All The Reasons Why GCash Is Worth It

In the tales of the Arabian Nights, we all came across the flying carpet that could transport humans from one part of the planet to the other in the blink of an eye or the magic cups that would show you what is happening at some other place. Thanks to the progress made in the tech field, that has all become a reality. Through planes, trains and other transport systems we can reach far-off destinations in hours. In addition, the invention of a smartphone can tick other boxes that may have seemed like miracles a couple of centuries ago.

Thanks to modern-day technology, specifically cell phones, you can talk, hear and see other people. You can also perform many different tasks, such as transferring cash, paying bills, making memories, and staying connected with the whole world. One such software aiding in this particular aspect is GCash in the Philippines. So what is GCash, and what does it offer? Read on to find out.


What is GCash?

If you want to learn basic functions about the GCash app and other small commands, such as how to borrow money in gcash. You’re at the right place. GCash, an application available for all your devices, is your e-wallet. It has grown pretty popular since its release in the Philippines region and can assist you in paying your bills or buying products or services online. It is an ever-growing and safe platform with over thirty million users in the region. Through this, funds transfer for the citizens has become a breeze.


What does GCash offer?

Although it’s no secret that the task this little application can perform for you, a little recall never hurts, especially with quick recent updates to add more and more features for its users. These applications and the whole concept of e-wallet can make your transactions safe and secure, save you hours of waiting, and cut down the traffic at many public offices. In turn, GCash is giving you more time to spend where it’s worth it. Here is a list of the features GCash has to offer to its esteemed users.


1.   Paying your bills on-the-go

With GCash, you don’t have to wait your turn in long lines to pay your bills. With the e-wallet, you can quickly pay your bills any time, any day, without spending hours in a queue. The app lets you pay a plethora of charges including, utility, government, and even education bills. Furthermore, if allowed, the app saves all your data and helps you pay your bills with ease.


2.   An e-wallet that helps you save!

Usually, bank accounts and credit cards encourage the user to spend more funds. But GCash helps in that aspect too. With GCash, you can save money through the GSave option. Furthermore, your savings are constantly increasing by a specific percentage just by being in your account. An e-wallet that helps keep your money safe and lets it grow at the same time. What more can one desire?


3.   Why not “Go Green”

Did you know that through GCash, you can virtually pay for planting a tree in the real world? In addition to this, you will have many options for what sort of tree you want to grow. You will also be awarded green energy points, which add up and further assist you in planting more trees.


4.   Swift funds transfer

Want to transfer funds from your account to someone else? With GCash, you can do so in seconds. All you have to do is enter the individual’s account number you want to transfer the funds to, write down the amount, and quickly transfer funds.


5.   Running low on mobile load, fear not with GCash

If you run out of balance and urgently need it, all you have to do is load up, through your GCash application. Enter your phone number and the amount you want to load on your phone, and your balance will show up within a couple of minutes.


6.   Movie night prep

If you are planning on a movie night, you can prep ahead with GCash. With the Gcash application, you can quickly scroll through for movies, timing, and theatres they are playing at. Afterward, purchase your tickets beforehand, and save the hassle of waiting in line.


7.   Withdrawing funds

GCash is like an electronic wallet, but that doesn’t mean you can not take out your deposited money. Although you need a specific amount of funds in an account to withdraw them, it isn’t hard. After you have the threshold amount, you can take it from outlets that partner with the app. Furthermore, you can directly transfer it to your bank account and take it out from there.


8.   Order food on-the-go

With Glife, you can upscale your food and shopping experience. The new addition to the list of features GCash is offering is Glife. With this, you can shop from over thirty shops online and even place a food order from the list of restaurants in it.


9.   Investment opportunities

Everyone is looking for fantastic investment opportunities. Investment can be a great plan, but a lot of people aren’t sure where to start. The app features a section that is a great investment opportunity for people trying to invest. The investment is only made to reliable business partners of GCash. Your account of GCash needs to be verified; as soon as it’s confirmed, you can start investing.


10.  GCash Insurance

Through this feature of the app, you can access a plethora of insurance products. To get started, all you need to do is open the GCash app and click on GInsure. From there on, you can choose a list of insurance products from the list provided. After that, opt for the plan you prefer. Finally, a page will popup to show you that the payment for the insurance is made.


Final note

GCash is an app that fits all your needs on a device. In addition to the features mentioned above, there are numerous features the app offers. The app will be completely worth it as it will be making a lot of your daily affairs a breeze.

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