COVID-19 has been harsh on every one of us. We have lost around 5 lakh people during this pandemic. Apart from losing people, It is about their families, which have been shattered with their death and are still unable to recover. Many families have lost their sole breadwinner, children have lost their parents and are left to struggle alone. Our loved elders suffering the pain in their deathbed is something that will never slip off from our minds. India had lost various legendary celebrities from different fields during this pandemic. Our human wealth is slowly going down, and we must take some measures to protect our human resources for the nation.

There are about 40,000 cases recorded every day despite the strict protocols of the government like wearing masks, sanitising our hands and maintaining social distancing. People are also hit economically and mentally as they are not allowed to go out and the daily workers couldn’t resume their work. A major part of the Indian population is not protected under health insurance plans and this has resulted in further weakening their financial status. The middle and the upper classes managed to survive the financial destruction with the help of the right health insurance plans or any other form of investment. The condition of the roadside vendors, eateries, daily workers has worsened. This sector of society has been deprived of proper medical care, and they do not have huge savings or a planned investment portfolio to protect themselves.  

What is Delta Variant?

     The COVID-19 virus has seen various mutations and variations. Not every mutation was dangerous enough to fear it.

     F. Perry Wilson who is an epidemiologist at Yale Medicine said that “Delta will certainly accelerate the pandemic”.

     The first case of the Delta variant was identified in December 2020 in India and it did accelerate the pandemic in countries like India, the US, and Great Britain.

     This variant could spread easily as it has mutations on the spike proteins. A person affected by delta mutant is likely to spread to three/four people, whereas the initial coronavirus discovered in China in 2019 spreads to one/two other people. So, it is 50% more contagious, and this is highly alarming.

     In early July, this variant has become the cause for 97% of new COVID cases in the world.

     The symptoms of the delta variant included all the symptoms of the original coronavirus like loss of smell, cough. It damages the immune system of the person to a higher extent. The added symptoms are

     persistent cough


     sore throat

     runny nose



     The saddest part of this variant is that it can also escape the vaccines and covid treatments identified so far.



     The delta plus variant is considered as the sub-variant of the delta version which is more deadly than any mutation ever.

     It can attack the lung cells directly, and it can easily escape the vaccines.

     This variant was first found in India (Maharastra, Kerala, and Madhya Pradesh) during April. This variant has now spread to 80 countries including the USA, UK, Portugal, Japan, etc.

      “Delta plus might have a slight advantage at infecting and spreading between people who were previously infected earlier during the pandemic”, says Dr Kamil.

     Along with the symptoms of the delta variant, the delta plus variant includes symptoms like

     abdominal pain

     shortness of breath

     severe body pain


     skin rash, etc.

     This novel delta plus variant is named as the “variant of concern” by the Union Health Ministry.



     There is no proven treatment for the delta plus variant. The only way to stay protected is to follow the restrictions laid by the government like not going out often, maintaining social distancing, sanitizing our hands, eating healthy foods, etc…

     The best one can do to stop the spread is to get vaccinated before the outbreak of the delta plus variant. This is the best possible way one can stop losing people from the third wave of COVID-19.

     Apart from this, protect yourself financially by buying health insurance plans as soon as possible so that your waiting period also ends. Even after vaccination, you are prone to get affected by the delta variant. You may even be hospitalized in case you have a low immune system.

     Hospitalizations during a pandemic can cost you so much that you will have to borrow money or sell your assets to fund it. So, get yourself protected under health insurance as soon as possible.

     There are various health insurance plans provided by different insurance companies like Corona Rakshak Policy, Corona Group Insurance, Corona Kavach Policy, etc.

     All these policies allow a person for basic hospitalization expenses, home care treatment costs, PPE Kits, gloves, medicines, ambulance charges, etc. Some of these policies also provide coverage in case of critical illness and compensates for the money spent on oxygen cylinders, ventilation, etc.

     You can also get a basic plan which covers all the hospitalization expenses to save yourself financially from the outbreak of deadly mutations.

     Choose those health insurance providers who have a wide range of network hospitals to get cashless treatments and stay protected. 



Unlocking economies, delays in vaccinations, public violations of the rules imposed leads to further mutations of viruses. The whole nation must understand the situation and must obey the rules imposed. Or else even those who understand are prone to get affected. Hope we all stay safe and let’s be prepared with the best health insurance plans for the current situation.

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