Weird Engineering Feats That Gained Worldwide Attention


Throughout history, humans have been capable of breathtaking engineering achievements, from the Egyptian pyramids to the mysterious Stonehenge. As well as being a spectacular sight, some of these engineering feats have been designed to save lives, whilst others have been made to simplify travel.

This article will cover some of the most interesting projects that engineers have worked on and that have gained noteable worldwide attention.

The Cyclocable


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The Cyclocable was invented in Norway by a French company called the POMA Group. It was built in Trondheim, Norway with the express intention of getting cyclists comfortably uphill. Known as ‘Trampe’, it operates like a ski lift to help cyclists cruise up a hillside without expending a large amount of energy.

Cyclists from all over the world flock to use it, and there have never been any reports of accidents. This makes it an ideal way to cycle for those who would like to ride to work for exercise but have a low fitness level. The genius behind this engineering feat is the simplicity of the usability and accessibility to riders of all skill levels.

Laerdal Tunnel

This tunnel is a fun engineering feat that was built by hand over four years. It’s located in Norway, but it can be accessed from both ends: one is at Lake Laerdal (Norway) while the other lies on the Swedish side of Lake Nesseelva.

It provides passage for pedestrians and mountain bikers during the summer months, and snowmobile traffic during winter. The project cost more than $13 million, and it was financed through private funding.


The Large Zenith Telescope

This was built in the early 2000s to help with large-scale studies of interstellar matter and to detect gravitational waves from some of the most distant regions of our universe. It’s located on Mount Haleakala, which overlooks Maui, Hawaii. It has an aperture that measures 200 meters across, making it one of the largest optical telescopes ever constructed. It also has a massive metal dome weighing over 900 tons.

It’s now one of only six major telescopes that are considered ‘mega-telescopes’. The Zenith Telescope has been heralded as a breakthrough for astronomy; its large size allows scientists to study new parts of the universe with unprecedented clarity.

Capital Gate

This building located in Abu Dhabi was designed to withstand terrorist attacks and earthquakes. It was proposed as a skyscraper with retail space, office space, luxury apartments, and parking spaces. Construction began in the winter of 2006 and finished in 2008 at an estimated cost of $700 million dollars. There’s no steel or concrete frame; instead, there are reinforced welded connections between beams that form triangles for strength.

The building’s top floor contains two public observation decks — one looking east and one looking west — and each deck features expansive 360° views from 23 stories up.

This brief discussion has been just the tip of the iceberg. You should also check out the Ericsson Globe, Palm Jumeirah, and the Rolling Bridge. They are examples of what happens when brilliant minds come together and harness the power of the human imagination.

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