Learn How to Turn Your Life Around from Robert Fleeman


Robert Fleeman and his Daughter Amy at Lake Tahoe.

Do you think that your life is getting worse by the day? There is a need for some massive changes in your life, but you don’t know where to start? Do you feel anxious every time you think of your future? Well, you’re not alone in this situation. A lot of people are going through the same thing.

That’s why renowned life coach Robert Leeman has prepared a guide on how to change your life for the better. You can read the whole thing with a lot of details on his site robertfleeman.com. Here is a quick overview of his teachings.


Change your environment

Your environment has a more significant effect on your behavior than you might realize. Just like a dirty and darkroom will leave you discouraged, a clean and bright room will compel you to work hard. You can use this trick to motivate yourself and get the results you want.

Do you want to lose weight? Go to a gym. Do you want to study? Get out of your bed and create a dedicated studying area in your room/house. Do you like to learn a sport? Go to a local club for that sport, don’t just practice in your backyard. Changing your environment in this positive way will make the change happen so much quicker and easier.


Let someone hold you accountable

If you have a plan to do anything, tell someone close to you about it. Give them full permission to investigate you on that topic. This way, their regular inquiry will keep you motivated. You will eventually stop caring if the only person holding you accountable is yourself. But, as soon as someone else is involved, the whole thing is different. If you don’t have anyone to ask for this, go online. There are plenty of good people out there willing to help you out.


Robert Fleeman and his Daughter Amy at Home.


Stay away from social media

Social media is relatively new, and its effects on human psychology are still being studied. The only thing that is clear by now is that it is not suitable for your mental health. So, the first step of changing your life around is to lessen or outright abandon social media platforms.

The initial transition will be difficult, especially if you are an addict. But, as soon as you get over it, you’ll see the benefits for yourself.


Create good habits

Let’s say that you are motivated to get fit. You start running every day with this newfound motivation. You were so close to getting fit, but your motivation dwindled, and you completely stopped, essentially wasting all that effort you put in.

Now imagine the same scenario, but instead of relying solely on your motivations to carry you through the runs, you make it a habit. Now the motivation can retire, but you will still go for that run without any issues. This is the power of habits, and cultivating good ones will make your life better for the long run.