How to choose the right adults electric scooter?

Electric Scooters seem more and more like a viable and sustainable option in a modern-day city. An electric scooter has virtues in that it is compact portable and still powerful. Although it is no electric bike it should still be plenty for personal transport in a city-based environment. Allowing a rider to bypass traffic either by footpath or deft overtaking it is a fun and exhilarating. Though traditionally thought of as toys for children the modern electric scooter is a hugely feasible option for adults for short distance travel and commute or maybe just a ride by the beach. There are a few prerequisites though mainly for adopting scooters as the medium of transport , mainly that they have a longer range than the average commute distance and be comfortable to ride to and back. Here we discuss one of the better sooters out there.

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The Varla Pegasus the best electric scooters for commuting. Top of the line product from Varla, the scooter provides best in class specs at a relatively affordable price. In this article we dig a little deeper into why, as a city commuter, it could be and should be; your next electric scooter. If you are searching for an off electric sooter for big guy keep on reading.

The undisputed king of the city

The Dual 1000W hub motor Varla Eagle One is the king of the modern-day city. Whether it’s for fun or for commuting the Varla Eagle One will get you a little bit of both. With the average commute distance in the US being 15 miles for time of 42 minutes the inefficiency of cars is at full display. With a top speed of 40 miles per hour and a range of 40+ miles per hour this scooter will easily last you the entire workday and then some and will also have you scooting through traffic like there’s no tomorrow. It will certainly have you feeling like a speed demon so much so that you will probably want to stay at a lower than top speed. Off roading is no problem for this brute of a scooter. The hefty motors have plenty of torque behind them and will keep up with grass or dirt. The torque means you have great power and acceleration at demand, which is mostly a plus in the city with its frequent starts and stops.

A comfortable ride

The Varla Eagle one not only offers great speed and power but also great comfort. The scooter is amazingly comfortable to ride on; all the while your ride is exceptionally smooth. The wide deck ensures that you can keep both your feet firmly planted on the scooter if you wanted to. The scooter also comes with skates for the deck in the box so that you can customize for a look you like. The Dual suspension along with tube tires ensure that your ride is without any bumps. Ideally you should need no suspension. Even though, the modern-day city environment is far from ideal, the Varla Eagle One ensures your ride is ideal. The suspension not only keeps you from knowing every single hole and crevice in the road but also prevents vibrations, from reaching the onboard electronics, which would damage them, also keeping the on-board LCD display stable ensuring you can get all the relevant information you need at any time. The dual disc hydraulic brakes ensure that despite all your power, you can still stop and turn on a dime all the while requiring little effort and providing higher reliability compared to wheel friction brakes.

Designed for more

The Varla Eagle One is an adult scooter designed for the modern city and country environment. It is designed for a wide range of weights and body sizes. Intended for a maximum payload of 330 lbs. or 150 kgs; it can transport a bigger adult than competitor scooters. The 77 lbs. scooter though not light, is still carriable and portable. It does not need parking space since you can probably stow it under a desk or some corner at work and carry it up to your condo or apartment at home. The 40+ mile range scooter is powered by a 950 Wh. battery which recharges from dead to 100% in 8 hours, however, one can buy an additional charger, and charge using both chargers, for a total charging time of 4 hours. The 3-inch tube tires offer great comfort and off-road capabilities. The scooter is rated for IP54 which means that a little splash will not be much trouble. The aluminum alloy frame can surely take a beating and come back unscathed. The 30+ degree climbing angle means that no hilly road is too wild to conquer for the Varla Eagle One adult electric scooter.

A safer ride

The Varla Eagle One knows that with great power comes great responsibility and greater disc brakes and so, it comes equipped with a suite of safety features. First and foremost are the headlights and taillights for the riders at night. They are for increasing your visibility on the road for other travelers and drivers on the road. The scooter also has a nostalgic, old school bicycle ring bell which makes for a pleasant and safe experience when riding on footpaths. The dual suspension also keeps your ride stable which means that you are always in control of your ride. The finger throttle and the ergonomic grips keep your hands relaxed and snug while ensuring superior speed control. There is even an onboard ABS system for superior brake control making sure you never skid out and lose control.


We have seen how the Eagle One is perfect for commuting, transport and even amusement. The scooter is a perfect all-rounder. To conclude the Varla Eagle One Electric Scooter for adults is a slick stylish beast packing plenty of power under its deck along with great ride ability. It is the probably the best contender for your money both feature wise and buck for your bang wise. If you are on the fence about buying one for yourself, you can get a taster by availing scooter