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An overview- SIGN UP ($5 BOUNS)

I am honest with you. I spend way too much time streaming Netflix. When I came across the idea of taking online surveys while I was watching TV, I felt like I had found true redemption. Do you want to take surveys while watching Nextflix in your PJs? Please!

It turns out that it is not so easy. InboxDollars surveys pay in dollars. Some of the surveys are not available to you. You won’t get rich. You can make money, and they pay. You want to read about my experiences? Continue reading.

Please note that the services and activities on the platform can change. This is based upon my own experience with the platform. This is a great way to make money while doing random tasks.


  • Sign up for an online survey site and receive a $5 bonus
  • To cash out, new members must reach the $15 threshold
  • You have the option to pay via PayPal, eGiftcard or Prepaid Visa

Click over to the sign-up page for a free $5 sign-up bonus.

What is InboxDollars?

InboxDollars connects brands and consumers. Daren Cotter, a former college student, founded the company in 2000. He is still the company’s chief executive officer.

Since the pandemic, people have been spending more time at home. With Inbox Dollars you can convert that free time into cash, as long as there is an internet connection.

It’s important to be clear that you won’t make as much money doing random tasks online for InboxDollars than you would driving for Uber, Lyft driver, or delivering for DoorDash and Instacart.

InboxDollars is a great way to make extra money without leaving your home. You can also earn $5 cash as a signup bonus.

What does it offer?

InboxDollars offers many ways to make money. These are:

  • Reading PaidEmails
  • Taking surveys
  • Online shopping
  • Watching videos
  • Gaming
  • Participating in scratch-offs
  • Try these offers
  • Search engine Inbox Dollars
  • Plus!

How does it all work? How much money can you make from these activities? Let’s have a closer look at InboxDollars.

$5 Signup Bonus

InboxDollars lures you in with a $5 signup bonus, or a “free $5” to get started. All you need to do to get started is to provide your email address, create site passwords, and confirm it. Sign me up

After verifying my account, I submitted my email address. I received $5 credit to my account. Amazing!

MyList ToDos

After I signed up for inboxDollars I finished my profile. Another $0.50 was earned by this 10-minute task. InboxDollars wanted every detail of my life. What is my birthday? Are there any medical conditions that I may have?

You can choose to “I prefer to not answer”, which I chose for many questions. They use your information to match you with surveys.

After you complete the profile survey, you are promoted to “Take Another Survey.” I chose to exit the box and go through “MyList” to complete it and earn an additional $0.50.


You will receive the $0.50 bonus by completing the final task of the list: “Confirm Your First PaidEmail.”

You can opt out of receiving junk mail after you have received your bonus. Just click “Click here to unsubscribe” at bottom of any of their paid emails. You can then adjust your settings so that you no longer receive their mails.

You may find it worth signing up for their PaidEmails, which can be good news. Each confirmation earns you progress towards a Scratch & Win.


It can be difficult to complete the surveys. InboxDollars may offer surveys that you aren’t qualified for. Before I could finish a single episode on Fuller House, four surveys were disqualified. Survey providers want to reach a certain demographic.

I was able to complete a survey that I liked and earned $0.25. It took me about 10 minutes to complete the survey. That’s a rate of $1.50 an hour. This is $1.50 more than what I could have made if I sat on my couch and watched Bridgerton.

I was eventually able to complete more surveys and earn higher payouts. When you are disqualified, you can spin “Billy’s Wheel”, for a chance at a cash prize or more progress toward a Scratch & Win.

Cash Offers

More promising was the Offers page. Six different cash offers are available. These are:

  • Get 100% Free Offers
  • Content Discovery
  • Get New Deals
  • Club Favorites
  • Making Money
  • Money Savings

You can earn $0.10 to $1.50 by downloading the free apps to your mobile web browser. You can also scan product barcodes in store to earn $0.05 per scan.

You may also find offers from investing and gig economy companies. InboxDollars offered up to $150 to sign up for UberEats driver status when we tested them. They also offered $75 to new Stash customers.

Scratch & Win

Scratch and Wins are multi-tiered “lottery tickets” that can be used to increase your InboxDollars earnings.

You can earn progress with your Scratch & win meter by engaging in four activities:

  • Spin and win
  • WinIts
  • Learn & Earn
  • Search
  • Video Channel

After you have filled your progress meter up to tier 1, you can scratch for a chance to win a prize worth $10. You can continue working towards the second level, which has a maximum prize of $25. For a chance at $100, you can make your way to the third tier.

Videos, Coupons, And More

You can earn additional cash by watching online videos, redeeming coupons and entering contests. InboxDollars also offers a search engine that is more accurate than Google or any other engine. It allows you to download mobile apps, as well as downloading them.

We are unable to go through each option in detail because there are so many. We did however test the “Watch Online Videos”, and “Coupons” options.

I watched a short clip of celebrity news coverage for “Watch Online Videos”. For “Coupons”, I was directed to the coupon page, where you can earn cash by printing coupons and redeeming them later in-store.

How do you redeem your earnings?

InboxDollars has one downside. It has a very high cash out minimum. After you have earned $15, your first payment can be requested. You can request additional payments only if you have at least $10 in rewards.

Once you have earned $15, you can cash out using a PayPal or an eGiftCard. You can cash out with a PayPal, an eGiftCard (i.e. Amazon gift card), and a Prepaid Visa. InboxDollars, which offered check payments, was a rewards site that existed for a long time. On August 17, 2021, check payments were no longer accepted.

Are there any fees?

InboxDollars does not make its money from selling products. Instead, it receives payments from partner brands for each activity completed on the platform. This is how InboxDollars can pay its members cash, even though it doesn’t charge any membership fees.

How does InboxDollars compare?

InboxDollars, one of the most established and well-known cashback platforms, is one. There are many other sites and apps in the space. Some have lower cash-out thresholds than others, while some offer no cash at all.

If you want to see how InboxDollars compares to the rest, check out this comparison table:

How do I contact InboxDollars

Many cashback sites do not place much emphasis on customer service. InboxDollars certainly isn’t one of them. You won’t find an email address or a phone number on the “Contact Us” page. You will need to fill out a contact form to request assistance.

InboxDollars was reviewed more than 23,000 times on trustpilot. It currently has a respectable rating of 4.2/5. Positive reviews are also common for its mobile apps. The company is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and currently has an F rating with BBB.

Is it worth it?

InboxDollars won’t make you wealthy. A minimum wage job selling burgers is a better option if you are really in need of money. It’s also a great way to make a little extra money.

You might make a few dollars here and there to get to $15 so that you can cash out. If you are really dedicated, I don’t think you can make more than $15 per workweek.

InboxDollars may be worth your time if you are interested in freebies or deals, or if you simply want to make some extra cash while watching TV. That’s $780 more per year, at $15 per week.

If this appeals to you, sign up. You can also see how they compare with similar sites such as Swagbucks and TopCashBack.

You should know that you will need to make a lot of money if you are really desperate (i.e. You’ll need to search for higher-earning side gigs. You’ll need to be willing to get up from your couch and do the job.

InboxDollars Features

Features Online surveys, incentives, coupons
Minimum Payout ●     First Payout: $15

●     Additional Payouts: $10

Payment Options ●     PayPal

●     eGiftcard

●     Prepaid Visa

Payment Processing Time 3-5 business days
Cash-Earning Activities ●     Groupon

●     Coupons

●     Cashback Shopping

●     Watching Online Videos

●     InboxDollars Videos

●     WinIt Codes

●     Online Cash Games

●     Reading PaidEmails

●     Easy Cash Offers

●     Social Promotions

●     Contests

●     Paid Search

●     Paid Online Surveys

●     Daily Polls

●     Referring Friends

●     Downloading Apps

Average Activity Payout $0.02 to $5.00
Customer Service Options Help center, contact form
Social Media Profiles ●     Twitter

●     Facebook

●     Instagram

Web/Desktop Access Yes
Mobile App Availability iOS and Android
Promotions $5 signup bonus

InboxDollars FAQs

These are some of the most common questions that we hear about InboxDollars.

Is InboxDollars fraud?

InboxDollars has paid over $60 million in rewards since its inception in 2000. InboxDollars is not a way to make a fortune, as many activities only pay a penny.

How much money are you able to make with InboxDollars.

Hourly earnings will depend on which tasks you complete and what surveys you are eligible for. InboxDollars claims that most activities pay between $0.02 to $5.00.

How long does InboxDollars take to pay you?

After completing tasks, rewards are immediately credited to your bank account. It usually takes between 3-5 business days to process payment requests.

Is InboxDollars offering a signup bonus for new customers?

New members get a $5 instant cash bonus


InboxDollars, an online rewards and survey website, will pay you cash for random tasks that you complete with your coach.


  • Online earning extra cash is easy
  • Earning a living is easy.
  • You can cash out using PayPal, eGiftCard or Visa
  • Sign up for $5

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