The James Patterson Biography: Read the Story Behind the Man


James Patterson (born March 22, 1947) is probably the most famous author of the highly rated detective series Alex Cross and the most prolific contemporary American writer. He also holds the Guinness World Records for best-selling novels in the New York Times. He is the first author to sell more than one million e-books. James Patterson wrote many heat touching quotes if you want to read those quotes than click on this highlighted link and survey our site. Read more about James Patterson about his life below in the article;

Fast Fact: James Patterson

Famous person: A prolific and best-selling author who has adapted many works into popular movies.

Born: Born on March 22, 1947 in Newburgh, Newburgh, New York, USA

Parents: Isabel and Charles Patterson

Education: Manhattan College, Vanderbilt University

It is worth mentioning: “Children who do not like to read, there are no children who love to read and children who read wrong.”

Early life                                                                   

The loneliness of work made him interested in literature. Most of his salary is spent on books. He ranked Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s “One Hundred Years of Solitude” as his favorite. Patterson completed his graduated from Manhattan College and he has a master’s degree in English Literature from Vanderbilt University. In 1971, he went to work for the advertising company J. Walter Thompson and eventually became CEO. There, Patterson came up with the iconic phrase “Toys R Us Kid”. This kind of advertising background is obvious in his book marketing, because Patterson oversees the design of the book cover, down to the last details, and it’s one and the first author to advertise his book on TV. His technology also inspired a case study at Harvard Business School. “James Patterson Marketing” examines the effectiveness of the writer’s strategy.


Publish works and formats

Despite his popularity—he sold 300 million copies, Patterson’s approach did not cause controversy. He used a group of authors, which allowed him to publish his work at an attractive speed. His critics, including contemporary writers such as Stephen King, questioned whether Patterson placed too much emphasis on quantity without sacrificing quality.  Patterson never keeps any secrets of the use of current co-authors, as including Andrew Gross, Maxine Petro and Peter De Jong. Dodgers and Hammerstein: Patterson said he wrote an outline, which he sent to co-authors to refine, and the two worked together throughout the writing process. He said his strength lies in embellishment, not in parsing each sentence, indicating that he has improved his writing technique and maybe even better) since his first novel.

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