How to repurpose metal to create something new

Metal is an essential material that is used for construction, technology, and fashion. Metal is an incredibly versatile material and can often be recycled into something new. Many companies offer a recycling service so that metal doesn’t have to be thrown away and wasted. You can get creative and make something beautiful out of scraps of metal.

The most common types of metal that can be recycled are aluminium and steel. These are also the most affordable types of metal, and therefore the most likely to be thrown away. Metals like copper, brass and silver, are unlikely to be thrown to waste because of their higher price tag.  Fortunately, aluminium is very flexible, lightweight and recyclable. It also has fantastic electrical and thermal conductivity, as well as being odourless.

Here are a few ways you could repurpose metal to produce something new.

Steel rods have a rustic flare

The industrial style is still thriving in the interior landscape. Filament light bulbs and exposed steel rods can add an edge to your home. You could wrap filament lights around a steel rod suspended over your living room table for an unusual light feature. Or, you could incorporate spare rods into your chairs, railings and coat rack. You just need to think outside the box and make your interior design a little more controversial.

You need tools

If you want to do a little DIY on scrap metal, you need to get yourself a workshop and some power tools. Metal can be sharp and dangerous to work with. You need to educate yourself on the proper health and safety precautions before you begin work. Invest in a hydraulic press, a sturdy worktop and a few other power tools tailored to your project.

Shipping containers

Shipping containers can be used for much more than, well, shipping. These containers have been used for offices, bars, and shops over the years. A shipping container home even featured on Grand Designs, and Kevin McCloud named it his favourite project. Shipping containers are brilliant for a wide range of uses. More recently, shipping containers have been used to build bar complexes in city centres across the UK. The containers hold cafes, clothing stores, restaurants, and bars. They fit in with the industrial style and look fantastic in the background of photographs.


Metal can be recycled to be used in automobiles, appliances, building materials and packaging. Many businesses utilise recycled materials and don’t invest in new steel. Recycled materials are far better for the environment and a brilliant way to lower your company’s carbon emissions. It’s also cheaper than brand new metals and can be reused over and over again.

Recycle, reuse and have fun with creating items from metal materials.

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