effective solution. As of now, the Exolite CBD team only produced an oil with the CBD concentration of 500mg which is still quite good!


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What is the cost of The Exolite CBD Box cost?

What is included in the Exolite CBD Box depend on the plan you select. The box is delivered every month and could include some of the bundles listed below:


Basic CBD Box:

It Contains 2 Items Which Costs at $69.99/month

  • CBD Drops 300mg
  • CBD Gummies 300mg

Platinum CBD Box:

It Consists of Three Items which costs at $89.99/month

  • CBD Drops 500mg
  • CBD Pain Cream 500mg
  • CBD Gummies

Exolite CBD Box:

It contains 4 items in the package which costs at $99.99/month

  • All three items same as platinum box and,
  • CBD Capsules 300mg


Additionally the boxes are covered by a 30 day money-back warranty. Should the box’s contents fail to impress or satisfy, customer service can be contacted at support@exolitecbd.com or via Facebook Messenger to see whether an order is eligible for a refund. After receiving the information and a decision has been reached then an RMA code will be emailed to any returns.


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Final Verdict

Based on our research of the main factors that stood out were the location it is located on, the hemp-based source utilized, as well as the degree of transparency. The final conclusion is that it’s the Exolite CBD Box is a CBD subscription service where users are able to enjoy the supply of 3 distinctive CBD products. Although concentrations aren’t quite as high for experienced users, they can be geared towards meet the requirements of novices and/or intermediate users. For those who aren’t sure about the delivery method that will meet their requirements, a subscription planthat is able to be cancelled at any time, is beneficial.

We would also have would have liked a more detailed certification of analysis The actuality it is that Exolite CBD went this far to offer the necessary documentation is worthy of mentioning. Some companies like to hide things and especially when CoAs aren’t required however it’s great to find a few companies that are thinking about the health of their customers. For prices these boxes are cheap. Actually, a lot of single CBD products available are priced the same as the standard box.


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Contact Information


Toll-Free Customer Service Phone:

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If you need to return your order please contact customer service to get an RMA number that you will need to include in the package you send back to us.

Email: support@tryexolitecbd.com

Official Website: tryexolitecbd.com

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