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  • Why Choose Cheap Web Hosting In India?
  • Which Is Better Linux Or Windows For Cheap Web Hosting In India?
  • How To Choose The Best And Affordable WordPress Hosting?
  • How To Find Reliable And Cheap Web Hosting In India?

Why Choose Cheap Web Hosting In India?

Low-cost web hosting is a great way to start your online business. You need to choose a web host to make your business publicly available online. There are numerous advantages of choosing cheap yet reliable web hosting in India. You get a bunch of benefits by buying a web host service at a cheaper price. Also, it gives a kickstart to your journey in a budget-friendly way.

  • The best web hosting service provider will offer you a good amount of web space and enough bandwidth. This will fulfill your basic needs to get your foot in online business.
  • A reliable web host will offer you the ability to upgrade your plan as per your business needs.
  • You will get an SSL certificate to protect your website from threats and security risks.
  • You will also get access to a single domain, unlimited emails, file transfer service, abundant space, and many more.
  • 99% site availability and faster loading speed of the site.

You can start your journey in online business by purchasing the package that suits your budget. Then later you can upgrade the plan and modify your site to promote your sales.

Which Is Better Linux Or Windows For Cheap Web Hosting In India?

Before launching your website, you have to decide on your hosting platform. Irrespective of company features you need to decide the server’s operating system. You will get two options to choose from: Linux and Windows. Generally, for a WordPress site, Linux is the default operating system. Because it is more compatible with PHP and MySQL rather than Windows operating system. However, while choosing your OS, you should consider the following questions:

  • What do you prefer more, an easy set-up of greater flexibility?
  • Are you able to invest more effort into your website’s security?
  • Do you prefer to use PhpMyadmin and MySQL databases?
  • Are you comfortable using cPanel?
  • Does your site rely on ASP, .Net, or MS SQL to function?

Windows has a user-friendly interface while Linux uses a command line with functions and syntaxes. Although both the OS is at hacking risk if not handled properly. But Windows OS is generally more vulnerable to threats and security risks. Linux works better with tools such as Apache, file transfer protocol, MySQL, PHP. Windows is better for Microsoft applications, ASP.NET and MS SQL. Also, Linux being open-source and free and thus it is a more cost-effective option.

How To Choose The Best And Affordable WordPress Hosting?

Creating an attractive and user-friendly website is not enough to gather potential customers. You need to focus on opting for a good web host for your WordPress website to improve your SEO and increase your sales. You will get several options available to choose from: shared, VPS, dedicated, and managed WordPress hosting. Before choosing your web hosting service provider you should consider speed, security, and reliability as important factors.

  • Shared WordPress hosting: For beginners, it is the most common and popular hosting to start an online business. It comes at an affordable rate and you can enjoy a lot of benefits. In shared hosting, multiple sites share the same server and resources. However, the loading speed and security are not compromised but your site may become unavailable sometimes when traffic increases.
  • VPS hosting: Virtual private server refers to a virtual machine that partitions the physical server into multiple servers as per the customer’s needs. It gives you as much control as dedicated servers because you have fixed allocated resources that will not be shared by others. This is best suitable for a medium-sized business that expects a decent amount of traffic. However, if you do not have the technical knowledge to manage the server there is a feature called managed VPS service which handles server management.
  • Dedicated hosting: It is a physical server that is dedicated to your business only. It offers full control over all the resources and is best suitable for business which expects extremely high traffic.

How To Find Reliable And Cheap Web Hosting In India?

There are several web host providers available to choose from. However, you need to perform research before purchasing the package from any web host. You should look for the following features before opting for your web hosting service provider for smooth business operation.

  • Storage or disk space: The web host should offer enough space to store the content of the web pages and media content.
  • Bandwidth: Bandwidth is the measurement of how much data can be transferred at a time. Less bandwidth will slow your website regardless of the internet connection speed of the visitors. So, you must go for the web host which offers higher bandwidth and more data transfer at an affordable price.
  • Control panel: The website owner needs to maintain and manage the site’s content. So, the control panel they offer should be easy to use and has tools for uploading and managing web pages.
  • Uptime: It is the most important feature that guarantees your website availability online. A web host should offer at least uptime of at least 99.9% of the time for visitors.
  • Privacy and security: The web host should offer SSL certificates, SSL secured servers, software that can prevent security breaches. Also, it should offer firewall protection, reliable authentication, email encryption, and strict privacy policies.
  • 24/7 technical support: A reliable web host will offer technical support 24/7 to resolve your issue quickly. Many times, your site may undergo some issue that needs technical care. So, you should check that they offer 24/7 technical support and through more than one means like email and phone.
  • Email features: Some web hosts offer customized email addresses that match your domain name. In addition, the email service also includes POP3 and SMTP access so that you can set up and access your emails.

Above all, make sure you invest your money where you get all the benefits at an affordable range. And the web host offers you to upgrade or downgrade your plan easily.

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