God Frequency Reviews: Can It Transform Your Life? Truth Exposed

God Frequency is the 15-minute program that claims to balance your mind with the frequency required to manifest God’s blessings. As per the author, it uses binaural beats along with the prayers from Jesus’ teaching.

I came to know about this manifestation program through one of my friends. However, at that time, there was no genuine review about God Frequency from the user who actually tried it.

So, when my friend pushed me, I decided to try it and see how it works. I used this link to get maximum discounted price.

Now, after testing this program for a full month, I am here back with my God Frequency review, in which I am going to share everything you need to know about this program.

Without further ado, let’s start this review.

Quick Summary:

Program Name God Frequency
Main Benefits Balance Left And Right Part Of Brain
Specification Digital Product (Instant Access)
Category Binaural Beats
Author Jacob X
Price $37
Official Website Visit Here


God Frequency Review – Everything You Should Know About It

If I tell you binaural beats are one of the best ways to manifest success and prosperity in your life, then you probably disagree. And I don’t blame you for that.

However, binaural beats are scientifically proven to balance your mind and make it work in the state required for manifesting success and prosperity.

If you have a clear goal in your life and want a little help from your mind and subconscious mind to achieve that, you can get that help from binaural beats.

These sound frequencies will quickly put you into the meditative state, where you can access your subconscious mind and also able to visualize a lot easier. By doing this, your ‘left’ part and ‘right’ part of the brain will work in harmony.

This is the ‘breading ground’ where you will manifest success in your life.

I am listening to these binaural beats for many years, but ever since I start listening to God Frequency’s 12-minute audio track, I am its big fan. This audio track contains binaural beats for manifestation along with Jesus’ prayers which tune your mind for success.

What Is God Frequency All About?

God Frequency is the manifestation program that uses 15-minute audio to put the brain into a state that can attract success. This single track uses binaural beats and the power of prayers to help users manifest God’s blessings for them.

According to the author, Jacob X, using binaural beats in the morning for just 15 minutes a day can help you attract divine abundance and well-being.

Jacob believes that anyone who listens to this 15 minutes audio track for three weeks can experience:

  • Increased creativity
  • Enhanced cognitive functions
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Improved sleeping patterns
  • Enhancement in mood, focus, and memory retention

When anyone gets these benefits and knows what he wants from his life, he starts getting closer to his set goals.

In other words, if you want this program to work for you, then you should know what you want from your life. You have to set measurable goals in your life, and only then you can use this program to achieve these targets.

If you haven’t tried binaural beats before, I suggest you download this audio track called Urgent Manifestation Prayers by the creators of this program and listen to it for a few days to understand how it works.

Who Created God’s Frequency?

God Frequency is the combined efforts of Marcus and Jacob [The Priest].

Marcus was suffering badly in his life when his wife left him, and his children were not ready to live or talk with him.

One day, Marcus meets Jacob (Priest) in a coffee shop and discusses his bad suffering with Jacob. At the end of the conversation, Jacob handed over a CD and advised Marcus to listen to it for 15 minutes every day.

As Marcus had nothing to lose, he followed the Priest advised, and within a few weeks, he started feeling lighter. It is like tons of weight lifted from his shoulders. Additionally, all good events began happening in his life.

Marcus gives credit for his life-transformation change to this 15-minute audio track that now we can get inside the God Frequency program.

Who Is God Frequency For?

God Frequency is for anyone, including those who:

  • Want to manifest money, love, happiness, and health
  • Want a helping hand in achieving their goals
  • Desire to improve their mental abilities
  • Are looking to have a positive mindset
  • Want a quick method to elevate their mood

In short, this program can help anyone in some way. However, those who don’t use this program regularly will not see results from it. Additionally, people who will approach this program with a closed mind will also struggle to get any result.

Binaural beats are the research-based method, but still, many people don’t believe them. These people never tried binaural beats with confidence and complaint about no results.

With being that said, if you use God Frequency with doubts, you will struggle to get any benefit from it.

How Does God Frequency Work?

In a few words, God Frequency uses 15-minute audio track to put the brain into a state where it can have God’s blessings.

God Frequency works by combining binaural beats with Jesus’ Secret Code. According to Jacob, many ex-priests are using this method to manifest God’s blessings and good health.

Marcus reveals that UT Austin Biblical Scholars found the letters of Jesus and the secret teachings of Jesus. He further added that he wants to share these secret prayers with as many people as possible so that people can use them even after his death.

God Frequency includes binaural beats that are popular forms of sound wave therapy (aka sound bath). Binaural Beat is the combination of two different tones, which are slightly different than each other. When these frequencies go into the ears, the brain receives them as a single tone.

Binaural beats are famous as a treatment for anxiety and stress. Still, advocates of this therapy recommend it for balancing the left and right parts of the brain – as a result, it increases focus, awareness, and other cognitive abilities.

God Frequency takes one step forward and combines these binaural beats with the power of prayer. This combination makes this program effective in manifesting anything you want in your life.

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What I Dislike About God Frequency?

  • It doesn’t include any book or video explaining how they will feel during these three weeks.
  • It doesn’t suggest users have a measurable goal in their life before using this program.
  • It claims users can manifest extra spendable money, which doesn’t happen in my case.
  • It suggests stereo headphones, and many users have to purchase them, especially for this program.

What Do I Like About God Frequency?

  • God Frequency needs only 15 minutes a day. All you need is to listen to the audio track for 15 minutes in the morning.
  • It is a short program, as you will find if this program is working for you within just three weeks.
  • It is a simple program as you need only 15 minutes to put on stereo headphones and listen to the audio track.
  • It improved my sleeping pattern and improved my focus that I feel will help me achieve my goals.
  • There are no visualization exercises inside this program
  • It includes ‘Love Frequency,’ an excellent audio track for people suffering from a relationship breakup. It also helps in increasing confidence.
  • It comes with a 365-day money-back guarantee. Marcus has increased this money-back period from 60 days to 365 days because he wants people to test this program without any fear or doubt.

Positive Review from Previous Users:

Most users are happy with this manifestation program even if they don’t manifest money with it. Before purchasing this program, I talked with three previous users about this program.

According to Matt,

“I have God Frequency track in my phone and I am using it as an aid for my studies. I am listening to this track for 30 minutes every day and so far I am impressed with its results. I used to be overwhelmed with the numerous things to do, but this audio track has helped me to slow down which was by the way was not that easy.”

Jenny mentions,

“I still remember I use it for the first time like “No Way,” but now I find this audio track is helping me to fall asleep when my brain is full of thoughts and anxiety is rampant.”

Stacy writes in her God Frequency review,

“This audio track contains some beats that do their intended work quite well. However, don’t expect it to cure your neuralgia or help you get rid of migraines.”

Reading these reviews gives us the idea that this audio track works. However, it is not a cure for any disease, and I didn’t find anyone who told me he manifested real money with it.

So, if you are planning to use it, then take it as a helping hand towards improving your focus and clarity towards your goal and not as a genie to fulfill all your wants overnight.

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My Experience With God Frequency:

I learned about God Frequency from my friend, a professional writer who told me how listening to this audio track improved his productivity. So, after verifying it with a few other users, I decided to download it and keep it on my phone to use every day.

I started listening to this audio track while writing to improve my productivity. After listening to it for six months now, I realized that I am more focused and dedicated to my projects than six months before when I was not using it.

The noticeable difference came into my life when I started listening to them during my sleep. I realize whenever thoughts are running in my mind, this audio track switches them off, and I can have a good six hours of sleep.

So, does God Frequency worked for me? I will say yes. However, I can’t tell if it is a placebo effect or a real change by listening to this audio track. Anyway, I found this audio track helpful in my writing projects, so I will keep using them.

What You Will Get Inside God Frequency?

  • God Frequency Audio Track: This is the main element of this manifestation program. Users should listen to this audio track daily for 15 minutes to get benefit from them. The authors have not suggested when to listen to this audio track. You can use this audio track any time of the day. I prefer listening to it when doing my writing projects. You can use test it at different times of the day to find which suits you the best.

Along with this audio track, God Frequency also contains two bonuses which are:

  • Love Frequency: Jacob and Marcus designed this audio track to help people who are suffering from heartbreak. It improves the body’s healing ability and enables you to recover from the pain and suffering quickly. Additionally, you can listen to this audio track individually or with your life partner to strengthen the relationship.
  • Urgent Manifestation Prayers: The authors of this program are offering this bonus for users who want to utilize the power of prayers to make their manifestations reality. This bonus includes a PDF in which you can read daily prayers for seven days, and it also has an audio track to healing pain and brings happiness to your life.

God Frequency Pricing, Refund Policy, and Where To Get It?

God Frequency is a digital program where users can get immediate access by completing a one-time payment of $37. After completing the payment, you will be able to access the members’ area, where you can download the audio track, along with its bonuses.

Marcus and Jacob have complete confidence in this program, and for this reason, they are offering a 365-day money-back guarantee.

These 365 days are enough to test this program without any risk, and if you are not satisfied with the results you get with this program, you can ask for a refund. The refund process is straightforward as you only have to send one email, and you will get your money back.

God Frequency is available only from its official website, i.e., Godfrequency.co. You will not find this program anywhere else, and if you find it, then chances are the program is fake, and it will not work. Additionally, you will get a money-back guarantee only if you purchase this program from its official website.

Should You Get God Frequency?

God Frequency is an excellent program if you want to manifest success and prosperity in your life.

If you’re like me and want to improve your creativity and focus in whatever work you do and want to have clarity towards your goal, you can take help from the God Frequency’s audio track.

You can also get a Love Frequency audio track that will help you if you are suffering in your relationship and want to recover from heartbreak.

Additionally, God Frequency can help you with:

  • Improving your focus
  • Eliminating anxiety
  • Boosting your mood
  • Manifesting anything you want
  • Restoring memory
  • And much more

And don’t forget, you will have 365 days money-back guarantee that you can use if this audio track fails to deliver results.

Now you should decide for yourself if you want to have it or not? Decide based on whatever I have provided in this God Frequency review. It wouldn’t be too much difficult.

Final Verdict: Does God Frequency Work?

I will say, yes, it does work. It worked for me, and it provided me results even though they were not massive.

Genuinely speaking, I missed few days, especially on the weekend when I am with my children.

I am planning to use this audio track in the future as I found this audio track improves my focus and mood.

However, is it really worth it?

If you have used the binaural beats before, you can use God Frequency audio track to find out how the combination of binaural beats and prayers works for you.

If you are still unsure if God Frequency will work for you or not, then you can visit this link to download the free Urgent Manifestation Prayers bonus and go through it for seven days to see if it works for you.

With that being said, you will find if this program works for you by testing it out.

If it works, you will have a great tool that you can use anytime to improve your mood and confidence. And if it doesn’t, you can ask for a refund since it comes with a 365-day money-back guarantee.

Alternative Product:

If you don’t want to use God Frequency, there is another program I highly recommend:

Midas Manifestation: Midas Manifestation is the program that can connect your body and spirit with the universe and help you manifest success, wealth, happiness, peace, and all positive things you want in your life. You can find more about this program from this official review.