Meridian Pain Protocol Reviews – Does Kevin Richardson’s’ Program Really Work?

Meridian Pain Protocol Reviews – Does Kevin Richardson and Master Lim’s program really work? Any side effects? Read more about Meridian Pain Protocol system before download.


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Meridian Pain Protocol reviews


What is the Meridian Pain Protocol?

The Meridian Pain Protocol is a game-changing breakthrough in pain reduction and management for everyone who desires to be pain-free. Meridian Pain Protocol works to unblock your body’s obstructed healing energy.

The Meridian Pain Protocol provides you with the tools you need to address all of the blocked energy areas that are causing your back pain.

This methodology is created by Nutriomo Labs, which ensures the efficacy of its product through rigorous testing. Kevin Richardson and Master Lim have collaborated to deliver this program.

Acupressure, an ancient Chinese healing method, is elaborated in the Meridian Pain Protocol. It is a step-by-step approach that gives you rapid, pain-free relief nearly immediately without the use of invasive therapies, medicines, or surgery.

Master Lim’s Groundbreaking Method is Revealed to the World in a 6-Part Masterclass Video. It is derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine’s comprehensive therapeutic system.

Master Lim pulls back the curtain on his pain-relief secrets inside Meridian Pain Protocol, revealing all of the strategies. The Meridian Pain Protocol is a six-module video program that shows you how to cure back pain with a 10-minute ritual.

It is a time-tested and all-inclusive system that gets you out of pain and keeps you there. Master Lim created this amazing proven recipe for perfect mind and body health.

What will you get in the Meridian Pain Protocol?

The Meridian Pain Protocol contains a complete blueprint on how one can treat their back pain themselves.

  • Module 1- Meridian Self-Assessment: In this lesson, you will begin by taking a crucial self-assessment to determine the underlying source of your back discomfort. This lesson ultimately teaches how to identify the underlying source of your back pain and locate the Meridian Touch Points that will provide you with immediate and long-term relief. You will first be instructed in determining your “Risk Factor Score.” You will also learn how to do a quick self-test to see how flexible you are and how to treat discomfort using an ordinary towel.
  • Module 2- Cause of Back-Pain: This session will teach you about the various causes of back pain and how to discover the key to permanently removing it. You will learn how your complete body is connected in this lesson, as well as how his basic approach works to restore its flow and cure your pain quickly. You will learn how to figure out what is causing your back pain. You will recognize The 9 essential vitamins and minerals that the normal western diet simply lacks. Master Lim is well aware that the fundamentals are required before moving on to his Meridian Touch Points method.
  • Module 3- The 12 Meridians: In this crucial session, you will discover everything there is to know about the meridians in your body. And you will learn how to employ the procedures to get rid of your back pain for good. You will learn how applying pressure to one Meridian Touch Point, also known as a “subway station,” can help you feel better in other parts of your body. These are your body’s “energy corridors.” Meridian Touch Points will relieve your body’s energy blockages without the use of surgery, medicines, or other unpleasant methods. What causes pain or sickness in each of the 12 meridians, and how they link to different regions of the body The easy technique to truly comprehending your pain and what it is attempting to communicate to you.
  • Module 4- Neck & Shoulders: Master Lim will share the first portion of his daily 10-minute ritual in this module. You will learn two simple Self-Therapy Techniques that you can apply daily to relieve neck pain and stiff shoulders. Also, how one of your body’s longest meridians could be causing your sore neck and hurting shoulders. You will also discover a useful practice that will reduce your pain in under a minute. This article also includes a fantastic workout that can assist with weary eyes, giddiness, migraines, tight neck and shoulders, the flu, and a variety of other diseases. Master Lim will be instructing you live on camera how to perform the techniques, how long to practice them for, and where to apply pressure.
  • Module 5- Upper Back: This is the second last stage of the Meridian Pain Protocol, and as we catch up with your lower back, these simple exercises will become a part of your lifestyle. You’ll learn some exercises that help to combat your upper back pain. an easy exercise that helps calm down and strengthens your upper back in minutes. An exercise to revive the flexibleness and strength of your back. The most effective thing about self-massage is that you’ll know where the strained areas are, and which part of your back needs more force.
  • Module 6- Your Lower Back: This is the Program’s final and ultimate goal for permanently removing lower back discomfort. You will learn how to stretch and strengthen your lower back in just minutes every day in this program. In addition, three simple self-therapy techniques are guaranteed to relieve pain quickly and effectively. You will figure out how to reclaim your equilibrium. You will also learn the Camel-Cat exercise, which can instantly revitalize and release your back. You will be able to strengthen your core. You will also notice The Meridian Touch Point behind your knee, which is a detoxifying opening point.


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How does the Meridian Pain Protocol work?

The Meridian Pain Protocol is divided into six sections. Each lesson is meticulously prepared and assembled onto a DVD. Once you log in to the member’s area, you will have immediate access to the protocol.

The protocol has been created in such a way that it may be used at home or on the go. You do not need any special equipment, and it only takes a few seconds to check Master Lim’s diagram.

You can simply get relief from your discomfort by touching specific spots on your body. Everything is incredibly simple to understand thanks to Master Lim’s example films.

The majority of these exercises may be completed in 60 seconds or less! There is not a back pain system that works as well or as quickly as this one. It is an extremely simple blueprint that anyone can follow by reading and implementing their knowledge.

The program works best as many people have inflammation and oxidative damage and do not know what they should be consuming to treat it.

It helps people focus on their bodies’ energies and treat them well so the negativity, impurities and toxins can be flushed out and you feel youthful again.

What are the benefits of the Meridian Pain Protocol?

  • It aids you to relieve any pain in your body.
  • It gives you quick and permanent relief from back pain.
  • It benefits your overall body.
  • It guides you to press the accurate parts of your body to relieve pain.
  • It helps to uproot the root cause of your pain.
  • It guides you to eat healthy so that you can stay healthy.
  • It assists you to keep your body fit and strong.
  • It makes you stress-free and relieves you from pain.
  • It helps you cope with all the inflammation on your back and in the joints.
  • It also treats all kinds of joint aches and pains without the need for any medication.


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What is the price of the Meridian Pain Protocol?

The Meridian Pain Protocol as a whole is only $37.

Not only that, but you will also receive certain bonuses as soon as you purchase this protocol:

  • ‘The Anti-Pain CookBook’ is the first bonus. This book will teach you about the connection between food and pain. You will obtain a comprehensive list of foods that cause and relieve pain. In addition, there are various recipes in this book.
  • The ‘Pain-Free Sleep Protocol’. is the second bonus. You will learn how pain impacts your sleep in this process. In this bonus protocol, you will learn about sleeping levels, relaxation and massaging techniques, breathing exercises for optimal sleep, the best time to exercise, and some herbal cures for pain relief.
  • ‘The Health Secrets Bible’ is the third bonus. Master Lim’s Health Secrets Bible is the title of the book. This is his way of demonstrating how to achieve total health and energy at any age. This book has a wealth of knowledge.

All of this comes with a 365-day 100% money-back guarantee. So if you do not get the guaranteed results, you can ask for a complete refund.

Conclusion: Meridian Pain Protocol

Meridian Pain Protocol is the only natural way to treat pain and aches. It uses ancient Chinese methods and techniques to treat all kinds of pains. Almost thousands of people have benefited from using this protocol and it’s your time to benefit from it.

You’ll see how simple and effective this method is as all the modules come with explanations. If you’re fed up with pain killers and other medicines, try this protocol today and experience complete relief.

Also, it has no side effects. Click here to buy Meridian Pain Protocol now.


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