But Wait, There’s More: Practical Deals for Green Monday

Practical Deals for Green Monday

Green Monday is a day that retailers use to sell their inventory at discounted prices.  Many people are not aware of the tradition and may be surprised when they find out it exists.  In order to make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity, we have created a guide for all your questions!

A day to be celebrated, not dreaded! It’s the day when you get to do all of your shopping that you’ve been meaning to do but just haven’t found the time for. You get all of your errands done in one day and it saves you so much money because there are no more trips out with gas prices being what they are today. 

While we all look for great deals on the hottest items, sometimes we just need an easy option to stuff into stockings last minute or wrap as gifts to equal out our numbers beneath the tree. (Don’t think for one second your kids aren’t counting out each and every gift, comparing the number to their sibling’s pile.) While the holiday is the time for giving, sometimes we just run out of ideas.

So why not go with the best gift of all: the practical gift. While kids hate them, adults end up needing these gifts, so why not?

CouponLab has been helping you to get the best deal, alongside offering them the best promo code at a click.

Kohl’s is offering up to 50% off underwear with 8% cashback. While underwear isn’t the most glamorous gift, it is a necessity, and new underwear is exceedingly practical.

While you’re at it, make sure dad is geared up in his proper attire with these amazing and stylish fleece pants in a variety of colors from Walmart with a 3% coupon code.

The converse is offering 30% off almost everything. This includes Hi-Top Plaid Laces with 11% cashback. You can never have too many laces or be too prepared. Don’t forget your shoe balls to keep them smelling fresh.

Need a stocking stuffer for several people? Why not buy a pack of Wigwam crew work socks and stick them in several stockings. Bam — problem solved. 5 % cashback and coupon from Blain’s Farm and Feet don’t hurt either.

So you know someone who’s needing a little bit of an upgrade in their bath towels? This soft and comfy Wamsutta duet bath towel collection is a perfect addition to anyone’s bathroom. Bonus! They are dual-sided and extra absorbent.

Last but not least: do not forget the most versatile gift of them all: rope. You can use it for anything. Hanging lights, stockings, jumping rope, tie gifts with, use it in the kitchen for the extra pots and pans, use it to help Santa get off the roof or hold a reindeer down with (real or decorative); there are a million uses. Get it here with free shipping with no minimum purchase for only $11.99 at Dick’s. Act even faster and save with 3.5% cashback today.

These deals won’t last much longer and are available for one day only. Make sure you save on Green Monday

Stores Offering Coupon Gift Cards with Cash Back

Cashback amounts are subject to change. Stores offering gift cards are mentioned.

Everyone loves getting gift cards! They’re always the perfect size and color, right? Not to mention, this time of year, getting one during the holidays gives you the opportunity to spend them during Holiday clearance sales, allowing you to get more presents for your pretty pennies!

Giving gift cards is just as great as receiving one–you’ve got to love anything that saves time! Do you know what’s even better? Getting cashback when you purchase one!

We’ve rounded up a huge list of merchants who are generous enough to pay cashback when you buy one of their gift cards/eGift cards! They’re listed in alphabetical order with the current cashback amount. 

Please remember that coupon cashback is subject to change as are the stores’ cash back restrictions regarding gift cards. It’s always good to check each stores’ cashback details on their merchant page here on Couponlab. (Type the store name into the search bar above and click on “Coupons Details” next to the “Shop Now” button.)

Even if you’re caught at the last minute without a gift, and don’t have time to have one shipped, many of the stores will allow you to email gift cards (eGift Cards) to your friends and family, or print one out to give them in person. Perfect for other procrastinators like me!

Happy Shopping & Happy Holidays!

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